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DiMono Site Admin
DiMono Site Admin
Productivity this weekendWhat I was planning to do:
Record audio for a video game
Catch up on my RvB transcripts
Update other parts of Rooster Tooths
Cut my hair
Clean the house
Update a website for work
Write a bunch of HowToNotSuck articles

What I actually did:
Record audio for a video game
Cut my hair
Spend all day on Saturday watching movies and trying to recouperate
Spend 5 hours on Sunday doing 2 hours of work
Watch a lot of T.V.

Colds suck.
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Being sick sucksI have a cold right now. My symptoms are a sticky throat, stuffed nose, general malaise and depression. Those last two really amount to just feeling generally bad all over and unmotivated. Yesterday I was supposed to be catching up on all kinds of stuff I'd let slide in the past two months (like RvB transcripts), but I ended up watching movies trying to not be sick any more instead.

At least I'm still eating real food.
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Mod point giveaway is overI feel almost 545 mod points lighter now.

The criteria:

5 for commenting within 24 hours (pre-requisite for the rest of the criteria)
5 for being on my friend list
5 for making me chuckle or impressing me or pointing out a missing youtube video
5 for having female breasts

...I'm so fickle. I'm also down to 75 mod points. Everyone here has until the end of November to make a machinima video that uses nothing but complete lines from my favourite new website and the one that makes me laugh the most wins all 75.

Edit: Please post all submissions in this thread topic
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Too many mod pointsAlright, the rules are simple: Anyone who convinces me they deserve some, gets some. Anyone who breaks the site rules in the process won't get to enjoy them very long.

Ready? GO!
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New HowToNotSuck articleIn this edition: people with no sense of humour.

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A minor delayIt turns out level 71 of Psychopath is quite addicting. I'm currently two moves off, but the level is designed so that there are at least two ways to be 2 moves away, over 10 to be 4 moves off, and literally hundreds to be 6 off. I don't even know if my two moves off method is the right one to get me through. I meant to put up the next How To Not Suck article about 4 hours ago, but I foolishly started in on Psychopath and now it's 3 in the morning and I need to claim what I can of sleep before going to work tomorrow. If you were looking for it earlier, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a few more hours. I'll try to post it within the next six, after pretending to sleep and heading in to work.
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Are you psycho?I'm currently on level 70 of 71 in Psychopath. I know what I need to do, I just can't see a way to do it. The last level is called "Whiteboy" so since that pretty much describes me, I guess I should be able to solve it. Edit: I'm now on the last level, and it frightens me. I'll uh... I'll deal with it later.

Remember to look for a new article tomorrow!
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Fuck specialopspaintball.comIn December, someone used my email address to sign up for an account on Their name is Frank Carl, they're 38 years old and they live in Myerstown Pennsylvania. I've been receiving paintball game locator emails from them. A couple weeks ago I got tired of it and went looking for a way to delete the account.


So I went looking for a way to unsubscribe from the mailers.


So I contacted and asked them to remove the account, and to prove I was the person with access to the account I provided the username and password. They sent a reply that contained the username and password. Whoopdy shit, I already had that information. I replied and said something to the tune of "PLEASE DELETE THIS ACCOUNT."

After no response for days, I received another mailer from them. So I contacted AND and asked them to remove the account. After all, if my name is Frank Carl I'm NOT going to have as my primary domain. ...actually, I haven't updated that website in months. Maybe I should publish all these emails on there.

This morning I logged in to my email and found another mailer, and decided my entertainment would be at their expense. I signed in to the account and changed every piece of information I could to FUCK YOU or DELETE MY ACCOUNT or a fascinating combination of the two. I changed the email address to FUCKYOU@FUCKYOU.COM. If anyone wants to sign in and find a way to wreak havoc, the password is 5555. Please don't change the email address or password, as that would prevent other people from logging in and having fun.

If anyone here knows who Frank Carl is, please beat him to death with a tire iron.

...what I actually mean by "beat him to death with a tire iron" is "tell him signing other people up for accounts isn't funny," since I'm not allowed to promote violence on people as it is against the Terms of Use and I'm supposed to be setting the example, what with me being a moderator and all.

I also don't endorse spamming the two email addresses above, nor do I endorse registering as many useless accounts as possible on their site in protest of them not allowing me to remove the one that used my email address. Finally, I don't suggest you run a WHOIS search on specialopspaintball and pepper the admin phone number with calls demanding the account be removed. I don't suggest you do any of those things.
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