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Hold The Shit For a Second.I've now typed out and erased 2 venting journals about the recent bruhahas, not necessarily here but everywhere on the internet, and I'm hoping this time I can really sum it up as simple as possible.

Most of you out there are adults. Fucking. Act Like it.

I've had enough of hearing people bitch about every single little thing on the internet like they're surprised that it's not nice and fluffy or coddled to them like they're a special little snowflake. If something bothers you, stop being a goddamn masochist about it and find another hobby that doesn't allegedly devolve you into a catatonic state, and if someone is bothering you personally, do the logical thing and report them. Seriously, it's not complicated people.
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GamerGate - IMPORTANT Please Read.Encyclopedia Dramatica's GamerGate Page

Doing my part to spread the facts as they've been assembled. @DiMono also posted this page in one of his recent journals, and I just now had the time to go read it and I read every word and followed many sourced links. Now, it is ED, so of course you can expect the inter-site links to be "crude" or strange, but those are minimal and by FAR this article is extremely well written and informative.

As I said in my previous (less than composed) journal, the real issue at the core of this has nothing to do with Zoe Quinn's sex life. That was merely the match that lit the fire that lit up the room and exposed this whole mess of corruption in the video game journalism industry.

And it is putrid.

If you call yourself a gamer, and you have a (at least somewhat) true moral compass, you should read this, repost the link and get this information out. You don't even need to care about journalistic integrity (I don't), but if you don't like being bashed and accused of being a mysoginistic, privileged brat by a multitude of major gaming news sites as part of their political agendas - and by the way, that is exactly what has happened and is happening and can be substantiated by insider accounts - then you'll be invested in this. Do yourself a favor, and give it a read.
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What the Fuck is Going On?Is it just me, or has the Internet, gamers, game devs, game journalists, and everyone in between been absolutely fucking stupid the past few weeks? I can't hold it in anymore, and I need to vent just how I feel about what I've been seeing of late. Read it or don't, comment or not, it's your choice.

I don't care about "journalistic integrity" when it comes to video games because I believe that video games speak for themselves and I can make up my own mind. I think people who start a cruscade against someone for any reason is stupid and should sort out their priorities. I also think that someone who cheats on a loved one not only once, but five times, is a fucking cunt/asshole. Simple as that.

I think that because the people implicated in the situation above are a game developer and several game journalists or people with high positions within said publications, that if ANY commentary was to be made about it, it should have been done in a way that draws equal attention to the controversy AS WELL AS the outrage.

Furthermore, if the publications decided to not get involved at all, that would - to me - be the safest and cleanest route. For a while, this seemed to be the case, until...

The Hate. The outrage. People got upset for ethical reasons, moral reasons, whatever reasons. To an extent, I believe this reaction is justified. Some people took it too far, as happens with LITERALLY EVERYTHING EVER ON THE INTERNET. What happens?

News sites suddenly victimized those who had commited the ethical and moral controversies. Suddenly the blame was solely placed upon the outraged and those who were responsible for the whole clusterfuck in turn took zero blame and had zero accountability for their actions. What is outrage over unethical conduct and immoral behavior has been relabeled as "hate campaigns". Were there people who took it that far like idiots? Yes, absolutely. But nobody reported on WHY. Just as if it inexplicably happened for no reason.

Even worse, some game developers started to defend them in such a way that literally bit the hands that feed them in almost nonsensical ways. Example? Cliffy B, creator of Gears of War, tweeted "People thinking the videogame biz is "scandalous" for hookups clearly hasn't seen the service industry. People fuck, get over it."


Sure, yes, people fuck That's all good and dandy. None of us would be here if nobody fucked, but I read this, and it feels like what he's trying to say can be translated as "So, because she and her 5 guys are in the video game industry, they have a free pass to commit whatever immoral acts they want, regardless of how her boyfriend of 5 years feels about it. Also, the service industry is worse, so, like, it's not THAT big a deal.". Some people might say he meant to say "It's nobody's business." and perhaps he did, but surely there would have been a better way to say that... such as "It's nobody's business" PERCHANCE?

So that sums up the Zoe Quinn bullshit. To sum that up? Everyone involved is a fucking moron top to bottom. Quinn's an immoral bitch, the people who slept with her despite knowing she had a boyfriend are massive gaping assholes, the game devs and journalists who turn a blind eye are unethical, and the people who took the whole thing too far are childish dicks that are only making themselves look bad despite having what should have been a very stable highground on the matter.

SPEAKING OF PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE A STABLE HIGH GROUND AND MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK BAD, I'm sick of Social Justice Warriors. Armchair activists who take up cause after fucking cause because they can who succeed only in annoying people until they're ignored or people are forced to give in because they can't take it anymore.

I cannot stand internet feminists anymore, and that's sad to me because I think equality is important in all walks of life. I genuinely want to support these movements and "be an ally" as it were. But when you take to your fucking Tumblr blogs and complain about men nonstop like they made the goddamn black plague and shoved it individually down people's throats, or bitch about straight people just because they're straight, or white people because of "white privilege" or any other goddamn fucking other cruscade of the week out there, you aren't being virtuous or noble, you're being a hypocrite.

They preach equality with one breath, and then demonize men and straights like they should become second class citizens. They take offense to words and titles and phrases that have been around for decades and centuries and get bent out of shape when people don't know nonsensical words they made up to define themselves with, but they're totally fine with tacking titles onto others if it suits them. And I might get hate for this last one, but the notion of gender identification is something that baffles me.

I believe everyone has the right to be what they want to be, and associate with whatever they want. Born a girl, wanna be a man? GO FOR IT! Its your body, feel free.

But claiming that you were never a girl is, to me, a scientifically false statement. Sex is in our core DNA. It's chromosomes, X and Y or X and X. It's binary. If you don't feel you belong in your body, that's fine. I understand. But that does not change what you are at your core. The ability to change from one of the other by changing your genitalia and estrogen and hormone intake is a man-made ability, not nature. It's GOOD. But to completely turn your back on what you were born as does you no favors, it only limits you as a human being, and is in many ways ignorant of part of yourself, whether you want it to be or not.

To clarify, I have no problem with people deciding what they want to be, I have no problem with people who change or associate with another gender. What I don't understand is the claim that one was never something simply because they don't feel it. That's like being 6'3" and saying "I'm not tall because I don't feel like it"
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Need a new home for Starsong webcomicJust logging into Tumblr is unbearable.

Any suggestions?
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My Webcomic (STARSONG) Update!So, just to remind anyone who may have forgotten, I've got a webcomic now!!

It's called STARSONG and you can go ahead and read the first few pages RIGHT FREAKING HERE


- It updates Mondays and Fridays at 12:01AM.
- For now, it's black and white until I get a stride and feel comfortable enough to get fancy.
- It's my first webcomic.... period. So I'm still learning the ropes for things like panel placement and the like, but I'm trying REALLY hard to get better, okay?



Those of you with Tumblrs should subscribe, even if you dont check your tumblrs often or don't plan to read the comic, it will make me feel better to think I have subscribers, which in turn will make me work harder, which in TURN will make the comic better and maybe someday you'll get into it! So do it! One click, it won't hurt. Promise!

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Mass Effect 2... 100%Insanity Run, DONE. Probably my favorite game of all time, definitely my favorite series of all time, and at long last I did it on insanity, and you know what? It wasn't THAT bad. /mlgbrag

Now, mind you, I've played Mass Effect 2 and 3 probably a good half dozen or more times each, so obviously I wasn't some rosy cheeked noob stepping in. I knew alot about weapon power, enemy placement, weaknesses, etc. But at no point did I feel like the game was cheating me or being hard just for the sake of being hard.

Yeah, it was a challenge, but every time I died (and I did die a healthy amount of times), I always knew it was my own fault. "Man, i shouldn't have jumped out of cover there, i got cocky", or "Ugh, i should have been using disruptor ammo there instead of warp ammo.", things like that, which made for a very satisfying game when I did succeed.

Now, time to wipe the floor with Mass Effect 3's Insanity mode! Woop woop!
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Starsong - Official Webcomic Launch!

An original webcomic written and illustrated by me! Updates on Mondays and Fridays every week.


Please click above to go check out the first two pages on Tumblr where all posts will be made. I'll post update notifications here and twitter, but you'll still need to go check them out there, and you'll see them faster if you follow me on Tumblr.

I really hope you guys check it out, and any likes, comments and shares would be super super helpful to get the word out. Don't make me beg!

This is also my 500th journal entry!!

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