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Barbara Cast & Crew
Barbara Cast & Crew

Yes, today, April 1st 2014, is Rooster Teeth's 11-year Anniversary. That means we're officially a pre-teen. Soon we'll start becoming really moody and growing hair in places we didn't have hair before. You know how much we love our anniversary, so we wanted to do a few special things for our favorite people in the world- you guys! Get ready for lots of big news!

First, we are having an 11% OFF sale for 11 days starting NOW! Just head over to the RT Store, and use code "RT11YEARS" at checkout! Grab that shirt you've been eyeing for months, or one of our new products just released, including the RWBY Volume 2 poster, the Fake AH Crew Poster, RvB Playing Cards, new decals, or today's new Immersion Season 2 shirt!

Wait, Immersion Season 2?

That's right- as part of our Anniversary Celebration, we've released a new episode of Immersion Season 2! We test what it would be like to have split-screen vision in combat. Hilarity ensues. New episodes of Immersion will come out every 2 weeks on

Speaking of releases, RWBY Volume 2 is chugging along, and this Thursday, we'll have an all-new Production Diary! Dive further into the world of RWBY as the crew explores more of the artwork behind the show. And in case you missed it, the first Production Diary came out last month-give it a watch! Remember, the premiere of Volume 2 will be at RTX 2014, which is just over 90 days away! Do YOU have tickets yet?

Achievement Hunter has been kicking ass as usual, and if you aren't caught up, you're missing out- some of our recent favorites include GTA V Heist, Achievement Knievel, and Minecraft Monopoly. Not only that, they're approaching Let's Play Minecraft Episode 100, and we can't wait to see what they have in store. Not getting enough AH in your life? You can also catch them every now and then in our new Sponsor Cut, either doing a live Game Night or other events.

And lastly, we're only a few weeks away from the premiere of RvB Season 12! To get your body, mind, and soul ready for the awesomeness that is approaching, we just released a teaser trailer! Make sure to join us for the premiere on April 28th, 5 PM CT for Sponsors, and 7 PM CT for the public.

It has been another crazy, exciting, and amazing year for RT and we can never thank you enough for supporting us. Stay tuned for even more changes and new projects coming your way! WE LOVE YOU!

Hugs and kisses all over your face <3

Barbara and the RT Crew
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Introducing: The KnowWe mentioned we'd have a big announcement on last night's Podcast with Onnit and Joe Rogan, but sadly we didn't get to it due the conversation being too awesome. So I'm here to tell you about it!

Rooster Teeth is proud to introduce "The Know"! The Know is a new RT YouTube Channel (and soon to be website) where we'll be moving all our News and Informational shows. This will include news on gaming, movies, TV, as well some tech and science. We'll also be moving some other content to this channel, but we'll keep you posted on that later on.

We look forward to what the future holds for this! Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay tuned to for more information.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Austin Statesman Social Media AwardsGood news, everyone!

We just found out that Rooster Teeth was the winner of the Social Media Awards from the Austin Statesman!

Just like everything we do, we couldn't have done this without you. In the article, it mentions the outpour of support and love from our community in the nomination forms. You guys rock so hard.

Thank you, I am so blessed and honored to do what I do. You guys make it the best job in the world.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
February UpdateMake sure to subscribe to our Monthly Email to get your RT news sent to you!

We're only 2 months into 2014, and so much has happened already. First off, we announced that RTX 2014 will be the weekend of July 4-6, 2014 in Austin, TX! Go grab your tickets NOW before it's too late! We will have a ton of cool stuff to see and do, and we hope you can join us to experience it all.

As you may have noticed, we've been releasing more and more Sponsor content on the Rooster Teeth website. We really appreciate everyone who helps support RT, and we want to be able to provide more benefits for sponsoring. Some new videos we've released include Quick Draw, Live Game Nights with the AH Crew, and many other bonus videos and BTS. We're going to be releasing Sponsor-only content every Friday as part of the Sponsor Cut, so make sure to tune in every week for something new!

Did you know you can also buy Sponsorship in the RT Store now? So easy!

Speaking of new content, this coming Thursday we'll be releasing the first of a few Production Diaries for RWBY Volume 2. Stay tuned for more details on that. We also have the first ever RWBY Figure available in the RT Store! And who better to start with than the wonderful Ruby Rose?

A lot of other cool things have happened this year, including Achievement Hunter being featured as an Easter Egg in Plants vs. Zombies! Additionally, we broke 7 MILLION subscribers on the Rooster Teeth YouTube Channel- so crazy! Thank you again for supporting us and helping us grow. Big party when we hit 10 Million, okay?

Here’s to another amazing month. <3

See you next time,

Barbara and the RT Crew
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Barbara Cast & Crew
HAPPY RT COMMUNITY DAY!Today is the first ever RT Community Day! We've already seen so many pictures of people posing in their RT merch, and some people who've met other fans in their cities!

Feel free to post yours here!

We you guys!

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Barbara Cast & Crew
Introducing: RT Community Day! The Rooster Teeth Community is growing like crazy, and we couldn't be more proud to have the best people in the world call this place home. You guys come from all over the world; the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and everywhere in between.

Some of you have met fellow fans in your city- and some of you haven't. We want to help make it easier for you.

RT COMMUNITY DAY will be on the 15th of every month. What will be going on, you ask? We want you to wear your Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter merchandise. We're hoping this will be a good way to find fellow fans around you!
Not only that, but we'll be doing something very special. Starting now, we'll be continuously taking submissions for shirt designs. Each month, we'll pick a design to be made, and on RT Community day, we'll be releasing that shirt in our store! Submissions are now open (make sure you follow the guidelines in order to be considered) and we'll be choosing our first shirt to be produced for March 15th!

This is only the beginning. Down the road, we hope to introduce special discounts and prizes, so be sure to stay tuned. Who knows, there might even be prizes for large group photos...

Want to participate? On the 15th of every month, take photos, send messages of love for the community, or just say hi:
- Tweet us @RoosterTeeth using the hashtag #RTCommunityDay
- Post on our Facebook wall using #RTCommunityDay
- Or, post your photos on the RT site, and tag them using "RTCommunityDay"!

To help remind you, we'll also be setting up an event on our calendar each month.

See you on the 15th!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
The Domino's Pizza App is in the "Entertainment" folder on my phone. Not sure what that says about me, but I'm okay with it.
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