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on here again.wow. it's been a while since i've been on here.
i didn't even know how to spell my screen name,
haha. well if anyone that i used to talk to is still on here,
then.. hello!
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partyhad a party.
now i have bruises everywhere.
and they hurt.
but it was fun.
more details to come.
you wont want to miss it. hahahahahaha
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Kala Marie Hardy<3
rest in peace.
December 7, 1992 - April 5, 2008

its so sad to think that shes gone.
her name is Kala Marie Hardy.
and shes no longer with us.

she overdoesed.
and it was the worst thing to find out.
i wish i knew her better.
we were just becoming good friends.
she was always someone to brighten up a room.

thats what parts of her obituary looked like.
she really did love life.
and its so sad.

her Celebration of Life was today.
actually, just a few hours ago.
and it was....unexplainable.
my best friend burst into tears everytime she saw a picture of kala and her.
ive never seen her so sad.
she almost fell over bc she was crying so hard.
i had to hold her.

but kala died peacefully.
my best friend talked to the guy she was with the night she died.
and he told her everything.
everything about how he tried to wake her up to tell her it was snowing, and she wouldnt wake up. she was still warm but she wasnt breathing. and that her hands were twitching but other then that, she wasnt moving.
it makes me cry when i think about it.
i miss her so much. no one has any idea.
school isnt the same. :|

i miss kala.
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NEW PICTURE.yeah you know it.

anyways. i made jv soccer.
would have made varsity but my grades werent good enough and the varsity coach who is also my history teacher, says that i need to be a "student athlete" so i need to have good grades. BLEH. =/

and im sick of this world.
anyone want to get into a deep conversation about it?
haha im in the mood for talking to anyone who isnt a complete and utter FOOL.

oh and joker14.........................you're a complete and utter FOOL. Kthnx bye. 8D

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number twoooo.

Tanked: no it wasnt you.

Joker14: you know what........YOU SUCK. kthanx. =] hahahahahahahaha in yoooour face.

Damonix: i dare you to suck something thats not a sucker.

ViolentRose: of course you can suck me. . . . . . . . . .hahahaha

now, go blow something.
and no,
not a balloon.
i have soccer practice in an hour and a half.
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fuck yooooooooooi like me.

not you.

go suck something.


bye :) <3
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nukkai like the word nukka.

im calling my friend thomas one right now.

damn straight nukka.
i just said it.


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damonixlookie there.
a journal for scotty.
bc hes stupid.

and got SPONSERED.
GRR. :]
im just kidding.
yeah ill be calling you scotty.

other than that
everything is smooooooooth.

just wanted to telll that to everyone.
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