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-=RT is stalking me=- im ganna start with something foolish as usual, so here it is, my community stats:

You have made 90 posts, 10 journal entries, and 0 forum threads.
You watch 29 users, while 1 watch you.
You have received 15 (mostly positive) mods and given out 27 (mostly positive) mods.
You have made 10 journal entries, with an average of 0.3 comments per entry.
Your most popular journal was -=button set 2.0!=- with 2 comments.
Every 33.51 days you add a new journal, usually on Saturday nights, as with 3 (30%) of your journals.

for anyone that couldnt quite figure it out, the whole "RT is stalking me" thing came from the fact that they identified that i do most of my postes on Saterday (i found that very very funny...) also, it came from the fact that i just finished posting something about stalking on a friends journal :P

so, i have a couple of real things to say:
to whoever the person watching me is, thnx!

to whoever im watching/posting stuff on, keep doing whatever your doing and (most likey) ill keep watching you

im kinda happy that my stats looked almost planned >.< (exactly 10 journals, 90 posts, 15 mods ) and, even though they wernt intentional, i now wanna keep them kinda like that >.<
(95-100 posts FTW)

so, here is to another day of nothing to do but talk...

P.S. i finally got a GF, WOOT! (i was fucking nervous as hell >.<)
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-=Immortals=-i thought i would take this moment to reflect on something, rather than my usually half assed rants, and maybe a couple of someones...
first off, the Immortals! it saddens me that the Dragoon Technology was lost to the zerg during the brood wars, but neccesity makes a genious out of many, and so the immortals were born.

this brings me to a character i would like to remember: Fenix
once a Zelot, Killed by the neglect of the people he served, and re-enlisted as a Dragoon to further help his people. I'm really hoping they bring him back, even if its as "the last of the Dragoons" i guess they could upgrade him to an immortal, but it just wouldnt be the same for me :\

(not the best pic of a Dragoon, but W/E)

finally, one of the most unforgetable characters for me: Tassadar!
(maybe one little rant wont kill me ) WHAT I WOULDN'T DO FOR EVEN A CHAMIO OF HIM!!! what an incredible guy... just... wow... i cant find anything to say about him...
hey, does anyone think he looks even a tiny bit wolf-like? or is that just me? >.<

(this pic doesnt do him justice in my opinion =\ )

oh well, here is to a great game past, and a great one to come...

p.s. i would love to hear from anyone reading this, even if its just something like "WTF is an immortal?" ill be more than happy to answer questions or debate with fellow "SC Enthusiests" <---(a nice way of calling myself a game freak )

(lurker time!)
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-=So many things, So little time=-id like to take this moment to mention all the things i was and/or currently am waiting for...so here domes the super rant!
MTG Core Set X
The Elder Scrolls V (whatever they may name it)
A girl-friend (lol)
TES IV: The shimmering Isles

yes i know some of these are already out, but i dont have them yet...
there are more, and i would like to link some of these to corrisponding sites, so please check for an updated list soon :P
the starcraft link is no longer broken as far as i know... view the cinimatic trailer after the initial movie, its awsome!
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-=Where did the time go?=-stupid clock... turning it backwards doesnt reverse time!!!
(when i find the person that told me that worked....)

anyway, all jests aside, time has seemed to fly by...
rvb is over (hopefully not perminently), im already a junior in highschool, and yet i still havent managed to land a driver's licence, a girlfriend, nor a job (woot! 0 for 3, at leat my losing streak is untarnished >.<)

it seemed like only yesterday i was enjoying what seemed like a never ending summer, which ended way to fast, and now over half the year is already over!

well, here is to all the good things that have happened, all the things that havent, and shit yet to come! *makes a toast*

p.s. turning the clock upside down doesnt do anything either :P
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-=super nooby question of doom!!!=-r u ready for this?? ok, here goes, how do i set pictures up on my account?
not on my journals, i think i figured that out
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-=Balls to that.....=-been a very, very long time since i made a post, so im just letting everyone know im still alive, not that it matters, nor will anyone care >.<

school just started, and had a pretty interesting/bad day... but whatever, here is to another f*cking school year... (who knows, maybe ill get laid, rofl)
(jk on the last part, lets not hope for miricals >.<)
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a world in the past... (dramatic noise)so... um... ya, im back, still slightly bored (i have the last 2 weeks of school to thank for that)
and i just realized i have yet to post anything of what i do (not that it matters)...

so, for starters, im in a club at school that does renaissance reinactments and stuff!
to some that may sound lame, and to those i have a few choise words (suck as "you" and "can" and "suck" and "testicles")
for those of you that think it's cool, your right, and you should come visit us (next year of course) at FlaRF (florida ren. fest)

anyway, if you wanna check out some pics and stuff from FlaRF '07, our homepage is www.paladinsociety.com (my first time posting a link, so i hope it works >_<)

anyway, ill get around to posting some pictures later... right now i have to actually do some work cause im failing 2 classes :(

bye ppl

pics time! (hopefully)

yay it worked!
oh, almost forgot (subtitle time! yay!) this is john (the guy) and monica (the girl) fighting...
and yes, that is live steel (for those of you that dont know what that means, it means they are real swords...)
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"No No No No No!"just a random post, really bored... will finish it later (maybe)
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