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Striking a blow for restaurant patronsThis morning I nutted up and took Nat out for breakfast despite me having a cold. She drove, so paying was the least I could do. When we arrived, there was a family of 3 + a cousin/friend/grandmother/mutant behind the little entrance alcove. We took our table, and all seemed well. It turns out they happened to bring a screaming monkey with them, cleverly disguised as a young boy.

Within minutes the little monkey screeched, and over the course of the next 25-30 minutes he did it again and again. At that point, they had been done eating for at least 10 minutes and were just wasting oxygen and table-space. So I pulled our server aside:
Excuse me. At the table behind the door is a family of 4 with a very loud child. The noise coming from the kid is really taking away from our meal, and they finished eating at least ten minutes ago. Will you please ask them to leave?

She went over, and came back shortly afterward and told me "they're leaving now."

Decency 1, rhesus monkeys 0
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Random updatesI have a cold in my nose which is preventing me from using proper reason or from sleeping properly. Now is probably a good time to ask me for money. I skipped my workout today so I could rest and get better, and I ended up not sleeping for 5 hours in front of the TV after work. Shitty.

I've updated www.howtonotsuck.com to have a more user-friendly background colour. Also, Monday's article will address the question that's burning in everyone's minds: am I copying Maddox?

www.roostertooths.com will have to wait until next week for script updates, I just won't have any time until Tuesday at the earliest.

Let's see, what else can I toss in here...

Everyone on the site who uses an auto-refresher to boost their online time is dumb. Why would you want to make it look like you have less of a life? If it were up to me I'd remove online time from the community stats entirely, so there's nowhere to show off how lame you are for using an auto-refresher.

The latest video at www.askaninja.com is hysterical. I cried laughing at it.

I think that's all I've got for tonight. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to try to get at least some sleep before having to get up in 6 hours.
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I love my jobOne of my coworkers just sent some of us an email to reschedule a meeting. The new time was good for me. I sent this reply to everyone involved:
I'm down with that like Paris Hilton on a pole

He received the email as I'm typing this, and he said out loud "Dear mother of God... Dear, dear God."

In other news, I get to take off some time between 2 and 3 today, as soon as my work is done. Today's plan: fall asleep on the couch in front of a movie. And people say the working world is hard...
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The makings of a fabulous yearWell, another year down the tubes, and it took a whole lot of food with it in the final week and a half. I guess the two biggest things to talk about right now are how 2006 went out, and what to look forward to in 2007. That's right, I'm talking about presents and resolutions.

The Presents

My family celebrates Channukah and Nat's family celebrates Christmas, which means this year I get presents from both. The rundown? In no particular order?

$1100 cash/cheque
$2000 off the cost of my car
2 Tickets to Evanescence at the Air Canada Centre next Monday
A new digital camera (one that doesn't completely suck like my last one did ...previous camera is now a doorstop)
A toaster oven
Candy (naturally)
2 packs of Cherry Halls
A UC Irvine shirt
A stuffed Santa (currently residing on Nat's entertainment unit)
A fleece hoodie (bought with my money and grandparents will reimburse cost)
A crystal cube with a tenor saxophone dotted in to it using lasers (very cool technology, and I played the tenor sax in school... still remember how) with a stand that lights up
A new scarf that's very, very warm

Then in the week that followed I spent some of the money on things I need:
New shoes (shoes that don't fall apart within the first 2 months, like my last ones did ...previous shoes are now a doorstop)
NI-MH batteries and charger for camera
Some books (well, I don't really need more books, but I bought them anyway)
Two single-piece 10lb dumbbells

I also got a lot of workout advice from Nat's brother, who is a 6'8 220lb or 240lb (don't remember which) certified personal trainer in California. He showed me a bunch of exercises I can do with what little equipment I have to really increase my strength. I get to work out 3-4 times a week after work, and I'm supposed to consume as many calories as possible as long as I'm lifting weights.

The Resolutions

I generally don't make new year's resolutions, because I'm generally pretty happy with the way my life is and don't see any reason to change it, or more realistically to promise to change it, fail, and then feel sorry for myself for not living up to the promise. I think the key to making resolutions you can keep is not to resolve to do something, but to resolve to achieve something.

1) I'm 6'3 and I weigh somewhere between 175 and 180lbs. By the end of May, up to 220lbs from working out.
2) Since a reasonable amount of that 220lbs will be fat, sculpt and trim down to 200lbs by the end of September, and then maintain my condition.
3) Shift my professional function from web development to project management. Doing it for money has taken some of the fun out of it, and I want to get it back.

Everything else that I want to accomplish isn't a resolution, but something I know I need to work on. They're the things that can't be quantified, and thus can't have a specific reachable goal created for them; they're on-going events.

1) Think more before I speak. I have 4 major flaws that I know of, and 3 of those stem from my mouth moving faster than my brain. I need to slow that down.
2) Become a little more me-centered. My fourth major flaw is that I spend more time making sure everyone else is taken care of than I spend on myself, and in the past that's caused me enormous amounts of stress. I need to work on recognizing when I should take care of others, and when I should trust them to take care of themselves.
3) I need to sell a bunch of stuff on eBay. I have an entire room that contains nothing but outdated computers and computer parts. I need to go through and identify the stuff I specifically want to keep for myself, and then sell the rest. I also have a shitload of Magic:The Gathering cards that've been gathering dust for the better part of the last 7 years that I want to sell
4) Win the lottery. I've been working on this one for several years now.
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Current Mood: very very blahSo I just finished a week of nearly pure awesome. On Dec 23 I met up with Nat at my grandparents' place for Channukah lunch, which kicked off a week of living at her place, getting all kinds of cool stuff I either wanted or needed from Channukah and Christmas (and from money received from them), massive quantities of good food, lots of movies, and a relatively quiet New Year's celebration last night at my folks' cottage. Nat left a little less than two hours ago, and I'm about to work out with a program her brother (a certified personal trainer) gave me.

So why do I feel so fucking melancholy?

...in other news, be sure to check in on www.howtonotsuck.com for my Dec 25 and Jan 1 articles if you haven't already.
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Stole some online time from workHowdy folks. I got called in to work for a bit today. By "a bit" I mean 7 hours, the last hour of which has been spent browsing the site... a fine day of work if I do say so myself. Even the work I had to do was mostly checking email and telling people they were being dumb. Oh yeah, I updated an Excel spreadsheet and sent it off, and showed another employee how to use a piece of our software I wrote.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I hope everyone here at RT has had an awesome and safe holiday season (Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Fuck-up-the-assica, whatever), and that the same trend continues on New Year's Eve and all through 2007. I'll see you all in the new year.
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Happy HolidaysAlright, so I'm still here. I don't actually go anywhere for another 12 hours, 11 of which I plan to spend sleeping. Tonight, however, episode 86 of RvB has been released to sponsors. I figured since I was here I'd do something creative with all those people who camp out for the new episode and post in the thread before the videos make it up.

Step 1: Find thread
Step 2: Post in it: "The video isn't even out yet. Stop being retarded."
Step 3: Post in the sponsor thread: "Everyone who posts before the video is up will have their post deleted"
Step 4: Follow through, and delete posts made before the first file arrives. Ends up being all posts up to and including 15
Step 5: Continue deleting the posts. Sponsors get to edit their posts for the first 15 minutes after they're made, so it's an entertaining back-and-forth.
Step 6: Wait for post 15 to be 15 minutes old
Step 7: See for yourself

Have a happy and safe holiday season everyone. I'll see you all in the new year.
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Lazy work dayThe company I work for has 8 full-time employees and 3 part time, and on Fridays there's a cleaning lady who comes in. Today the only people in the office are me and the cleaning lady right now, with my two bosses showing up at some point. Today = relaxing at work. I love my job.

This is also the last day I'll be online until the new year, so Merry/Happy whatever-you-celebrate, happy new year, and try not to make a mess of the place while I'm gone.

Oh, and check in on www.howtonotsuck.com on Christmas and Jan 1 for new articles. They've already been posted, just waiting for their release date.

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