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Dude, sweet.Comment if you've ever heard of ropeboarding before. It is so freaking sweet. Painful on the arms, but sweet. I'll just let this link do the talking.

Pictures of me killing myself on a ropeboard, soon.
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Gaaaahhhhhh!!!!!I'm bored out of my mind, none of my friends will talk to me for some strange reason, and I can't see Jessica again for two weeks. Christmas break sucks.
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Skating Trouble.Hard stuff, dude. I chickenfoot evertime I try to do a kickflip and I practiced like six hours straight the other day. Still can't do it. Anyway, yeah. Sucks.
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Dude. Come on.My friend has become freakishly rich or something! Before, he always ripped on me and called me a stupid rich kid even though I have $8.97 to my name and live in a trailer that could collapse at any given time. Now, he's getting a Wii, a 360, and a PS3 for X-mas and he just moved to a new house last weekend. How in the name of Simmons does that work out? Huh? HUH?!!? I'm not crazy or jealous. *twitch*
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