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DiMono Site Admin
How to do a very good RvBTO related deedSo there's this friend of mine in Australia named Stacey who really really really wants to come to RvBTO, but a return plane ticket costs about $3,000. She's a rabid fan, a really happy optimistic person, and an all-around cutie, and it would be a shame for her not to make it up for the second year in a row.

As such, I am currently accepting donations to try to purchase her a plane ticket. If you want to help out and do a really good deed, just follow this link and click the button. She's told me everyone who donates $100 or more gets a great big hug, and everyone who donates $500 or more gets a kiss. We're also trying to work out something she can give all donors as a token of appreciation, since every little bit helps. I do believe taking all donors out to get drunk was mentioned at one point. If you donate and post that you've done so, I'm sure she'll give you some mod points.

Now some legalese:

- If not enough money is raised, all money sent from a paypal account will be returned from whence it came. That means if you donate $500 and we don't raise enough, you get all $500 back. I will swallow any paypal fees related to this. If you don't want your money back, it will go to the RvBTO coffers to help fund the event. Please only use paypal to donate, as refunding credit cards directly is a pain in the ass (largely because I've never done it and don't know what's involved).
- If too much money is raised, the overflow will go directly to the RvBTO coffers to help fund the event.
- This is NOT an official RvBTO fundraiser. I am doing this on my own for my friend without consulting any other member of the RvBTO planning committee.
- This is entirely not for profit. If the amount of money raised is close enough, I'll cover the difference.

Edit: If you want to help but can't afford to donate any money, please spread the word and the link to others.
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No, I won't be made STAFFSome of you may recall a while ago I put up an image saying Becca should be made STAFF because she does the voice of Sister. I ended up haivng a conversation with Geoff in PM about it. He told me Becca wasn't going to be made STAFF because that position is held back for people who actually work in the office. Becca contributes a voice, but doesn't meet the office criteria, and so wouldn't be made STAFF. Since Gavino will be going back to England at some point, I wouldn't be surprised to see his STAFF ranking vanish at some point. As such, unless I move to Buda and shack up with Burns, and start mopping floors in the office, I'm not going to be made STAFF.

"But wait," I hear you cry: "Kathleen and Joel and Dan just do voices, and they're STAFF!" That's right. When the new site went live, STAFF had a broader meaning that basically meant anyone working on the show was STAFF. As the amount of people contributing to the company and show grew, the meaning of the STAFF ranking evolved to be more stringent.

So how are they dealing with this in the future? Let me tell you something about the next version of the site. This is first-hand knowledge, folks. For the next version of the site, rather than one broad STAFF title, there will be Admin, Cast, and Crew. Admin will be the people in the office, Cast will be the people doing voices, and Crew will be the people who contribute in some other way, like Nico doing music. I'm not sure where Luke will fit. Probably on Jason's lap, based on today's comic.

So there you have it folks, the very first nugget of information on the next version of this website. It's good to be the tester.
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Gavino is staff? That's crazy talk!No really, the guy's English. He talks funny. Nice bloke though, eh chap?

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Something I highly recommendDo everything in your power to get done each day the things you say you will get done. It makes you look good to those whom you promised, and it makes you feel good to accomplish your goals, as well as helping clear your plate for tomorrow so you're not playing catch-up. Tonight after work I did my laundry, mended a small hole in the crotch of my shorts before it could become noticable (sorry ladies), finished layout demos for both the sites I'm actively working on, and put both demos up on the internet in various hidden-away places for appropriate people to look at. Now I'm going to bed before midnight, knowing I have nothing on my plate for after work tomorrow other than my workout. It's a good feeling.
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My answers
When you're gone, who will remember you?
At this point, my immediate family, my coworkers, and a few hundred people on various websites.
Who should? What do you want them to remember?
I want to be remembered by as many people as possible, for having been an enduring force of good in the world. I want to have my stories published, my scripts produced, my music heard and my websites visited. I want people I've never met to look back on my life and say "That man helped me through a hard time. I am changed for the better because of him." I want people I've never met to look back on my life and say "It saddens me that he is gone. The world is a worse place for his absense." And I want the people at my funeral not to mourn my passing, but to celebrate my life for all the richness and joy it held for myself and for others.
If you were to die tomorrow, is that what they would remember?
Most assuredly not. The things I want to do, which will bring me to such a memory, I have not had the time to do. I think that at this point in my life, with the things I've done and the things I've not done, I would be remembered as a loving family member by family, as a force for order on a handful of websites, and as a good friend.
What are you going to do about it?
The first step is to clear my plate. I have two websites I'm working on for other people right now, and one for myself that will help others. After that I have continuing development on one of the former two, as well as another one for my family. When those are done, there is one more website I need to make. After all those websites are complete, my time at home can be spent on my writing. I have 16 books and 6 screenplays queued up to write (I counted them). The biggest drawback for me is the lack of a laptop with a solid battery. I would write on the train, but my laptop is old and the battery doesn't hold a charge for any usable amount of time, so instead I use that time to read (which is also important for a writer to do). My next step is to acquire a cheap laptop with a good battery, so I can write on the train. Guess what I just bid for on eBay?

Now here's a new question for you: Why does this matter? There are only two possible outcomes after you're gone: people remember you, or people don't remember you. The people who won't remember you are irrelevant. The rest will remember you for a combination of who you were, what you did, and how you treated them. You have the unique ability to craft and shape their memory of you by doing things and acting in ways that promote the memory you want them to have of you. If you want to be remembered lovingly, all you have to do is demonstrate love to the people you feel it for. If you want to be remembered for helping others, take action and help them. So why does this all matter? Because once you're gone, memories are all that are left of you. They are your legacy, and you continue to exist for as long as that legacy endures. Why not make it a good one?
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The only question that mattersWhen you're gone, who will remember you? Who should? What do you want them to remember? If you were to die tomorrow, is that what they would remember?

Now the question that matters...

What are you going to do about it?
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Who am I?This dude just made an interesting post in my personal comments a few minutes ago:
What's wrong, DiMono? Have you figured out how much your life sucks? Who are you? You're nothing but a lowly moderator on the Red Vs Blue forums. You're nobody, and yet you chalk your profile up to be all "Oh I'm important! I'm too good to accept people's friend requests!", and yet you're nothing more than an elitist PRICK. Go to hell.

So who am I, anyway?

I am a college graduate
I am a writer
I am a musician
I am a singer
I am an avid (rabid?) reader
I am a web designer and programmer
I am employed doing something I love
I am smarter than 99.8% of people on the planet (tested)
I am actively improving my physical condition and well-being
I am currently building websites in my own time that will affect others deeply and positively
I am constantly expanding my knowledge
I am a pillar of support for my friends and family
Most importantly, I am loved and in love

What about you?
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