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its been years since i have been on here. who still watches me?
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hi allSorry I have been offline for a bit. I ran thru alot of old journals today. A long time ago I did a q&a journal, I want to do that again. I'm sure since I hardly ever post anymore people have some questions. So please ask them here or message me and i will post a journal or two to answer them.
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deploying againso im shipping out again in a week or so. plans are never solid and if they were i wouldnt post them online for everyone to see. im headed over to afghanastan, thats no secret, but the exact location is for me to know. sorry for the round about talking, we have had a few people ruin it for all of us.

so since im not sure on exactly what kind of website i will be able to access, please direct anyking of communication thru yahoo if you would, kansas_pickup@yahoo.com i would love to hear from some of yall while im over there. makes the 6 months go by alot faster.

since i failed a pt test 6 months ago i have been trying to get more into working out, no matter how much i hate it. i did a bike ride for MS (multiple sculeruios) spelling sorry. i raised over 500 dollars and then rode 77 miles up and down the hills in kansas. if you heard kansas was flat, try riding 77 miles of roads. and now while im over there for 6 months i will be trying to reach a goal of 600 miles on bike and 600 miles on foot. 5 days a week i have to run 5 miles and once a week i have bike 25 miles. i mean i could do 5 days of 5 miles each and still get the same result. we shall see. also if guys want to get encouraged or turned on to work out, check out this gal at bodyrock.tv. she is hot and would kick your ass guranteed. lol.

ok so i will try to check rvb atleast one more time before i ship out but no promises, so please hit up my yahoo if you care to keep in contact.
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Back in Townalright so i am finally back in town. spent the last 9 months in South Dakota. yes i was getting edumacated. now i have one semester left before i wrap up my associates degree. the one thing im asking myself right now is this. i only have a few classes left to take. like math and sociology. however my loacal college offers a academics associate which is a whole bunch more classes. see what im looking at is finishing my degree and this degree, and boom i have 2 degrees.

yes normally i would opt for just the classes i need, but see im not paying for these classes. you are when you pay your taxes. im using the gi bill. when i am a full time student they pay for my tuiton, books, and housing. if im not living in dorms, they cut me a check to pay rent and your typical bills.

so what are your ideas?

oh plus now that im back im hoping to get on here more. but im counting on yall to help make it interesting. and now rvb is not interesting enough, since i missed the last 2 seasons.
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car updatebeen working hard on my car. i told everyone last time that i am working on a 1970 karmann ghia with a 1959 cadillac rear end. well here is a couple pics.

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wow long timesorry its been a long time since i been on this site. life has been busy, ok well thats a lie. im still in school. this time around im in sheetmetal and body class. im still working on my 1970 karmann ghia. i have alot of body work to do on it, but im taking it a step further and drafting 1959 cadillac tail fins on it. i would post pictures, but im not going to make that promise. for those who still talk to me and have facebook, i try to upload pictures everyday that i work on it.

this should be my last class. i still have to take a semester of normal college classes to finish my degree. but after that i have no clue what im going to be doing with my life. i have great friends in kansas that would love to see me come back home. i have a good friend/mentor in california that wants to hire me to work his personal hot rod shop. when i say personal, he will be the owner of the shop but we will be working on customer cars. he has already offered me pretty much everything i could need or want, plus a free apartment, rent free. would be nice for a good internship and get some more experience under my belt.

well im off to find the heater controls in this apartment. i cant believe its getting this freakin cold already. never move to south dakota or anywhere higher in the states, burrrrrrr
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