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Barbara Cast & Crew
Barbara Cast & Crew
An Australian Road TripAs some of you may know, @Arryn and I are in Australia for Supanova in Melbourne and Gold Coast. We have some down time in between each event, and our friends at @Hanabee have been taking great care of us. Yesterday (Monday), Cameron from Hanabee, Arryn, and I left around 1:30 PM to drive down south to stay in an Air B&B that was in the middle of nowhere Australia. It was quite the adventure. Here's how it went down:

Cameron picked us up, and we left Melbourne for our journey to the Great Ocean Road … even though we took the fast route, and would end up driving through the wilderness, and would take the "scenic" ocean road drive back.

About 2 hours into the drive, we found ourselves in the middle of no-where Australia. We spent about 45 minutes on the windiest, most terrifyingly beautiful path, surrounded by trees. mountains, and golden hour. Cam off-handedly mentioned we should see if there was a “petrol” station nearby, not realizing he asked because he was running dangerously low. We decided to pull over to ask a man working in his toolshed where the closest station may be. He said that the closest one may be 20 miles away, and we had about a tank left for 10 kilometers. Overhearing this, he said then nearest petrol station would be in his truck. Luckily, this man we happened to pull over to ask had a jug in his car full of gasoline, which would end up saving us from a very potentially scary experience.

We made it to our destination about an hour later- a house on Red Johanna Road. This place looked unreal - when you looked anywhere surrounding the house, it looked like a desktop background. No photo or video would or could do it justice. Rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, and not a single ounce of civilization. Truly secluded,

We dropped our things and glanced at the Guest Handbook for suggestions on how to get liquor and food. We drove up towards a town called Lavers Hill, hit up a shop for wine, and then a Tavern for fish and chips. We left to drive home, and on the way, saw a REAL LIFE KOALA just standing on the side of the road. Not running, not crawling on something, just standing there, as if waiting for us to arrive. After screeching our car to a halt, screaming for a full 2 minutes while trying to take a photo, Tyrone the Koala (that's what we named him) proceeded to slowly climb over the road barrier back to it’s home.

We returned home, and at this time it was night. Looking up, I’ve never seen more stars in all my life. It almost looked like a clusters of freckles. We drank wine while watching Game of Thrones, then slept.

This morning, we woke up, had tea on our porch with the world's most amazing view, then left to get more gas and breakfast nearby. Thus began our drive along the "Great Ocean Road" - a drive on the South East coast of Australia. It was about a 4 hour drive of more windy roads, but with gorgeous ocean, mountains, and greenery. Every turn you took was more beautiful than the last.

We then decided to stop at a rest stop because someone (me) has a small bladder or something. The restroom was located in a trailer park type area. We walked around in there, and on the way out, saw ANOTHER FUCKING KOALA just walking. It climbed up a small tree (about 4 feet high) and started eating leaves. We got right up close to it and took about 70000 pictures and videos, and one of the locals there told us we could pet it, as long as we were gentle and not intimidating. We did. He was so soft.

After leaving, we continued our drive back to Melbourne.

It was an amazing experience, and was so cool to get to experience that side of Australia. 10/10 would do again and again and again (maybe minus the part where we almost ran out of gas, though).

PS- I'll be posting an album of photos here shortly.
PPS- we're still in Aus, heading to Gold Coast this weekend for Supanova! Hope to see you guys there!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
We're in Australia!Arryn and I are in Melbourne and Gold Coast! See the full schedule here: roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=...
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Barbara Cast & Crew
It's our 12-Year Anniversary!Hello, friends!

TODAY IS ROOSTER TEETH'S 12-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Soon we'll be older than YOU! Yes, it makes sense, just go with it.

Since we like to go big for our big day, we have some special surprises and announcements.


To celebrate 12 years, we're having a SALE in the RT Store! 12% off for 12 days in ALL stores (US, UK, and Australia)! Use the code "RT12YEARS" at checkout to get your discount. To sweeten the deal even more, we also have new items in our store, including all the Red vs. Blue Character Prints we've been posting on our site, the RWBY Nora figure, new button packs, and more!


Red vs. Blue Season 13, Episode 1 was released yesterday for Sponsors, but is available for everyone today at 5 PM CT! Sponsors will get to see RvB (as well as many other popular series) a whole day early moving forward, so get your Sponsorship NOW!


Rooster Teeth is proud to announce it's venture into the App world! We've just released our first one for you all to try - It's called Shaft Shots! Get a look here.


A new episode of Sunday Driving is coming this Sunday, but starting today, AH will be doing a play-through of Borderlands the PreSequel where the guys use melee and no guns. See that on www.AchievementHunter.com or www.youtube.com/letsplay !


We've been doing more than ever for our Sponsors lately, so if you have yet to become a Sponsor, you might not realize what you're missing. First, we're releasing some of our biggest shows early - a whole DAY early! Be the first to see RvB, Let's Play Minecraft, Happy Hour, Shorts, and more to come.

Additionally, we've been adding more and more sponsor-only content, like SponsorCasts - check out the most recent one with Matt, Joel, Gus, and Geoff!

Another bonus for Sponsors: RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is available for you to test out, now with updates! We've added Extermination Mode and a new Multiplayer function! Give it a try!

and finally. CONTESTS!

We want to hear from you, the best community and friends we could ask for, on why you are a Rooster Teeth fan. This contest will run until April 12, and winners will be selected at the end of the month. There are a few ways to participate:

RoosterTeeth.com: Write a journal about why you are a Rooster Teeth fan, and at the end (or somewhere in your journal) tag @RTContests (tagging is done by typing @RTContests - it will only show up after submitting your journal, not in preview)

Twitter: Tweet using #RT12Years and explain why you are a Rooster Teeth fan! (Make sure to follow @RoosterTeeth, too!)

Facebook: Head over to the Rooster Teeth Facebook page and comment on our page using #RT12Years, and tell us why you're a Rooster Teeth fan!

Instagram: Post a photo or video showing/telling us why you are a Rooster Teeth fan, and tag @roosterteeth with the hashtag #RT12Years

Tumblr: Post a video, text entry, or image which shows us why you are a Rooster Teeth fan, and tag it with #RT12Years

We'll pick 2 winners from across all platforms who will win a set (2) of VIP Tickets to RTX 2015, and 2 winners from each social media platform who will win $50 to the RT Store!



A lot has happened since April 1, 2014, so here's a quick recap on some of our favorite moments & milestones:

With the help of the RT community, we successfully funded our first-ever Feature Film, Lazer Team (and broke the Indiegogo record!) - make sure to watch the trailer here.
Rooster Teeth joined forces with Fullscreen
Funhaus joined the Rooster Teeth family
The first ever Let's Play Live was held in Austin, and it was AMAZING!
We launched a whole bunch of new shows, including X-Ray & Vav (Season 2 this Summer!) , Social Disorder, Happy Hour, On The Spot, Sunday Driving, Ten Little Roosters, and many more!
Over 30,000 of you came out to Austin for RTX 2014, making this the event to be at every summer! (including 2015- get your tickets now!)
We launched a new kid-friendly gaming channel, Game Kids!

...And more things than we have room to talk about.
Thank you for an incredible 12 years. Each one just keeps getting better.

With love, and a mouth-full of birthday cake,

Barbara & the RT Crew
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Barbara Cast & Crew
SponsorCut Smite!A bunch of us will be playing Smite! Sponsors will be able to watch LIVE and even play with us (info on how to join will be given during the stream)

We're hopping on in about 30 minutes, so join here! www.roosterteeth.com/sponsorcut/live/
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Barbara Cast & Crew
SXSW Gaming!Rooster Teeth will be there, signing and playing games all weekend! This event is free and open to the public, so come say hello! Here is the schedule of signing:

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Barbara Cast & Crew
Morning VentIt's rare to find a lot of assholes in Austin. Most people in this city are super nice and friendly. The only exception is when people are in their cars- they all turn to assholes.

This morning, I stop by the Starbucks on my way to work. It's usually pretty busy, so parking can sometimes be frustrating. I drove around the lot a few times, and saw someone pulling out. I drive up, and put my blinker on to wait for them to finish backing out. Meanwhile, another car comes from a different intersection and starts waiting (I'm to their left, and the car backing out is to their right). I think "oh, they're probably just waiting to turn". So after the car leaves, I pull in. I then hear a honk, and look over to see the guy in the drivers seat flip me off.

First off, I hate when people flip each other off in traffic/whatever driving situation. It's pointless. I brush it off, since I was in the right, and I guess they just didn't see me waiting.

I then go into the Starbucks, and about 15 seconds later, the couple from the car walk in. The woman (probably about 45 or 50) comes up behind me...
Her: "So I guess you didn't see us waiting for that spot??"
Me: "I was there with my blinker on when you pulled up. I assumed you were waiting to turn. But look, you made it here a few seconds after me, so..."
Her: "We knew you would have that attitude."
Me: "Well isn't it a bit immature to flip someone off for a parking spot?"
Her: "So you DID see us!"
Me: "Yeah, I saw you pull up after I had already been waiting, and after you honked I looked to see you flipping me off."
Her: *silent* *mumbling something under her breath*
Her Husband: *Not even making eye contact even though he was the one who flipped me off*

I ordered my coffee and left.

People suck sometimes.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Announcing the Red vs. Blue CHANNEL!Rooster Teeth Productions is excited to announce the launch of the official Red vs. Blue YouTube channel!

We will consolidate all twelve existing seasons of Red vs. Blue onto one YouTube channel, where fans and new viewers can easily find all of the content from the show.

Here's what Burnie had to say:
"We are excited to have one place on YouTube where our fans can watch all of the past seasons of Red vs. Blue. And now new viewers of the series can binge watch the world's longest running web series anywhere they have a screen.”

The new channel, youtube.com/redvsblue, launches TODAY with a brand new Red vs. Blue PSA! It will soon include all twelve existing seasons of Red vs. Blue, which will be added according to the release schedule below, along with Red vs. Blue bonus videos including Behind-the-Scenes, Interviews, and PSAs.

Red vs. Blue YouTube Channel Release Schedule

Wave 1- RvB: S1 on Friday, 3/6; RvB: S2 on Saturday; 3/7, RvB: S3 on Sunday, 3/8

Wave 2- RvB: S4 on Friday, 3/13; RvB: S5 on Saturday, 3/14; RvB: S6 on Sunday, 3/15

Wave 3- RvB: S7 on Friday, 3/20; RvB: S8 on Saturday, 3/21; RvB: S9 on Sunday, 3/22

Wave 4- RvB: S10 on Friday, 3/27; RvB: S11 on Saturday, 3/28; RvB: S12 on Sunday, 3/29

After catching up with Red vs. Blue: Seasons 1-12 on the new Red vs. Blue YouTube channel, viewers can tune in to RoosterTeeth.com on Wednesday, April 1st for the highly anticipated premiere of Red vs. Blue: Season 13!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Lazer Team Teaser Trailer!Hey there, boys and girls!

Yesterday, Lazer Team backers got the first look at the Lazer Team teaser trailer. We didn’t want to keep you waiting long, so now, everyone can watch it, too! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

You’ll get a sneak peek at some stunts, some explosions, and even some of our very own RT cast in revealing suits (you're welcome). We also announced that the full movie trailer will be premiering at SXSW, on March 16, 2015. Get pumped! You can see a count-down for that on the Lazer Team Movie webpage.

We can’t wait to hear what you think, and share more with you. We are so excited for you to see Lazer Team, and experience the thrill of it all. Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do this without you.
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