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My current addictionPsychopath

Short version: get from point a to point b.

Long version: this is a puzzle game done in Flash which some people have literally spent years trying to solve. It has 71 levels. I started last night and am about to start a very daunting level 53. Apparently level 54 is the hardest in the game. I'm really good at this type of game though, so it probably won't stump me for more than an hour or two.

Edit: new How to Not Suck article later tonight

Edit 2: new article is up. No promises that future articles will be announced here, so you should probably just make a point of visiting the site every so often to see what's new. I'll try to make sure there's at least 1 new article per week.
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Jerk to me, jerk to youNo, this is not a masturbation journal, you sick bastards. Get your heads out of the gutter.

Yesterday I went to one of the many places near my work that serve breakfast. This one has their breakfast for $2.99. In Ontario, restaurant food purchases less than $4 only have GST applied to them, and several months ago (I don't remember exactly when... July 1st I think) the GST went down from 7% to 6%. That means any $2.99 purchase went down from $3.20 after tax to $3.17 after tax. I ordered my breakfast and went to pay, and the total came up to $3.20. So I said "Actually it's only $3.17, the GST went down to 6%." The woman behind the register said "Not here."

...Not here? GST is universal across the country: it's 6% everywhere, not 6% except for breakfast in Toronto. I said so, and she quickly gave me two pennies (not three). Now, I don't care about the pennies, but I have a thing about prices not being the same as advertised, and the advertised price for $2.99 + GST is $3.17, not $3.20. It's only 3 cents though, and it's a very inexpensive breakfast, so I shrugged it off.

I sat down to read my book to pass the time until my meal was ready (I'm currently reading Big Trouble by Dave Barry. The movie was almost scene-for-scene the same as the book, minus one character whose lines were given to the male cop). I was called for my food, and discovered three things I didn't like: it didn't come with cutlery or napkins, it didn't have coffee (note: the place is a coffee shop), and rather than home fries it came with french fries. Who the hell wants french fries at 8:30 in the morning?

So I found out where to get cutlery and napkins, ate my breakfast, left, and promptly reported them to the government for tax fraud. If the breakfast had been any kind of reasonable I would have left it alone, but the combination of a poor meal, an arrogant employee, and overcharging GST makes me do weird things like report people breaking the law. When they lose their license to operate a restaurant I'll let you all know.
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New articlePosted about 10 minutes ago

In other news, it's amazing how much muscular endurance is lost from not working out for a month. And now I'm going directly to a regimen of 6 days a week. My body is going to murder me.

In other other news, sometimes my friend list is funny. Within the last few days I've had one person leave my list, only to be replaced by a cute Aussie girl. I'd like to say I'll miss you, but your replacement is a little easy on the eyes...
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Negative suckageNew article going up tonight, probably in about 9 hours. Will automatically be updated on the front page when it does.

In other news, someone doesn't know how to use the site properly. I know this because the site told me so. Was it you?
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It's good to be CanadianCanadian = no work today because of Thanksgiving, huge turkey dinner on Saturday, huge turkey dinner tonight.

In other news, yesterday I verbally teed off at some old Indian woman who thought it was okay to smoke inside an enclosed staircase with no smoking signs all around it. Then I called out security to go get her. If I hadn't been taking my girlfriend to a movie at the time, that Indian woman would have left that staircase scared for her fucking life. Be sure there will many bile-filled articles about inconsiderate smokers on How To Not Suck in the future, you can depend on that.
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A Big AnnouncementLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and the rest of you... the time has come for a huge announcement! Yes, this is the announcement you've all been waiting for breathlessly for ...well, a little less than a week I guess. Without further preamble, I give you my newest website ever!

The site will be updated regularly with new content, so keep checking back! And tell all your friends! And then kidnap them and tell their friends! This site will save their lives.

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Fun with pokerBefore anyone jumps the gun, no this is not the big announcement. It's just something funny I did just now in a game on PokerStars.

I entered a 10 player game, and by the time we got down to 3 players I had a commanding chip lead. The guy to my left was the small stack, and the guy to my right had about half the chips I had. My hand quality went south for a bit, and I fell to about even with the guy on my right, but the guy on my left just couldn't catch a break and stayed about where he was the whole time.

My hand quality started going up again, and I was staring at what I knew to be a winning hand. I had about 7,000 chips, and the guy to my left (who was the only other player in on this hand) had about 400. Just for the sheer amusement factor I bet 397, and he called and lost the hand, putting him at 3 chips. Blinds were 50 and 100, so if he bets he's all in for the rest of the game.

On the next hand my hand was crap and I folded my small blind, and our hero with 3 chips won with the better hand - up to 9 chips. The following hand everyone pushed all in. I took out the middle guy, but our hero had the overall best hand, tripling his chip stack again up to 27. I won on the next hand, and the poor guy with 3 chips ended up taking second.

And that's how I saved Christmas.
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An important announcementI interrupt my normal journal broadcasts (such as they are) with an important announcement:


Look for something very cool, very soon. This is not anything I've already talked about anywhere, it is an entirely new idea I happen to be working on at this very moment... or at least as I type this announcement. So I guess this announcement is really here to say "Watch for a special announcement soon!"

That is all.
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