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[ART] Did a Thing. A Sexy Star Wars Thing.

And the world keeps-a-spinnin.
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Common SenseI think I used to be addicted to being sleep deprived, and the euphoric delirium that came with it.

But having had a regular sleep schedule for 3 months now and only tonight staying up 2 hours past my bed time, my body has unanimously decided that feeling tired sucks, and I'm inclined to agree.
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Joss Whedon ACTUALLY Blocked Me On TwitterYeah, I know right? How awful a person must I be to have earned that.

I mean, it's not like all I did was retweet someone else's comment about being disdained that he associates with a hatemonger like Anita Sarkeesian and then tweeted to him for the first time ever in my life to express my beliefs that art shouldn't be judged by the artist, but by the merits of the art itself, neither using profanity, aggressive tone or mentioning GamerGate. I must have been a total, utter asshole and done something like threaten him...


Guess I was being too misogynistic in my beliefs. Guys, The Joss has shown me the error of my ways, I really am a horrible, abusive, harassing pile of dog shit excuse of a human being. That will show me to express rational and fair thought! Boy howdy, I've learned my lesson.


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Spot the HilarityComment if you spot the part that doesn't make sense.

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Hang on a second...*Is playing Dragon Age Inquisition. Presses Pause*

(Generic pause menu brought to you by Google)

"Wait a second..."

*Turns head*

"Is that..."

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WWWWWWWWWWHATHalo just exploded my mind and my pants.


THAT's how you show some appreciation.
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Ten Little RoostersI FINALLY GOT ONE RIGHT... But so did probably ten thousand other people...

My only complaint about the whole thing has nothing to do with the show or content itself, but I just wish that the prizes every week were given out to more longstanding and active members of the community. It's hard not to feel a little jilted poking through the winning accounts and seeing 0 friends, 0 karma, and really no community footprint.

Oh well, guess you can't discriminate in a contest between loyal followers and people who caught the series on twitter and threw some guesses out.
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