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Small HowToNotSuck faceliftIf you were browsing my site last night, you may have noticed some brief display anomolies. I updated the code behind the site to clean up the HTML and add a whole bunch of <meta> and <link> tags in the headers, including the ever-common keywords and description tags. I also added a link to the Contact Me section at the bottom of every page, for people who want to provide feedback about what they just read.

New article goes up next Monday. Link
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Improving MyselfRemember about a month ago when I decided my teeth were a problem, and to fix them by getting braces? Well, I've gone and done it again. I don't mean I had them put on a second set of braces on top of the first set: that would be ridiculous. I mean that, as with my teeth, I have identified a problem in my life and taken charge of it.

Most people in this world will spend their lives trading hours for dollars. Money is made by waking up, getting dressed, heading to the jay-oh-be, and receiving money in exchange for time spent working on things that are probably ultimately inconsequential. 8 hours working + 1 hour travel to work + 1 hour travel to home = $some.

That's an okay proposition when you're stepping out in to the world, but ultimately it doesn't really go anywhere. There are only so many hours in the day, and there is only one you, so trading your time for their money is a losing proposition in the longrun; you'll just run out of money later when you can no longer afford the time to get it back. More importantly, if you are unable to spend time, you are unable to earn money.

A much better way to make money is to set things up so that you make money whether you personally invest time or not. There are lots of ways to do this: start a company and leverage other people's time; create something that people want; save enough money that the interest is enough to live on. There's just one problem with all of that: it takes time!

You can't set yourself up to buy this kind of freedom unless you have time to spend developing it. That's where my problem is: I have tons of ideas of how to create alternate streams of revenue and free myself from the jay-oh-be, but I don't have the time to make it happen. And why don't I have the time? Because when I get home from work, the first thing i do is deposit myself in front of the T.V. to spend my valuable time watching others work.

I practice what I preach, and I preach changing things when they're not working, and watching all that T.V. isn't working for me. The time has come for me to stop wasting all my free(dom) time being idle, and to start spending it furthering my pursuit of freedom. Here's the list of after-work shows I used to watch on a regular basis:

24, Lost, CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order CI, Medium, Jericho, Criminal Minds, ER, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Heroes, House

And here's what it's going to be now:

24 (when it's back on), Lost (when it's back on new episodes), Heroes (when it's back on new episodes), NCIS, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, House, Criminal Minds. That's down from 16 hours a week to 8, only 5 of which are going to be relevant until the new year because shows are in reruns or off the air. What am I going to do with all my free time?

The things I want to do.

In other news, a new article went up on about half an hour ago.
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I have the answer!I have figured out the ultimate answer to any question anyone will ever ask you. It is the all-time perfect answer, and suitable for any question, anywhere, at any time. What is this ultimate answer, you may ask?

...can't say.
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How To Not Suck - new articleWith only a slight delay, the new article is up. This week's article is a continuation of last week's, so make sure you read that one before you read this one.
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Two reasons to hate having a cold1) Unable to write new article for
2) Neo Citran tastes like shit. Seriously, avoid drinking this at all costs. It's supposed to be a drowsy medication (that's what DM means ), but I don't feel tired at all because the taste is so revolting. Remember that time you tasted something and it was the worst tasting thing you'd ever had? Pretend that tasted good, and then Neo Citran is twice that bad again. I never thought I'd be brushing my teeth for medicinal purposes, but if I don't go do it right now I'm going to vomit. I mean, if it lived up to relieving at least one advertised symptom it might be bearable, but this... go fuck yourself, makers of Neo Citran.
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Productivity this weekendWhat I was planning to do:
Record audio for a video game
Catch up on my RvB transcripts
Update other parts of Rooster Tooths
Cut my hair
Clean the house
Update a website for work
Write a bunch of HowToNotSuck articles

What I actually did:
Record audio for a video game
Cut my hair
Spend all day on Saturday watching movies and trying to recouperate
Spend 5 hours on Sunday doing 2 hours of work
Watch a lot of T.V.

Colds suck.
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Being sick sucksI have a cold right now. My symptoms are a sticky throat, stuffed nose, general malaise and depression. Those last two really amount to just feeling generally bad all over and unmotivated. Yesterday I was supposed to be catching up on all kinds of stuff I'd let slide in the past two months (like RvB transcripts), but I ended up watching movies trying to not be sick any more instead.

At least I'm still eating real food.
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