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22 daysSo....

It looks like I only have 22 days till the 3 day. I have to finish raising the money in 18 days.

I have only 18 days to raise $930.

If you've been waiting, now is the time. Even $5 helps.

Tell all your friends, follow this link- www.the3day.org/goto/krista2012

I know together we can reach this goal. I can't wait to do this walk and support all of those who have fought breast cancer.

Thank you for your support!
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Vegas!Walking around the strip with a great guy.
Getting to see Bodies.
Getting to see the Titanic.
Getting to see the Blue Man Group.
Going to the top of The Eiffel Tower.
Walking around Venice.
Seeing a Volcano explode.
Getting fun socks.
Petting a stingray and Horseshoe crab.
Seeing lots of sharks.

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Public Service Announcement

Did you know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Ladies, do yourself a favor and feel your boobies for bumps.

Gentlemen, do you ladies (committed relationship/fiance/wife) a favor and check her boobies for lumps. While you're at it, check your boobies too, men can also get breast cancer.

Early detection saves lives, literally.

Once you're done feeling up boobies, head over to my donation page and help me save some lives. I'll be walking 60 miles in 3 days towards a cure. I'm just over 50% of the way to my goal. Help me save some boobies!
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21 mile weekendTomorrow morning I get to wake up bright and early for a 12 mile training walk.

Sunday I have 9 miles to walk.

I'm only $25 away from doing the chubby bunny challenge.

I'll let you all know on Facebook when I depart for my training walk. I will match any donations I receive on my training walk tomorrow (up to $50 each).

Help me eat some marshmallows!

Donate here!
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2nd JobI've been keeping my eye open for a 2nd job. I'd like to start being able to afford eating dinner again. I found one for a bomb walker.

That's right.

They would pay me to walk while wearing a fake bomb vest.

I'm greatly intrigued. Let's see how this goes.

Speaking of walking I'm doing another long training walk in the morning. The fundraising is going well, which is very nice! I'm still a long way from my goal, but I'm keeping the faith high.
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Ouch...So today was a 10 mile training walk.

I'm in pain.

It hurts.

I wish I had a hot tub.

At least building up my endurance now will make the 3 Day a butt load easier.

In other news Agnes had her 1 year checkup yesterday. She only weighs 66.4lbs. Yes, she's big, but the vet said she's a runt. A very very healthy runt. I was anticipating her getting up to 100lbs. She might get to 70lbs, which is the small for an Akita.

I'm going to go take a nice long shower to help recover.

I'm only at $655 of my $2,300. Help motivate me to do my training walk tomorrow.
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