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It was snowing in Ottawa last week...This is Monday's forecast for Ottawa:

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[ART] ODST Re-RemakeHey. Hey guys. Remember when I made a White and Red ODST from Halo like yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears ago, and it was weirdly colored and not very well done and I've actually conveniently lost it and don't seem to have it anymore? And remember how then 2 years ago I redid it a little better and it was this one and it was OK for where I was art-wise at the time?


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I was going to write a long opinion piece...But I struggle to figure out why it would be worth it. It was about Internet Society and Culture (and actually wasn't about the RT Community), but in what I would have said in 2000 words, I can probably say much more succinctly.

The internet sucks. More and more, day by day, the internet is being occupied by whiny, over-self-entitled idiots, and I'm starting to find it more difficult to justify using half the sites I use anymore. Facebook I would delete in a heartbeat if it wasn't the only way I kept touch with old friends I don't see in person. Twitter I only follow for gameday tweets relating to my hockey team of choice. I don't own a cell phone or text. I actively despise Tumblr and anything with "Fandom" labelled on it. I've even had my rough patches here, which I won't get into because they're less relevant to this post than other things like Tumblr getting on my nerves.

I remember when I didn't need any of this social media shit. When I had one home forum to go to and if I logged into MSN Messenger or AIM and I had instant communication access to all my friends and every website I went to or video I watched wasn't trying to sell me a t-shirt. That was all I needed.

I miss that.
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Sooo....Whats going on with all the peoples. Seems like I'm getting way more "*blank* Liked *blanks* status" and not as many actual journals these days.

Boo, socio-apocalyptical consequences, and all that rant-y stuff that usually gets me yelled at. What can I say, the hearts just not in it enough to be psychotically prophetic, guys.
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[Sochi] Can you Putin a hotel in 4 years?So the 2014 Sochi Olympics are already a disaster and the opening ceremony isn't until this weekend.

Let it be said that I pick on people and countries who deserve it, not just the US.

So Russia. Oh Mother Russia.

I'm a Canadian. So come the Summer Olympics, I generally tune out. Winter Olympics, though? That's my jam. 4 years ago, we had them here in Vancouver, and they were well run and generally a super success unless you're from the country Georgia (that's not funny, I'm sorry).

This year, as most of you are probably aware, they're in Sochi, Russia and they start this weekend.

And based on every tweet coming out of there, barely anything is complete, and anything that is complete, is terrible and/ or will kill you if you use it. Like this tap water from a journalist's room. Don't worry though, the journalist was warned (and I directly quote): "Don't use it on your face because it contains something very dangerous".

Not just "dangerous".

VERY Dangerous.

You think that's bad. Here's another quote:

"-when the first journalist arrived, someone had left an indeterminate amount of semen on the sheets of the second bed, and those sheets had been taken away for cleaning, and hadn’t come back."

This is downright embarrassing for the nation of Russia. These Olympics don't just sprout up a couple days in advance, they've had 7 years to plan and build the facilities. The same 7 years that Vancouver, Turin, Salt Lake City, etc had before it. And after a worldwide scandal re: gay rights, terrorist attacks, corruption, THIS is how you want your country to be represented on the world stage when the spotlight is on you? It's not just embarrassing, it's shameful. Not only that, in Vancouver the TOTAL operating cost was $8 Billion.


$50 Billion.

Fifty Billion Dollars, and half the thing isn't even finished yet. HOW?

I am genuinely worried for Olympians the world over. If the hotels, and streets aren't even close to completion, just how safe are the actual sporting facilities? In 2010 there was a death in Vancouver on a properly built bobsled track. It's bad if in 2014 I'm expecting a grandstand to collapse or a stadium roof to fall in.
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Xbox Live GamertagsWho has one? If you want to be friends on XBL, post your GT. Note: We should be friends already, I just cleaned my list out of random people I didn't know, and I won't be adding any more.
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8 Years Todayesterday & RTXYesterday (since it's 1:00am EST, Feb 1st now) was my 8 year anniversary on this site, and also everyone is buying (and apparently complaining about) RTX2014 tickets.

I'm just sitting here like

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