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Nero Maxim
Nero Maxim
Hey I got engaged last night.That's pretty cool!
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Nero Maxim
Art Livestream TODAY @ 5:30pm ESTI will be doing a good-old-fashioned artstream in about an hour to work on a comic project I've been trying to do for a bit. You're all welcome to stop in and watch & listen to some rockin' tunes. Got a fresh stream page set up and ready to go, located here:


Hope to see you there! The stream is up now, playing some music for anyone who wants to camp before it starts
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Nero Maxim
TORONTOOOOOOOO2So a month ago, our landlord sold the house and the new owners kicked us out, it was kind of like this:

Then we had to find a new place to live within 60 days, either here or somewhere. Which was like this:

Then, today...

Deposit paid.

Landlord approval.

Yup! It's official, we are moving to Toronto! Etobicoke, to be exact. August 1st, a spacious 2 bedroom apartment (MY OWN OFFICE YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES), it's gon' be guuuUUUUUUuuuud. That office?

So I expect my fancy Toronto-based friends @DiMono @BatJeff @PreacherPain and company and I will be hanging out literally every day at all times, RIGHT GUYS? It'll be like this:

I mean... like thiiiis:

... I'm not very good at this... But I am excited! This will mean that barring any pending cataclysmic event, I will get to attend all future Toronto fan events and get to do cool stuff like FanExpo and make fun of those zany Quebecers.

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Nero Maxim
E3 SummaryHalo 5: The Continuing Adventures of Edward Buck feat. some spartans or something i dunno LOOKS AMAZING. The new Warzone gamemode might actually pull me back into Halo MP after Halo 4 lost me.

Battlefront looks AMAZEBALLS. Hoth s'byootiful. an' Vader aa.a.aaa... the AT-AT!

BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. But not only just BC, but all the digital games you previously bought are still yours to download and play free of charge. I cannot wait to load up a fresh save of...


Then Sony did some stuff that I guess people are excited abou- Wait... w'zat? Final Fantasy 7 remake's endlate says Play it FIRST on PS4? Where can I play it second? Does a game count towards a console's "conference points" if it might be coming out on a competitor console? Hmmm.

Hololens (If in actuality works as advertised) looks revolutionary (and I don't throw that word out easily). Even if the games are kind of wonky, this is a big step towards LEGIT HOLOGRAMS.

In summary...

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Nero Maxim
Updates about Art, Work and Life!*Toronto residents,, please read paragraph started "So now the plan" at least*

Been a darn while since I posted a journal on here, so let's throw out an update cause it's been an interesting 2015 so far.

To start, yeah I had to give up on the art challenge I set for myself a long while back. It was a noble attempt, but I didn't stop just for the sake to give up, I stopped because I got hired full time for a permanant position with Geek Squad! Through all the various cuts and layoffs of contract employees, I and a small group managed to get kept on and I even got a raise for my hard work. Now, because things got restructured a bit after I was kept on, work picked up and I haven't had alot of time for art like I'd like BUT! That's okay, we'll get to art in a second because there are good things coming I hope.

In less-good news, the house we live in has been sold. The landlord had been trying to sell it since our 2nd month of living here 2 years ago, and finally did it. Normally a new buyer buys a house with the intent to keep a tenant and make profit, however we are now a sad statistic and have been given 60 days to move out. Wuh-wuh.

So now the plan is to move us to Toronto around August 1st if we can find a place. Obviously, we are moving from Ottawa, and with Lorna finishing college at the end of August, we're in a really difficult spot. If anyone can recommend a place or knows of any good listings, please PM me here on the site! No apartment complexes would be the only caveat.

Back to the good stuff. ART! So in an effort to stop wasting my free time, I've uninstalled Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'd gotten into the habit of lurking and losing all my free time chatting in game, but I cut cold turkey and now I'm hoping to replace that wasted time with more art for a super special project that I'd like to do that's near and dear to my heart. So hopefully there will be more news on that at some point soon, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Lastly, things are in motion and I hope to have some awesome news about that at the end of the month!

How about you, how you doin'?

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Nero Maxim
More ANIMATION Practice.Yeah I'm gonna keep Capslocking ANIMATION, because I'm just so gosh-darn excited about it.

Nothing major today. Just a super rough sketch and jittery animation of something more ambitious I'm gonna keep working on, see how it goes.

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Nero Maxim
(Learning to) ANIMATE! :DI've always wanted to try animating, and inspired by @ember , @myshu and @LostInSweden and the other folks on this site who do animating stuff, I decided to try and learn!

Took This Picture I drew last week.
Then I made him Blink (Click) as a test.

Then today BAM!'d it up a notch.

This animating stuff is fun :D Lots left to learn though.
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Nero Maxim
[ART] Practice Makes You Better - Not Perfect6 Years ago, I drew this in my sketchbook. One of my longest-lasting OCs, Kaji Zecht.

Kaji Zecht circa 2009

Today I redrew Kaji as close to as I envisioned him back in the day using all the practice I've had over the years, and this came out.

Practice doesn't make it perfect. But every little bit makes it better, and going back to look at old stuff like this helps you see just how far you've come. Little bit of a morale boost.

Anyways, art'd. I haven't forgotten about the raffle I did a while back, more on that soon I hope.
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