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Nero House Maxim
Nero House Maxim

Would send a print if I could pony up the dough. But yeah, this is for you @Ray and @Gavino ! Sent a more personalized version on twitter.

PS: I'm putting together the Speed Art video now. I'll post a new journal for it when it's done, probably.
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Nero House Maxim
[Livestream] X-Ray... and VAV.Livestreaming a new piece of fanart for @Ray and @Gavino here at this link you can conveniently click on right now. Go ahead, I won't tell anyone.

Gonna try and do an X-Ray and Vav picture, lets hope all goes well with the artist running on no sleep to speak of. Come help me stay motivated and generally awake, and listen to some cool tunes and cajole and stuff.

That's right, I said cajole. Big whoop, wanna fight 'bout it?.
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Nero House Maxim
X-Ray and Vav ArtstreamWho's interested in watching me sell my soul to @Ray and @Gavino in art form for shameful shameful "bump" views (and art practice in general) this afternoon? Gonna stream it regardless starting between 12-12:30pm EST since I need to stream it to record the process for the Super-Awesome-Patent-Pending Nerospeed Art Video (It's not really called that, I'm sorry. I've lied to you.)

I should also clarify, I haven't slept yet. And as all great artists know, Sleep deprivation is the key to insanity, and insanity is the key to great fuckin' art. So who's with me?

Have a topical Egoraptor gif.

I'll post again when the stream goes up.
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Nero House Maxim
[SpeedArt Video] You Don't Know The Power of the Dark Side Bass Drop.Hey look, I did another thing! Now people who weren't there to watch me color for 5 hours can watch me color it in 6 minutes! Enjoy!

SpeedArt Star Wars: TOR OC "Kaelynn"

Finished Picture:

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Nero House Maxim
[Livestream] Day 3Whaaaaaaat another livestream? Yup. Dunno what I'm drawing yet, but I'll think of something. Come hang out here!
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Nero House Maxim
[ART] Dun Dun Dun, Dun, DunDun, Dun, DunDun

Another Star Wars OC, wooo. Remake of this!

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Nero House Maxim
[STREAM] Still goin'!Yarp, still livestreaming. On the last leg now as I do some shading. Come hang out with @Ember, @JunoDagger and I in chat, RIGH HERE MUTHERF-
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