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Ten Little RoostersI FINALLY GOT ONE RIGHT... But so did probably ten thousand other people...

My only complaint about the whole thing has nothing to do with the show or content itself, but I just wish that the prizes every week were given out to more longstanding and active members of the community. It's hard not to feel a little jilted poking through the winning accounts and seeing 0 friends, 0 karma, and really no community footprint.

Oh well, guess you can't discriminate in a contest between loyal followers and people who caught the series on twitter and threw some guesses out.
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UpdateSo it's not broken (though it sure as hell felt like it at the time), but it is quite infected. So one tetanus shot later and a prescription for antibiotics and off I go.
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25 year streak, gonzoCat broke my finger. First broken bone ever. Index finger on my right (dominant) hand, and my job involves constant typing.... this is gonna be fun.

In other news, anyone want a cat?
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Ten Little RoostersSpoilers for my finale guesses since I don't remember what I selected (they will no doubt be wrong) and I think I've got it nailed down.

Gus dies to scale of a literal red herring, (Gus died of pitchfork)
Miles runs out of air via death by computer mouse strangulation, (Gilby died of mouse strangulation. HALF RIGHT)
Lindsay gets what she wanted but is killed by a puma, *
Miles dies of a pun via literal red herring, *
Barbara is the killer, *
Ryan survives.
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ObservationIt's fun writing up hundreds of words on your cynical view of human society, then once it's all written down erasing it and going "Well, I feel better just having typed that out. Time to erase this!"

And no, it has nothing to do with Ferguson, although that shit is fucked up and my thoughts are with the residents across the US who have protests in their areas.
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Latest RT CountdownFor once, I really can't disagree with a bulk of the bitching in the Youtube comments for this video. Here are a few standouts:

"Man, I was really hoping for the usual commentary and funny video brought to us by the Troll Master and crew. Not an advertisement telling me what to be thankful for. I love Roosterteeth stuff but what."

"I don't really like being told what to be thankful for. It's like having your parents force you to say thanks for a pair of socks at Christmas."

"I'm glad that I get all of this entertainment for free, but it seems kinda douchey for them to tell me that I should be thankful. Not very humbling, if you understand what I'm trying to say. "

Other points that were made include not mentioning Red vs Blue and RWBY, the Podcast, or any "existing" content, which leads many to conclude that rather than an actual countdown video, this is simply another advertisement for upcoming shows and events.

Obviously, I can't agree with all the comments 100%, but I do agree with the sentiment of frustration and confusion that some people feel, and as someone said in the comments, through all the videos I've seen in my time on Rooster Teeth I may have disagreed with some, but this is the first I think is in outright bad taste. The first true "misstep", possibly compacted by their recent "short" which was nothing more than a RT-style commercial for the Rooster Teeth Store.

But that's just me. Not really sure what to think on it now. So far the only change I've seen come out of the Fullscreen deal is 2 blatant advertisement videos. Not a great start.
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The Expensive DaySo recently I posted a super short journal about how I was going to have an expensive, but worth it, day.

Well, what happened that day is I went out to Walmart and bought a 50" TV, a bunch of paint, brushes, came home and repainted the entire bedroom PROPERLY and installed a gigantic, heavier-than-it-should-be TV and all around kicked lots and lots of ass.

Oh, and I did all this without having slept the night before...

In 4 hours, start to finish.

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