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updateif anyone even follows me, that's absurd.

shit happens

I'm in Berkeley for debate. everyone's life blew up and got reconstructed tonight. and then blown up again. I can't handle shiIT in life.

but whatever, that is life, right?
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All ThatGlitters is...not gold. All gold is not reality.

So yeah, District Championships. Made it to the fourth round for public forum. Got knoked out. happens. Made it to quarterfinals for national extemp. Placed 2nd in the quarterfinal but still didn't make it to Semis. RAGE.

We sent 6 people to Nationals. which is cool.

I don't know why I really bothered to write this up here. It means so little to all (3) of you.

The sky was really pretty saturday.
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First OffI don't give a damn about St. Patty's Day. I can't even drink. Enough of this pinching shit.

Second, it's been awhile. As if that's a prerequisite to say now.

Third, it's late, I have homework, and the first day of the National Qualifier is tomorrow. I'll be going in Public Forum debate since my partner (a junior) is pairing up with another junior since they get seniority. Fuck seniority. It's fucked me over at two huge tournaments now and I'm sick and tired of being younger and therefore getting pushed out of things I think I could do well in.
I'll also be doing National Extemporaneous speaking, which I'm excited about. I love N.X.

Oh yeah, it was my birthday Saturday. 32 gb Zune HD and some Radiohead vinyl records. I'm considering hunting some stuff like that down and starting my own little record collection.

That's really it. That says nothing about my life. This site has become less a way for me to describe the multiple facets about my life and more a site for information on video games and the occasional conversation.
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So I'm sitting here......and I have no idea.

Tennis is brutal right now. Ranked 9 on the ladder, with all juniors except one freshmen (my friend who's just a bit better) ahead of me. Gonna be interesting trying to push to 6th. anyways, the conditioning is what I'm talking about. I come home exhausted each night. Like, I was in okay shape, and then I started this up. Then I realized just how bad of shape I'm actually in (comparably).

Anyways. Academics are annoying right now. Plenty of work, only this time it's all at school. I swear I failed my math test today, as my mind just wasn't in the right place to take a test.
Speaking of which, I typed 'taste' when I wanted to say 'test'. My typing fails as of recently.

Oh, RvB, how you wax and wane in how exciting you are.
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Today...was one of those days were one, maybe two things went right, and the rest of it was just tiring, exhaustive, and frustrating.
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Sad FaceMy partner and I went 2-2 at the Redwood Regional Finals, which makes us the third alternative (so if 3 people drop out, we get to go to State Quals).

If 2 or fewer people drop out, we don't.

The third round was a completely illegitimate loss. The reason for decision was, and I quote: "The neg placed 'doubt' in possible benefits". Sigh.

It was really pretty outside today.
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Stress...6 weekends where I have rather important debate tournaments in a row. 1 down, 5 to go...

oh yeah, 3 finals tomorrow. Soooo much work.

EDIT: let's add high school drama to the mix. someone kill me
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