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Barbara Cast & Crew
2015 RTX Guardian ApplicationsGuardian Applications for RTX 2015 (Aug 7-9, 2015) are now OPEN!

For all questions regarding Guardianship, I turn it over to our head Guardians, Chris and Mary. They will both be posting journals shortly about what they expect from people who volunteer at RTX. Please go to them for all questions.

Before you start, please note the following:

- Guardians must be 18+ (by Aug 1, 2015)
- Do not apply if you are unsure if you can travel to Austin, TX for the weekend of August 6-9, 2015.
- Guardians are responsible for their own accommodations & travel while in Austin
- Please answer every question honestly and to the best of your ability.
- Frequent communication will be required if you are selected to be a Guardian- you must be available through email and the RoosterTeeth.com website, and be willing to check for updates on a regular basis.

Alright, ready? You can find the application here. Applications will be open for about a month, so do not rush through the application. Guardians will be selected and contacted before tickets go on sale in 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: By applying to be a Guardian for RTX 2015, you will be volunteering your time over the course of the event to help RTX run smoothly, and represent Rooster Teeth and its community to the best of your ability. If you are unable to do this, do not apply.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Recap Dec 8-14, 2014Here's what we did last week! For Achievement Hunter's weekly recap, click here.

Video: AHWU #243
Live Stream: The Rooster Teeth Podcast @ 7:30 PM CT (Sponsors Only)

Store: AH Fishing Rodeo Shirt
Video: RT Podcast #301
Video: Announcement of RT Shape Up Tournament
Video: Ten Little Roosters, Episode 6
Live Stream: Screen Play @ 4 PM CT (Sponsors Only)

Video: Screen Play Episode 19
Video: Let's Play Minimations #3
Video: The Slow Mo Guys: Tiny Plasma Cutter
Live Stream: The Patch @ 4 PM CT (Sponsors Only)

Video: X-Ray & Vav Episode 3
Video: How To: Bayonetta 2
Video: The Patch #82
Live Stream: On The Spot @ 5 PM CT (Sponsors Only)

Store: New RWBY Art Prints (2)
Video: On the Spot #6
Video: The Know It All: Dec 12

Video: RT Life - Drunk Kerry and Miles

Video: RT Recap: Rooster Teeth Reacts

SPONSOR CUT (Sponsor-only Content)
- The Night Before Rooster Teeth
- Cards Against Humanity #8
- Sponsor Play: Alien Pt. 4
- Sponsor Play: Alien Pt. 5
- Sponsor Play: Alien Pt. 6

Also check out:
- Gift Ideas for Grown Up Geeks on The Know
- Our new channel for Kid-friendly gaming videos: Game Kids!
- News post on final dates to order your RT Merch for Christmas

On to this week!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth on Slacker RadioWe are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Slacker Radio to create the Rooster Teeth: I am the DJ Station on Slacker!

What is this, and what does that mean?

This station on Slacker is hosted and curated by Rooster Teeth and our various characters and creators, and features the music we love and want to listen to. All songs were picked by us! You'll hear from the staff and be able to hear why they picked certain songs, and hear us attempt to sound like a real DJ. We nail it. Yes. Totally. Every time.

Check it out here, and enjoy!

Info about Slacker Radio:

Slacker Radio is an interactive Internet radio service available in the US and Canada. Listeners can access the service on the web, through mobile apps on multiple smartphones as well as on Slacker Personal Radio Players and other devices.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth vs. ZombiensDude. We have a mobile game now, thanks to our friends at Team Chaos.
It's called Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens, and is available now on iOS, **EDIT** and now ANDROID!

You'll be able to encounter 8 different RT employees in the game, while exploring the RT studio! (I must admit, it's a bit weird to play the game, then walk out into the hall and think you're still in the game.. it's freaky how accurate it is)

Learn more about the game here.
Download the game here.
Link to for Sponsors to get their Code

Let's see who can get top score!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
RT and FullscreenThe dust still hasn't completely settled on the huge announcement of Fullscreen acquiring Rooster Teeth, but I wanted to say something about it as well. In case you missed it, check out Matt and Burnie's journal posts to get more information.

We chose to team up with Fullscreen because above all, they understand Rooster Teeth, and the reason we've been successful- and that's because of our content, our staff, and our incredible community. They get it. And they want us to continue doing what we do, the way we do it now. Teaming up with Fullscreen allows us to create MORE things, BETTER things, and BIGGER things. I cannot stress this enough.

The world is open to incredible possibilities for us, and we have an amazing company backing us up and supporting our efforts. This is an amazing day for Rooster Teeth, and I am so proud and grateful to see where RT has started and where we are now. I know you have questions, and I encourage you to read the comments and replies in Burnie and Matt's journals. This is a great thing for the expansion and growth of the company you know and love.

I also want to speak a bit about community. Every single person at Rooster Teeth knows why we have been able to thrive this last decade, and that is because of YOU GUYS. Our community and our fans are simply outstanding, and we will never take that for granted or forget that. Fullscreen recognizes that, and that's why they want us to keep doing what we're doing. Our Community and creating quality content will remain our top priority. Always.

We look forward to sharing more with you and continue showing you the love and appreciation we have for the last 11+ years.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Post Extra LifeWe streamed for 24-hours for Extra Life this weekend, which is an amazing charity that supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals around the world. In those 24 hours, you helped us raise over $442k (which includes the posters sold).

Just like last year, it was the most fun I've had all year. Not only were we raising money for a great cause, but I got to spend it with my wonderful coworkers, friends, and our fantastic RT community.

Now, a few thoughts about those who were involved here at the studio--

As usual, @Jack and @Caiti kicked so much ass and kept everything organized- they both have the biggest hearts, and getting to see that first-hand during these events is so wonderful.
Cole (@Vashler) was a champ and ran the live switching for the majority of the stream.
@Podrick and the entire broadcast crew did an amazing job with prep, set up, and execution of the event.
Levar and Mica Burton coming on was such a special treat. Their support means the world.
Adam Kovic flying all the way from California THAT DAY on a whim for us. Love you bro.
@Jon for creating and awesome poster that helped us raise so much for the kids.
@Emily for getting our store ready for the thousands of orders, and keeping us updated throughout the stream
All of our cast and crew who stopped by, whether it was for 1 hour or 24 hours. It's so cool to spend a day with the people you love.
And lastly, @alanritchson, who completely reenergized all of us for the final stretch of our 24 hours, and made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. It's not often someone fits in so well that fast, but it was like he's been part of the RT fam for years. Also, he is so clean and never makes a mess, and is a great juggler.

But the biggest thanks of all goes to all of you guys- everyone who donated, bought a poster, shared the stream with friends, or even just watched for a few hours - this wouldn't have been a success without you.

On to Extra Life 2015!
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