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I have too much old computer stuffSo I have a room filled with old computer stuff. Seriously, an entire room. I have something like:

8 ARCNet cards
10 modems of varying speed
8 Ethernet cards of varying speed
15 keyboards
7 mice
4 486DX/2 boards and chips
3 Pentium 90 boards and chips
2 386 boards and chips
6 monitors
2 typewriters
2 printers
a complete Novell Netware package
a V-Server (the world's fist multi-user computer, $80,000 in its day)
an original IBM Portable computer in perfect and working condition
9 computers of unknown speed and quality <= Pentium 90

and that's just what I can remember off-hand. I still have boxes and boxes of stuff to go through after that, and I need to spend a month inventorying what I have. Being a technophile is great, but all that old stuff stacks up. I need to sell it. Anyone need a simple computer setup, or want some old parts for your collection?

In other news, Nat and I went to see Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday. Great movie, but it's inaccurately advertised. It's Spanish with subtitles, and it's more a Spanish revolution movie with fantastic elements than it is high fantasy. Still, it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, and I highly recommend it.
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Valentine's Day Comes Early In CanadaThis weekend Nat and I bought each other clothes as part of our Valentine's gifts to each other. She bought me 3 dress shirts and 3 ties. I bought her lingerie. I think I win.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, today's How To Not Suck article is as close to a Valentine's Day article as you're going to see this year, and it just went up. Sorry for the late release time, I had stuff to do to/for/with the girlfriend this weekend and didn't have time to publish it. HTNS recently passed 20,000 page views. Not bad after 4 1/2 months considering my low advertising budget of $0. I'm relying on word of mouth to get my website out, so if you like what you read there, pass it on! If you don't like it, pass it on anyway because your friends may like it anyway.
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Haha Forums Lawl - Part 3Disclaimer: the contents of this journal are meant for entertainment purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Staff or Moderators of roosterteeth.com. Also, I peed in your breakfast this morning.

You'll have to excuse me this morning, I feel like a drugged camel getting high on methamphetamines. That's because it's time for the third installment of the award winning series "Haha Forums Lawl!" I don't know what award it won, but it's probably a really cool one. This time, Settings.

Go ahead and click the Settings link in the menu. Go on, do it. You'll see a screen that doesn't look like anything else on the site. It's used to customize your experience here. There are a handful of options, which I will explain for you.

1. Private Messages. The question is who do you want to be able to communicate with you? You can accept messages from everyone or just your friends. Everyone accepts from friends only. After all, what good is talking to people you don't already know you like?

2. Friend Requests. Do you want people to ask you to be their friend? You've already turned off their ability to talk to you, so you don't know if you like them. Letting them ask you for friendship is thus stupid. Turn this off.

3. Online Status. Should people be able to see when you're online? You already don't want them talking to you, so letting them know you're available is just cruel. Leave your online status showing, so you can taunt them. If they slit their wrists in depression, you win.

4. Filter Level. At what point don't you want to see comments? This works on how things have been modded up or down by users. If they're below what you select here, you won't see them. Set this to +5 so you only see really cool stuff.

5. Email Notification. Do you want the site to contact you by email when someone talks to you on the site? It'll only be your friends, because you've already turned off random people from being able to talk to you, so put this to Always. Even if you're already online, it's nice to have a record of when someone talked to you. Plus you can probably use it in court if you sue them for some reason.

6. Time Zone. Where do you live? Australia rocks, so set it to GMT +10.

7. Change Password. Experts say you should change your passwords at least once a month. That's a pile of crap, because nobody will ever guess you're using your name as your password. You can ignore this.

8. Change Email. This you should change at least once a day, as someone could easily hack in to your email account and steal your account password. You should have no less than 83 different email addresses set up, each with a unique password, and rotate through them randomly. For security, you understand.

9. Remove Account. What are you, a pussy?

And that's that. Can I go back to sleep now?
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Haha Forums Lawl - Part 2Disclaimer: the contents of this journal are meant for entertainment purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Staff or Moderators of roosterteeth.com. Plus you're probably ugly.

It's really cold outside, and that can only mean one of several things. I randomly choose... dissecting The Most Online List for the second installment of "Haha Forums Lawl."

If you click in to the Community Stats and scroll to the bottom, and then scroll up a bit, you'll notice the second item from the bottom is a list of the 12 people who have spent the most time online. If you click on any of those users, you'll be able to see just how much time they really have spent on the site by looking at the row just above their probably empty award list. Right now the 12th highest online time is over 260 days.

At this point, everyone on that list got there by using an auto-refresher to keep their window active. The site guages online time by keeping track of when you were last active, and the time you were active before that, so refreshing pages keeps the numbers close enough together that you aren't considered to be logged out, even though you're in a different Country.

My favourite user on that list is Amakaru, who claims to have spent 21 hours a day on this site since signing up just over a year ago, all while amassing an impressive gamerscore of more than 51000. If that's not honesty, I don't know what is.

Now, let's look at this another way. Time you spend on this site is time you're not spending elsewhere, like working, out with friends, with your mate of ambiguous gender, exercising, eating, sleeping, masturbating five times a week because you think there's no camera in the toilet, anything else. Instead, you're spending that time online, on a single website. You know what I call that?


Seriously, is there anything more retarded than going out of your way to look like you have no life? That particular list should be renamed to "Users With No Social Life."

And so ends Part 2. What will Part 3 bring? You'll just have to use an auto-refresher to find out.
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Haha Forums Lawl - Part 1Disclaimer: the contents of this journal are meant for entertainment purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Staff or Moderators of roosterteeth.com. They're totally accurate though.

Welcome to the first installment of my umpteen part series "Haha Forums Lawl," where I'll be dissecting individual pieces of the forum in amounts of detail that would threaten to put most people in the hospital. Up first: The Most Modded List.

If you click in to the Community Stats you'll undoubtedly notice the first set of users is the 12 (or so) Most Modded users in the past week. It seems the code keeps track of who modded whom when, in order to put together this exciting new list every day which is absolutely current (as of 7:00AM EST).

So what does it mean to be on this list? Well, odds are if you're on this list, you've either made a bunch of fake accounts to mod you up, traded mod points with someone else to boost you both, or started sponsoring people in exchange for mod points. Nobody actually earns their mod points any more; that's so out of fashion. Now the way to true success is to cheat for mod points!

In reality, the Most Modded list is nothing more than a tool for Moderators to see who's been naughty, like Santa Claus. That bastard's always sticking his big fat nose where it doesn't belong, and one of these days I'm gonna tear it off and feed it to him in a vegetable stir-fry. Bastard.

So the first part of the Community Stats is really a report card for how well the mod cheaters are doing compared to each other. I've heard rumours of another type of user who gets on the Most Modded list by contributing to the site in a positive way, but I don't believe in such myths, like unicorns. Worst game of leap-frog ever.

And so ends Part 1. I don't know how many parts there will be, but the next one will come eventually.
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InterludeWe have a new website for RvBTO. It's now the new and snazzy www.rvbto.ca - I'm no longer responsible for maintaining and updating the website, so anyone who was turning to me for website updates will now have to actually watch the site instead. Just for my own curiosity, and I'm not looking for you to blindly suck up to me, which layout do you prefer?

Speaking of RvBTO, if you purchased a ticket early, you are now just another person who purchased a ticket. Turns out the event is $10 online or $12 at the door again, so the price is the same and the purchase is a purchase. We should give you guys an early-bird prize or something. You can also use the new website to make a donation to RvBTO. If we reach $2500 I may or may not shave my head and videotape it and put the videos online again.

I went to Wal*Mart after work today looking for some longjohns. 40 pairs, not a single one smaller than XL. Fucking Wal*Mart.

Finally, as promised the new installment on HowToNotSuck went up this morning, about 12 hours ago actually. It's about people who have no idea how to drive in winter, and it even includes a fancy little pie chart that manages to not make fun of anyone directly. I'm very impressed with it.

Now I'm going to work out, and when I'm done and showered I'll write the first part of my website dissection.
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I am either very brave or very stupidI just got back from our first RvBTO production meeting. I got to take public transit from Toronto to an intersection about a 15 minute walk from my house. Current weather conditions:

Temp: -17C (1F)
Wind Chill: -30C (-22F)
Wind Chill warning in effect

Now, walking through temperatures like this is trivial if you're bundled up properly. I wrote an article on HowToNotSuck about this at one point, and I follow my own advise to the extent that I can: dress to the weather. My cold weather clothes include a t-shirt, a pullover sweater, a fleece zipper hoodie, and a gargantuan Suede winter coat. A thick toque goes under the hood of my hoodie, one scarf goes around my neck inside the coat to trap the heat, a second scarf gets wrapped around my head and face to protect my nose and cheeks, and I make fists in my heavy winter gloves to keep my fingers warm.

Unfortunately, I don't own a pair of thermal underwear. Somehow, a single pair of jeans doesn't seem to do a very good job of keeping the legs warm in such conditions. It's been a looong time since I had to walk any kind of distance in such weather before, so I just don't own any long johns. After 15 minutes my thighs and hamstrings were in physical pain from the cold (but still functional), and when I took a look at them they were distinctly red. Now I'm wearing warm pants and waiting for my legs to warm up.

Speaking of HowToNotSuck, a new article goes up in the morning. It's about winter in some way, appropriately enough... I won't spoil it for you. Now I'm off to pour some hot chocolate on my legs.
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2 reasons I rule1) I made a kickass picture saying Becca should be staff. Feel free to use it.

2) On Thursday I had this conversation with my girlfriend:
Me: I just took a solid dump of massive proportions. I honestly expected the toilet to not flush properly. I didn't know things that wide could come from that hole of mine.

Nat: that's gross.

Me: Yup. If only there was a working air freshener in the office :D

Nat: oh h*ll...

Me: Yep. It smells like turnips. ...I don't know if that's true or not, but it's a fun thing to claim. "My poop smells like turnips. How 'bout yours?"

Nat: blah! sick.

Me: So, ready for lunch? :P
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