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I am back *Well actually I haven't gone any where. It is just that when they made some changes to the site a few months back that my sponsorship stop renewing. Coincidence or not I don't know, but I did just renew my sponsorship and learned something interesting. When I was putting in my card info in I noticed that I had a user id of 367605. And that made me think that maybe my ranking of when I signed up on the site was the same. Now if you go to someones profile and hover over the comments tag you will see a url pop up in the corner that ends in ?uid=#######. To check this idea I looked at other profiles and checked that number with what their milestone for membership was and in all of them they seem to check out. Not that it really matters what number you are it is just interesting to see how many people joined before and after you did.
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Round Bacon?So I don't do a lot of posting around here. Mostly because I am lazy. But this time it is because I have been very busy moving. My wife and I picked up and moved from Utah to Vancouver, WA. She is doing a residency for a pharmacist's job. So we arrived last Friday with the help from some of her family, we were able to get set up in a few days. And now I am in a strange town I don't know, don't know my way around and don't have job in. It has only been a couple of weeks since I quit my last job and I am going stir crazy without a new one. Hopefully I can find a new job, directions and friends soon.

P.S. Ever since I found out we were coming to Vancouver I have been making Canadian jokes to my wife. Hence the title for this journal. I am lame but my wife loves me anyway.
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MinecraftI have lost my wife to Minecraft. Most games I play she doesn't have any sort of intrest in, except for Peggle and now Minecraft. I got it last week and for the first couple of days she watched me play it. Then I said "Hey you can use the other controller and play." And that was it for her. She has been hooked on it like crack ever since.
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Podcast statsSo a little while back I had this idea, no I had a goal to reach a thousand podcast listens by the time I quit my job. Which was last week. After a little number crunching on excel I now have a tally.

That is right I have listen to the podcast 1014 times. If I had listen to each podcast only once it would have taken me 188 hours 37 minutes and 53 seconds to do that. But since I have listened to some of the podcasts as much as twelve times. My total time listening is 1107 hours or just over 46 DAYS!!!! All I can say is that it was the Drunk Tank/ Rooster Teeth podcast that helped me get through the last two years of my job.
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Experiment timeNot to often does the chance to perform a grand experiment such as this one come along. Now that I am a married man I can no longer just let my facial hair go wild. It needs to be trimmed and look as if I have a home to go home to, that is if I want some affection from the wife. But seeing as she will be gone for the next 6 weeks on a rotation for school. I am free to let my dirty hippie side go. Now this is only two days out and I can only imagine what it will look like in six weeks. All I have to do is fight off the itchy stage that will be coming in a few days.

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Well if thats how you feelFor the last couple of days my cat has been running up from behind and pouncing on my leg, foot or my butt and then she runs 10 feet away and just looks at me like " Hey whats up? " She has also been what I can only think of as swearing if I I spoke cat, but I don't so don't ask me what she id saying. But i guess these are among the many funny,weird and cute things that she does that makes me love her.
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TV starIt was the in the winter three years when I received a very frightening call. My brother was calling to let me know that our other brother had been buried alive in an avalanche. Surprisingly enough he was telling me this just as it was coming on the local news. As the story was playing in the background my younger brother was telling me that Jeremy was just fine and that he wasn't to bad. He totally skipped the part about him being buried for 15 minuted and needing to be resuscitated with CPR. The local news program had to fill in that part for me.

So this last winter Sam Branson, son of Richard Branson( you know that billionaire Virgin guy) came out to go a show on Jeremy because he had survived an avalanche. This was the clip on Hulu. To bad for my brother they lost his beacon when they were shooting the video and it too awhile before they replaced it. But all in all it was cool to see a video of my bro on Hulu.


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