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I will be attending PAX East this weekend, and handing out copies of the highest grossing basketball movie of all time.

(Don't worry, it's not in French. That's just there because I'm Canadian)

Wesley and myself have 17 copies, so if you see us and want to SLAM, come say hi!

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Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2014 RT v2
PAX East
Watch Dogs

It's a simple list.
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3 Years of MLPHappy anniversary My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

Get hype for Season 4 on November 23rd!
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Crazy JezusSo, it has come to my attention that quite a few people were kind enough to go out and purchase Quake 4 in order to help me in my quest to complete the game.

If you want to help out, and so it is easier for me to keep track of everyone, you should friend Crazy Jezus. That way I can quickly check and see who's available when I need people.

I greatly appreciate that people are actually going out of their way to help me with this. I you guys!
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Hey, at least the layout isn't using tables anymore.
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RTX (Pre)Like many of you, this is my before RTX journal. Unlike many of you, I'm not going to give you a list of do's and don'ts. I'm sure everyone (including me) is appreciative of this information, but seeing it in almost every journal is just a little excessive.

Now then. RTX is next week, I am excite. I'm just going to apologize now if I met you last year and I have no idea who you are. I have a horrendous memory; I barely remember what I did yesterday
That being said, come say hi if you see me! I meeting THE PEOPLE!

Also definitely drop by the Internet Box panel (yup, we're back) on Sunday morning. I hear it's going to be a pretty cash panel! Also the MLP panel on the same day! I'm going to be a guest on it this year, so don't worry, I won't be running it. I'm almost positive they have something planned and it will be organized and less chaotic than last year. Sorry about that...

Anyways, yeah. RTX. I hope you're coming and stuff. See you in a few days!
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