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Smile already!If this doesn't make you laugh, you may already be dead...

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Lazurus Arise!I...am...back! And things will never, eeeever be the same! Muhahaha!

Ok, but seriuosly, Neko got in contact with me and said I had to come back, and I was looking for someplace to vent some the the things that have been floating around my head for the past few months...so...here I am. I'm gonna keep this brief, cuz I want to set up some new pics in my gallery, and I don't want to overwhelm anyone who reading this. If you are one of my old buds who used to talk to me here, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. Prob be back soon with another entry. Peace out ya'll!
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DBZDBZ is the theme. Must get back to WoW addiction. Please someone stop me....
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Darkstalkers Week.I wanted to do "Stereotypes" as the theme of the week but A) I wasn't sure that I could think up/look up 23 different stereotypes and I wanted to make sure I got a full gallery this week and B)I didn't want two too serious thems in two weeks. I'm upset I didn't finish last week's gallery, but considering this week's took way less time, and it's a full gallery, that should say everything I need to say.

Anyway, anyone who gave me suggestions I used, or would have used got mods. This is about the most "fan servicie" I get, except I plan to do a catgirl theme (or maybe a bunny girl for just a little variety) sometime within the next few months. Ok. Enjoy and have a good week ya'll.

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Feel the love....For those that haven't tried it, (which I assume is about 99.999% of you) trying to fill a gallery with only black stars from anime/video games/cartoons/comics is kinda tough. The comics are the easiest, but it's the anime and video games I want to focus on. Anyway, to give me more time, I'm going to add a new charcter a day for the rest of the week. Hopefully this will either give me time to think of a new one, or someone will suggest one. BTW, the mod points for those that suggested will be coming soon.

You know, with 53+ million pics at dA you would think it would be easier to find some pics, but nooo. Take the Wade pic for example, try finding a few good ones on Deviant Art. Sure, I know he's a side character, but I bet there are THOUSANDS of KimXShego (Kigo I think) pics on that site. Lesbian encounters that never happen on the show we can draw by the dozens, but a supporting character that makes at least one appearance on most episodes, nope.

Oh BTW, I am mixed. (Black dad, white mom)

One last thing. If someone would please tell me if the new version of the site will carry over out stats. If they don't, you might not be seeing me around here much longer. It usually takes 3-4 hours to make my gallery, (longer this week) and I'm not sure I want to keep doing that if I'm reset to karma level zero. We'll see. Later peeps.
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Fast Food, Fast JournalYeah, I got to do this one quickly cuz I gotz to eat then go to bed. Work is being real tough right now and I'm spending even more time on Wow now that I found a friend from back in High School who plays it. I had way more trouble finding good pics for this week then I thought I would. I would like to have a theme next week of African Americans/Blacks in anime/cartoons/comics. The problem is I'm not sure I can think up 22 different ones. (Thank you America) Please list as many ones as you can think of. Each named one gets 2 mod points if I use it. Thanks in advance. C Ya.
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Easter, Right?I think it's this weekend. I should know these things. I tried something new this time. I week straight through rather then key words this time. It did save time, but I still had to go through 110 pages (with 24 pics per page) just to find 23 that I liked. And I'm not all that happy about a few of my pics, but I am way too tired to change them. Enjoy my peeps.
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I should be asleepYeah. This is the time I would normaly be asleep before starting another wonderful night of work. but they called me up yesterday and said basically to come up on my day off to do extra work without extra pay. So it disrupted my sleep time, and now no sleep for me. And I had trouble getting sleep all week last week too. Oh, and something really bad happened at work while I was on my weekend (Tuesday and Wensday night) and everyone in the store knows what it is. But they won't tell me cuz apparently they can't. So I know I'm walking into a crud storm, but I don't know what kind of crud storm even though pretty much everyone none related to it knows about it. Fun.

Anyway, I went with a Ichigo/Rukia themed week because I hadn't watched/finished the other animes. (Except Robin and Starfire, and I had done Teen Titans more recently) I got lucky cuz that was a really easy theme and prob took a hour less than normal.Anyway, I'm going to go. Try to talk again later week. Have a good day.

BTW, I think this wrestlemania is the worst looking beforehand since at least 2000.
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