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Barbara Cast & Crew
Barbara Cast & Crew
SponsorCut Smite!A bunch of us will be playing Smite! Sponsors will be able to watch LIVE and even play with us (info on how to join will be given during the stream)

We're hopping on in about 30 minutes, so join here! www.roosterteeth.com/sponsorcut/live/
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Barbara Cast & Crew
SXSW Gaming!Rooster Teeth will be there, signing and playing games all weekend! This event is free and open to the public, so come say hello! Here is the schedule of signing:

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Barbara Cast & Crew
Morning VentIt's rare to find a lot of assholes in Austin. Most people in this city are super nice and friendly. The only exception is when people are in their cars- they all turn to assholes.

This morning, I stop by the Starbucks on my way to work. It's usually pretty busy, so parking can sometimes be frustrating. I drove around the lot a few times, and saw someone pulling out. I drive up, and put my blinker on to wait for them to finish backing out. Meanwhile, another car comes from a different intersection and starts waiting (I'm to their left, and the car backing out is to their right). I think "oh, they're probably just waiting to turn". So after the car leaves, I pull in. I then hear a honk, and look over to see the guy in the drivers seat flip me off.

First off, I hate when people flip each other off in traffic/whatever driving situation. It's pointless. I brush it off, since I was in the right, and I guess they just didn't see me waiting.

I then go into the Starbucks, and about 15 seconds later, the couple from the car walk in. The woman (probably about 45 or 50) comes up behind me...
Her: "So I guess you didn't see us waiting for that spot??"
Me: "I was there with my blinker on when you pulled up. I assumed you were waiting to turn. But look, you made it here a few seconds after me, so..."
Her: "We knew you would have that attitude."
Me: "Well isn't it a bit immature to flip someone off for a parking spot?"
Her: "So you DID see us!"
Me: "Yeah, I saw you pull up after I had already been waiting, and after you honked I looked to see you flipping me off."
Her: *silent* *mumbling something under her breath*
Her Husband: *Not even making eye contact even though he was the one who flipped me off*

I ordered my coffee and left.

People suck sometimes.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Announcing the Red vs. Blue CHANNEL!Rooster Teeth Productions is excited to announce the launch of the official Red vs. Blue YouTube channel!

We will consolidate all twelve existing seasons of Red vs. Blue onto one YouTube channel, where fans and new viewers can easily find all of the content from the show.

Here's what Burnie had to say:
"We are excited to have one place on YouTube where our fans can watch all of the past seasons of Red vs. Blue. And now new viewers of the series can binge watch the world's longest running web series anywhere they have a screen.”

The new channel, youtube.com/redvsblue, launches TODAY with a brand new Red vs. Blue PSA! It will soon include all twelve existing seasons of Red vs. Blue, which will be added according to the release schedule below, along with Red vs. Blue bonus videos including Behind-the-Scenes, Interviews, and PSAs.

Red vs. Blue YouTube Channel Release Schedule

Wave 1- RvB: S1 on Friday, 3/6; RvB: S2 on Saturday; 3/7, RvB: S3 on Sunday, 3/8

Wave 2- RvB: S4 on Friday, 3/13; RvB: S5 on Saturday, 3/14; RvB: S6 on Sunday, 3/15

Wave 3- RvB: S7 on Friday, 3/20; RvB: S8 on Saturday, 3/21; RvB: S9 on Sunday, 3/22

Wave 4- RvB: S10 on Friday, 3/27; RvB: S11 on Saturday, 3/28; RvB: S12 on Sunday, 3/29

After catching up with Red vs. Blue: Seasons 1-12 on the new Red vs. Blue YouTube channel, viewers can tune in to RoosterTeeth.com on Wednesday, April 1st for the highly anticipated premiere of Red vs. Blue: Season 13!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Lazer Team Teaser Trailer!Hey there, boys and girls!

Yesterday, Lazer Team backers got the first look at the Lazer Team teaser trailer. We didn’t want to keep you waiting long, so now, everyone can watch it, too! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

You’ll get a sneak peek at some stunts, some explosions, and even some of our very own RT cast in revealing suits (you're welcome). We also announced that the full movie trailer will be premiering at SXSW, on March 16, 2015. Get pumped! You can see a count-down for that on the Lazer Team Movie webpage.

We can’t wait to hear what you think, and share more with you. We are so excited for you to see Lazer Team, and experience the thrill of it all. Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do this without you.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Welcome, FunhausWe just welcomed a whole team of brodudes to the Rooster Teeth family! Funhaus! Read Burnie's journal for info, subscribe to the channel, and all that jazz.

On a completely unrelated note, the office started to smell like B.O. and cheetos minutes after the announcement went live.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Monty OumOn February 1st, 2015, we lost our friend Monty Oum.

I'll keep this brief, because it's difficult to find the words right now.

I first met Monty at PAX East 2010. I was sitting in the Rooster Teeth panel, watching an unreleased episode of RvB, when all of a sudden, a warthog smashed through a wall. Everyone in the audience freaked out, and it took me a second to think, "wait a minute... you can't do that in Halo!" That is when Burnie introduced the audience and everyone watching at home to Mr. Monty Oum. Safe to say, he changed Red vs. Blue, and Rooster Teeth, forever.

Getting to truly know Monty will remain one of the biggest honors of my life. He was the kind of guy who was quiet at first, but once you got him started on something, it was hard to get him to shut up. I remember sitting with him by his desk at our old studio, where he wanted to tell me all about RWBY. We were there for over 3 hours, and there was still so much he had to tell me.

A lot of people at Rooster Teeth got to know Monty during long, late-night talks. As busy as he was, he was never too busy for his friends or his family.

His work and his passion lives on in all of us, in his wife Sheena, his family, and in all of you. We hope you will join us in continuing to create and inspire, just as Monty would do. Let's make him proud.

You'll never leave us Monty. You're in our hearts forever. We love you.

Rest peacefully, buddy.
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Barbara Cast & Crew
PAX SouthLong overdue, but thank you to all the awesome people who came to see us at PAX South last weekend - you were all so wonderful. <3
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