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Project Freelancer: The Fallout (Part One "A")


Time has passed; but for Project Freelancer time has not been kind. Agent Carolina, committed suicide. Agent Montana, violating nearly every regulation by having a relationship with Carolina, tried to commit suicide. After stopping Agent Montana's attempt, Agent Washington lay in sickbay, nearly catatonic for reasons unknown. Agent after Agent seemed to be having issues that stemmed from A.I. implantation.

Over the past few months Allison was not acting like herself. She seemed more distant, so removed from the world around her. Every time Leonard tried to stop her, the Counselor would step in, talking about the sessions with her, that stopping her training would be counter productive. He used the word regret almost to much. Leonard had not seen Allison in over a week. He missed her so much. He longed for her, he craved her.

With all that in his mind, Leonard's weekly Research, Development and Training Meeting was going down in a ball of fire.

"Gentlemen," Leonard said, sitting at his desk, looking around at some familiar faces, and a few he did not. The Counselor was sitting off to the side, writing in his little note book. "It seems that we are beating a dead horse. The Counselor has already said that removing the A.I.'s would be more detrimental than leaving them in."

"I understand that, sir," one of the younger R&D staff member said, "However we must think of the over all health of the Agents."

"Couldn't we simply re-implant them into a new crop of Agents?" asked another.

Leonard stood up using his cane at first then threw in frustration. “Listen up people,” he said slamming his hands on the desk. “We’ve already covered the fact that removal of the A.I.’s is not going to happen.”

“In my estimation,❠said a new person, sitting to Leonardâ€s right. “This entire project should be shut down, pending further investigation as to why certain Agents acted the way they did.”

“And just who the hell are you?” Leonard demanded, looking down at him.

“I was sent here by the Oversight Sub-Committee Chairman to-”

“Get the fuck out of my office!” Leonard ordered as he motioned with his head at the door.

“Director, I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation-”

“I said get the fuck out!” Leonard screamed. “That means get up out of your seat and leave this facility, now!”

The unwanted guest reluctantly got up and walked out of Leonardâ€s office. The members of his research department watched with shock and amazement, however that all changed quickly.

“Agent California!❠Leonard called out with rage filled every part of his body.

“Yes, sir,” the dutiful Agent said as he rounded the door opening into Leonardâ€s office.

“Kill that motherfucker! Leonard ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Agent California said pulling out his side arm. He turned and left, charging the weapon at the same time.

“Last time I checked, Dr. Leonard Church was the Director of Project Freelancer,❠Leonard shouted.

A gun shot rang throughout the building.

“Last time I checked,†Leonard continued as most of the people in his office looked at him in horror, “Dr. Leonard Church was in charge around here! I run the show! I don’t answer to a sub-committee!❠Leonard was fuming. He had not felt murderous anger like that in a long time and he had never acted on it. “Everyone get out.” he said dripping with a ridged anger. “Leave that bullshit you call ’findingsâ on my desk and get out.”

Not wanting to see a repeat of the horror they just witnessed everyone in the office left their finding on Leonardâ€s desk and took their leave. As they left, they made sure that they went the opposite direction of the dead body laying in the hall.
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Project Freelancer: The Beginning(Part Six)


Encrypted Personal Log of the Counselor to Project Freelancer

Project Freelancer is finally up and running the way I want it to be. The Director... I hate calling him that... Leonard is none the wiser as to the experiments that will be taking place. He feels that Project Freelancer is his way to do his part with the war effort. He is a fool... a fool that can be easily manipulated. I proved that fact by introducing him to his dead wife today. Leonard is a sad broken man who has hung on to the sick idea that his wife lives on in the program Allison. Granted it was his ingenuity that created the technology to Flash Capture brain patterns and memories. But he is still a fool, right now he thinks that Agent Texas is Allison Church. So sad. I have a plan to make sure that relationship… falls apart.

My little computer technicianâ™s “counseling” sessions have been going famously. He does what I say without question or consequence. A perfect subject, which makes it easy for me to keep all the A.I. the way I want them to be. The Agents will be the same way, too. All their “session are going just as well. Unfortunately, due to his position, they will have to follow Leonardâ€s orders to the letter, too. But that will add to the experiment I am running on him. I know I keep going back to the subject of Leonard but it is good thing and a bad thing that he is in charge, right now. It is bad because if my experiments work, he will get all the praise. Good, because if they fail, he will take the fall. Either way I can still run the experiments as I see fit.

I am in agreement with Leonard to use the first set of A.I’s we’ve harvest and implant them into a small group of Agents. However, I am going to change the A.I. assignments that Leonard wants. Agent Carolina who was not originally slotted for A.I. implantation, will be given two A.I.’s. I’m not sure what will happen, I personally do not think she is capable of handling one, let alone, two A.I.‘s, But can’t get viable data if I don’t try.

Carolinaâ€s second A.I. will come from Agent South Dakota. South has a twin brother in the project Agent North Dakota, and no, their names are not coincidence. Except for being a different sex, they are exact copies of each other. I am curious to see what would happen if one Agent received an A.I. and one did not.

Agent Maine will be getting Sigma. Maine is… he is eccentric, for lack of a better word. Creativity added to Maine would be interesting to say the least. Agent Washington, will get Epsilon. It is my believe that Epsilon is the splintered memories of Alpha. What would a battle hardened Special Forces Soldier do with the horrors like that held by Epsilon? That is the question.

Then that brings me to Allison. My dear, sweet Allison. For a computer program she was easy to control. Again I thank my little computer technician. With a click here, add a few sub-routines there, she becomes the perfect subject. I will pair her with Omega, pure rage. I think Allison holds certain regrets and blame towards Leonard. That will be fascinating to exploit. If everything goes to plan, Leonard will be destroyed, making him putty in my hands.

I am living the dream. I have free reign to do what I want, for the betterment of man kind. One day I will be talked about as a hero, no, no, I will be talked about like a god. Soon I will watch my plan come to fruition.

End Log.
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A ChangeNormally, I would not do this, but thanks to the advice of thijsbos, I have made a minor change to Part Five of Project Freelancer. After some thought, this change will lay perfectly into a future story I am currently writing. Hopefully it will be major and that everyone picks up on it. It works in my head at least.

Thanks again thijsbos for your candor.
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Project Freelancer: The Beginning(Part Five)


'NOOOOOOOOO!" Alpha pleaded. "Please! Stop!" Leonard wished he had ear plugs in at that moment. It was not natural to hear his younger voice begging for mercy. He was looking down from the observation deck of the Counselor's "integration" room. Below, the Counselor had the Alpha strapped to a surgical table. Off to the side sat an computer technician monitoring Alpha’s sub-routines looking for the splinter so it could be isolated as quickly as possible.

The Alpha, much like Allison, was in a robot body now. A horrified body. Alpha had all the features of a male human being. Leonard could tell that he would pass for a real person because of the tears that streaked down Alpha’s face. Sitting up in the observation deck, watching the atrocities being inflicted on an innocent gave Leonard a sour feeling in the pit of his stomach. But as the Counselor had said before, it was necessary for the betterment of the project.

"Just relax, Alpha," the Counselor said, calmly, walking around the table. "This will only take a minute longer.” He was walking with his hands behind his back looking down at Alpha. The Counselor knew that Alpha was at the critical state of splintering. Hopefully in a few moments he would have the twenty-fourth A.I.

“Go fuck yourself!” Alpha retorted, spitting at the Counselor. He tried struggling harder but found that it was just as futile as it was begging for the Counselor to stop. Rage was starting to take over. Rage would save him, it would have to.

“Now that is counter productive, Alpha,” Luckily, Alpha had missed the Counselor. “You know you are forcing me to hurt you more. This is all your fault.” He pressed a button and Alpha began to shake violently. Shouts of pain and anguish spewed from him, causing Leonard to shut his eyes again.

When he released the button, Alpha started taking deep breaths. His lips were curled as he tracked the Counselor with a crazed, murderous glare.

“When I get out of here,” Alpha said to the Counselor, “I am going to gut you like a fish and crucify you with your own entrails. Then I am going to wear your still beating heart around my neck as a souvenir.”

“We have it, Counselor,❠the computer technician finally said.

“Good,” the Counselor said. “Welcome to Project Freelancer, Omega.”

The technician isolated the Omega sub-routine and shut it down. Leonard, with the aid of his new cane stood up, nodding at the Counselor, and slowly limped his way out of the observation deck. The Counselor looked down at Alpha again, who looked like he was sleeping.

“Do you want me to start the cleaning process of Omega, sir?” the technician asked. “Or will you be doing it yourself?”

“Like all the A.I. we have harvested,❠the Counselor answered, “I will handle it personally. Clean up, Alpha. Make sure to erase his memories of today and put him back in storage.â€

“Yes, sir,” the technician said as he began to let his fingers dance across the keyboard, quickly accomplishing his tasks.


Leonard walked into his office to see Allison sitting in one of the chairs. He froze. This was the first time he would be alone with her. Much like when she was a program, she was wearing a dress military uniform that accented her feminine features. You can do this, old man, Leonard thought to himself.

“Hello, he said as he walked in, “Agent Texas.”

Allison stood up to look at him. “I am still Allison, Leonard.â€

“I know, I just wanted to call you by your project codename.”

“Nevada?” She smiled.

“I found that to be rather funny, my love,” Leonard smiled back. He had walked in far enough for the door to close behind him.

“You know, Leonard,†Allison said with a raised eyebrow and a gleam in her eye, “this body works just like every other female body.”



Allison had left a few hours ago and Leonard was reviewing the raw data collected from that day’s training. With the procurement of a new A.I. and the results given by his hand picked Agents, Leonard knew that Project Freelancer would succeed. It had too.

Then there was a knock.

“Now, my dear, I thought I told you I would see you tomorrow,” Leonard said as the door opened.

“Well, Director,” the Counselor said as he walked in. “I didn’t know you cared.”

Leonard chuckled. “No, Counselor I don’t. As per usual, Leonard reached into his desk, pulled out a glass and poured a single malt for his guest.

“Project Freelancer,❠the Counselor said, taking his usual seat, “is off and running.â€

“Tell me something I don’t know, Counselor,❠Leonard said with a smile, pouring himself a drink.

“To you, Director,” the Counselor said raising his glass.

“To Project Freelancer,❠Leonard responded raising his glass to meet the Counselor’s. Both men drank their glasses.

“What did you think of my little gifts, Director?” the Counselor asked.

“You could have given me warning that I was going to see my dead wife, Counselor.â

“Really, and how did that make you feel, Director?” The Counselor asked, covertly pulling out his note pad to take notes.
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Adam The Prophet's Fan Fic IndexJust Click on a Pic and be Whisked Away to a Fic.
(cheesy, i know, but still funny)


Suggested reading, simply because MissZahrah is that damn cool.
Also, if you like awesomeness, Alaska by Red_Uncle, is dripping with it.
If you like a more light hearted Fan Fiction, AnimalCops stories are the way to go. But know that she writes "Slash Fiction"
If you are interested in what happened to Tucker, Halo: Under the Sand by Caboose453 is the place to go.
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Project Freelancer: The Beginning(Part Four)

Part Three

Leonard sat at his desk, reviewing the research data collected by the Counselor from his training scenario ran from the previous night. The ten inch Allison stood on his desk with her hands behind her back, looking at him with optimism. The Counselor sat in his usual seat, smoking a cigar, having a glass of single malt.

“So, you see Director,” the Counselor said, “having Allison paired with an A.I. is completely harmless to her and the A.I.”

“Leonard Allison said, “plus you stop it at anytime if you feel it’s going wrong.”

Leonard did not say anything. There was nothing to say. The Counselor had backed up is convincing argument with positive data, though, Leonard still had his apprehensions. He did tell Allison that she could be an Agent within the project.

"Welcome to Project Freelancer, Agent Texas."

Allison glowed brighter as Leonard spoke. She knew she would be the best Agent within the organization. " I won't let you down, Leonard," Allison said with glee.

"Computer," the Counselor said, "Transfer Allison to robot, codename Tex." The computer chimed in compliance and Allison disappeared. "Well Director," the Counselor continued while getting up from his seat, "all the Agents are down in the Training Room getting acquainted."

"Alright, Counselor," Leonard said, "I'd better get down there to talk to them, before the training begins."

"Before you do," the Counselor said reaching behind his chair. "In commemoration of your new appointment I have gotten you a few, items, to say congratulations."

"You didn't have to," Leonard said.

Before he could finish, the Counselor had a long cylindrical gift wrapped present sitting on Leonard's desk. Leonard picked it up and examined it before opening the gift. The Counselor had given Leonard a rather expensive cane. The handle resembled the M6D pistol. The shaft was coming down out of the barrel which was made from a light weight, composite carbon steel with a black onyx pattern.

"Thank you, Counselor," Leonard said, "But I don't think-"

"Don't think for a second, Director," the Counselor interrupted, "that people will view you differently because you are using cane. You have an injury that, in my mind, requires that you can benefit from one."

Leonard struggled to get up from his chair. He then took a step using his new cane and then another. It felt uncomfortable using it. He knew it would take some getting use to, but he did like the way the handle felt in his hand.

"It looks good on you, Director," the Counselor said. "I have another gift, too. Since Allison will be working with the Agents now I figured that you needed some company here in your office."


"Computer, command, on-line."

On Leonard's desk a glowing blue, ten inch figure appeared. It was dressed in the standard issue Freelancer Armor, which closely resembled the Spartan Armor. "A.I. program Beta, reporting for duty, Director Church."

"It seems fitting that the Director of Project Freelancer receives the first A.I. created from Alpha," the Counselor said.

Leonard was speechless. He still was getting use to being called Director, now he had a new program to break in. This was so much to take in at one time.

The Counselor smiled at Leonard raising his glass, "To you, Director." He finished his drink, placed the glass on Leonard's desk and turned to walk out of the office. "I'll see you in the training room, Director."

Leonard was still speechless.


Leonard limped his way into the Training Room. He found the Counselor’s gift to be a surprisingly good asset. Standing in the middle of the enormous room were all of his Agents, all of which were hand picked by Leonard, himself. They were all wearing their chosen armor with their helmets off, as they all talked to one another.

“Gather around, Agents,” Leonard called out. “Today marks a new day in history,†he kept talking as all the Agents circled around him. “You few will turn the tide of this war in our favor. You will bring victory to our planet, with bringing death and destruction to the Covenant!” All the Agents began cheering with approval. Leonard wait a few seconds for the cheering to quiet down. "Remember, today also begins your training. This training is designed to be challenging, testing you both physically and mentally. Based on how you do during the training, will determine which A.I. is assigned to you. Good luck, Ladies and Gentlemen and I look forward to working with all of you."

"Excuse me, Director," the Counselor said. Everyone turned to see the Counselor walking up, next to another Agent. This Agent's armor was no different in anyway to the others in the project, except it was jet steel black. "Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to the forty-ninth member of Project Freelancer. Her name is Allison Nevada or Agent Texas."

As they the Counselor talked, Allison started to take her helmet off. Leonard wanted to tell her not to, but was stopped by sheer surprise. Once her helmet was off, Leonard was staring at a human face. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, her crystal blue eyes looked into Leonard's. Her smile, that small, little smile was directed at Leonard and Leonard alone.

"Alli," Leonard whispered to himself in disbelief. He was looking at Allison Church. Leonard was looking at his wife. He shuttered, shaking his head slightly and looked again. His wife was walking up to meet him.
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Project Freelancer: The Beginning(Part Three)

Part Two: The Seduction

“Absolutely not,” Leonard exclaimed, throwing down his dinner fork. The argument had been on going for nearly thirty minutes. “You will not be apart of the project in that manner, and that is final.”

“Leonard, this is something I know I can do!” Allisonâ€s voice was loud with frustration. “I want to do more than just process data.” She kept going back to wanting more. Leonard knew this was completely out of character for her. Allison was always content with aiding him in the office and at home.

“But, that was why you were created,†Leonard finally countered.

“I thought I was created so you can hang on to the memory of your wife. I am a Flash Capture of her, remember? She was a soldier and she died serving, she died in your arms while you couldn’t even walk to a firing-”

“Program override, off-line!” Leonard screamed. He could not take any more. Why was Allison acting this way? She had never attacked him in that manner before. Leonard knew that she was not his wife and that, although he loved Allison with all his heart, she would never be able to replace his wife.

I want to be an Agent in Project Freelancer. Every fiber of his being knew this was a bad idea. Allison was special to him, he could not let her be an Agent. He would not allow it. The Counselor needed to produce answers and he needed to do it now.

“Computer, get me the Counselor, now!” Leonardâ€s commanding voice was dripping with hatred as he spoke. The computer wired into his house chimed and the image of the Counselor appeared on the wall screen. Leonard lit a cigarette, violating Allisonâ€s rule of smoking in the house.

“Hello, Direct-”

“Shut the fuck up,” Leonard ordered, “and start telling me why Allison is wanting to be an Agent.”

“I see you two have been talking,†the Counselor said in a smooth level, almost happy, voice.

“Less bullshitting and more giving me answers,†Leonard said not backing down, taking another long drag on his cigarette.

“Director, having Allison as an Agent would be extremely productive,❠the Counselor said, his voice still smooth. “Instead of sitting down with an Agent to ask questions we can simply download her memory sub-routines for instant analysis.”

“And how did you come to this hypothesis?❠Leonard asked.

“I had a Simulation Trooper built to hold Allison and an A.I.,” the Counselor said.

Coughing violently, “You,❠Leonard choked, “you built a robot for Allison?â€

“Yes, Director. I did,” the Counselor was still calm. “I inserted Allison and Beta into it and ran a quick training scenario with positive results.â€

“What the fu-”

“I understand that I have probably overstepped my bounds,” the Counselor peacefully interrupted , “the compatibility between the two was astounding. The adjustment period that is necessary with a human host doesn’t exist when the host is a program. Plus with Allison being based on your wife, the same interaction between A.I. and human host is still there.”

Leonard took a deep breath, scratching his head. The Counselor had made a pretty good argument. He still did not like the idea but he was starting to warm up to it. Leonard needed to talk to Allison again. Plus he would review the data when he returned to his office in the morning.

“Counselor,” Leonard said, “before you run anymore of your scenarios, you need to run them past me first.”

“Yes, Director,” the Counselor conceded. “It will not happen again.”

“Why are you calling me Director?”

“My apologies, Director,” the Counselor said. “I though you had already received you appointment orders.”


Dr. Church,

Effecting immediately, you are hereby appointed to the position of Director of Project Freelancer. Your project has been given full autonomy to perform your research as you see fit. However the restriction set in place by the Oversight Sub-Committee is still in affect. You will only report to our offices and our offices only.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the UNSC.

The Counselor read the orders to Leonard, while he continued to smoke his cigarette. Victory, Leonard thought to himself.

“Congratulations, Director,” the Counselor said. Leonard said nothing for a minute. He had done it. Leonard now had the project he so desperately wanted, that he needed.

“Goodnight, Counselor,❠Leonard finally said, putting out his cigarette. Before the Counselor could respond Leonard had cut the transmission. He was not looking forward to his next decision, but he knew it was the right one to make. He loved his wife, but as of late, he loved this Allison more. He did not want to lose her, but he also wanted her to be happy.

“Allison Leonard said, “on-line.” The ten inch figure of Allison appeared. Her arms were crossed and she was visibly upset.

“You were smoking in the house again,” she said.

“I am sorry my love,” Leonard smiled. “It will not happen again.”

Allisonâ€s face lightened as she smiled. “Iâ€m sorry for saying what I said about Allison Church.”

“You are Allison Church, my love,” Leonard interrupted. “And I have no right to dictate what you do to help the project. If you want to be an Agent, go ahead. I just want you to be happy.”
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Project Freelancer: The Beginning(Part Two: The Seduction)

Part One "A"
Part One "B"
Part Two

It had been a long day for everyone. With Agent Washingtonâ™s interview complete, Leonard was ready to go home. He rose from his desk for the last time that day. At that moment Leonard wished he had two good legs to move around with.

“Allison Leonard asked.

“Yes, Leonard,†she answered.

“Please finish up with the reports and send the appropriate ones to The Chairman,” Leonard said, “Back up everything and send it home, so I can continue working there.”

“Alright, Leonard,†said Allison. “Iâ€ll see you when you get home.”

Leonard started limping to the door, “Counselor, I assume you will let yourself out.”

“Yes, sir,” the Counselor said while making notes on his notepad.

After a few minutes of silence the Counselor finished writing. Leonard was out of the office and Allison was almost finished with her tasks. The Counselor knew that once she was completed, she would transfer herself to Leonardâ€s house.

It has to be now, the Counselor thought to himself.

“So, Allison,†The Counselor said, “What do you think about our little project?â€

“I think it is coming along just fine, Counselor,❠Allison said, turning towards him. “I think Leonardâ€s desk might actually get cleaned by the end of this week.”

“I think you misunderstood me,” he responded. “Do you think Project Freelancer will work?”

“Yes, Counselor, I do,” she said with confidence.

“So, you don’t want more from the Project?â€

“I don’t understand what you are trying to get at, Counselor,❠Allison questioned.

The Counselor got up from the chair he was sitting in, walked over and sat in Leonardâ€s chair. “What are you thoughts on the A.I.’s we are going to use for this Project?†He asked.

“Counselor,” Allison said defensively, “I am not feeling comfortable with the direction this line of questioning is taking. I am not a soldier A.I. I am computer program based on Allison Church, designed as an aid for Dr. Leonard Church, that’s all.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to add more to this project?â€


“Let me tell you a training scenario I have been planning and we can go from there.”
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