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Gaaaahhhhhh!!!!!I'm bored out of my mind, none of my friends will talk to me for some strange reason, and I can't see Jessica again for two weeks. Christmas break sucks.
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Skating Trouble.Hard stuff, dude. I chickenfoot evertime I try to do a kickflip and I practiced like six hours straight the other day. Still can't do it. Anyway, yeah. Sucks.
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Dude. Come on.My friend has become freakishly rich or something! Before, he always ripped on me and called me a stupid rich kid even though I have $8.97 to my name and live in a trailer that could collapse at any given time. Now, he's getting a Wii, a 360, and a PS3 for X-mas and he just moved to a new house last weekend. How in the name of Simmons does that work out? Huh? HUH?!!? I'm not crazy or jealous. *twitch*
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