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The new How To Not Suck article...I'm writing this week's article right now. It is specifically designed to stir up controversy, and it will be the first, and probably the only, HTNS article I will ever give its own thread on the forum for discussion. I expect to seriously piss people off with this article. It will definitely be worth your time to read, even if you hate everything my site stands for.

I will update this journal when the article is released.

Edit: Here it is. Please DIGG IT

In other news, some dude just viewed the first article about a thousand times for some reason. Whatever gets you off, dude.
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We live in exciting timesFirst of all, the new How To Not Suck is coming, it'll just show up a little later today. In related news, my article about maintaining your body weight, which went up 4 weeks ago, is already the #4 most viewed article on the site.

In related news, I recently received my first spam entry to YouSuckSoMuch.com:

This is exciting because it means there are paths to the site that don't rely on anyone actively promoting it, which in turn means it has the potential to become very popular given time.

In unrelated news, yesterday I saw 300. Best ancient warfare movie ever. Brief synopsis: a million soldiers led by a self-proclaimed God vs 300 total fucking badasses led by a pissed of Greek King. See this in theatres, then loiter and see it again. It's 2 hours, but it doesn't feel nearly that long when you're watching it.
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JengaJam is onSee my previous journals and dial in. Skype is awesome, 2.4 cents/minute for me.
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Preparing for the Jenga JamToday I picked up the last missing pieces of my new computer, minus the case and power supply because I don't know if I need to get new ones. I made sure to pick up a DVD rewriter and a front-panel portable card reader, so I can do things like pull pictures off my camera's memory card and burn them to CD. The Sapphire X1600 Pro was sold out though, so I got a GForce 7600 GS instead. It's a better card anyway, just a few dollars more expensive.

So that I'd look all nice and shiny for the JengaJam (link to previous jounal entry), I also just cut my hair so it's all short all the way around. Starting tomorrow there won't be another daily high temperature below freezing, and I want to look my best anyway. So the beard is gone and the hair is short. I took pictures at various stages to mark the progress of my visual redesign, which I'll post up when that card reader is installed in my computer.
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I like jam ...what?I'm on Late Night JengaJam tonight. With Jengaship. I'll be talking about How To Not Suck, I believe, with some Jenga -> DiMono sexual harassment thrown in I'm pretty sure. 10:30 tonight, details as per Jenga's journal:
Listen live at talkshoe.com, or call in!.

Show Id: 6478#
Then your free Talkshoe.com PIN
And then, you're in.
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It's fucking cold out thereThis morning it was -22C when I left the house, with a wind chill of -32C. That's about -27F wind chill for you Americans. I came to work wearing:

long johns
thin pants
a sweater
another, heavier sweater with a hood
a scarf
a big fucking winter coat
a winter toque under my sweater's hood
a scarf around my head and face
warm boots

And yet I saw people in slacks with no hat on. The things they were doing to try to keep warm were truly astounding. Stupid people are fun to watch.

Speaking of which...
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How To Not Suck - and how you can help!I just posted this week's article on How To Not Suck. Today I talk about people being stupid when it comes to trains.

I wrote this article after having a miserable experience trying to use Reddit. I registered an account, but because there was no indication anything was happening I pressed submit a second time, and was told the username was already taken. I went to choose a new username, but as I was typing I was taken to a page that said "You're logged in now!" Wonderful. So I went to submit my story, and between it telling me I was submitting too fast (first story, what the fuck?) and not recognizing the letters in its own human-verification box, it took me almost an hour to get my story in.

Here it is. Those of you with Reddit accounts, go deposit positive feedback and comments on it. Those of you without, go sign up and do the same. If the word of how to not suck is going to get out there, it needs to be... well... out there!

Here it is on Digg.com. Same dealie. Digg it and leave a comment. Everyone who helps promote my site on those sites gets a mod point.

Now, recently I had a contest for who could guess which article was the first to pass the 1000 view mark, and which was closely behind at 986 at the time of the contest. The first article was You'll Always Get What You've Always Got, which now sits at 1035 views. It was the first time I ever used a pop-culture reference in an article. The one that was closely behind was An Immovable Object You Are NOT, the very first article on the site. It now sits at 1073 views. I'll go over the entries to the contest and mod people up appropriately a little later this week.
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A productive weekendYesterday I relaxed in front of movies all day. That felt nice.

Today I updated the transcripts on Rooster Tooths, mended 3 socks and a pair of long johns, and fixed a shoe. And I worked out. And I laid down some smack on the site. And BigGator5 called me an asswipe for no credible reason, and later was temporarily banned by someone other than me. Now it's sleeping time. Good night!
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