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Yea i just bought a race motorcycleSo ill be hitting the race tracks up pretty soon, so i hope i get to share all of this year with you all...
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A track bikeI am so fricken excited!!! Going to buy two of the best things ever this coming week!

A new xbox 360 since the other has been stuffed for ages

AND!!!!!!!!!!!!! A road racetrack motorcycle! So flippin excited

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New YearsI have a delema (actually now i have two as i cant spell delema, god damn it)

But I am currently in a small Italian ski town,and new years is fast approaching.
Turns out there are not really any clubs here so i really dont know what is going to happen!
Apparently there is a "discoteck" so im hoping like crazy that this means alcohol, music and some girls

But where do you all like to spend your new years?
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ItalyThats where I am at the moment!
Just to snowboard for a month!!!!! It amazing snow and im having a blast BUT i dont have any gaming gear here at all... so not exactly happy about not gaming for a month...

At least there is GREAT snow and hot Italian girls...
Where do you like skiing or boarding the most?
B) Canada
C) Europe
D) Japan
E) Other...

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wtf... you only got me half a pintBrilliant quote... and it makes no sense out of context
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AwardsYea i really like teh awards here for the site and think there should be more of them!
But just wondering what people think about them?
Do you try and get the awards from RvB?
A) yes
B) Actively
C) not really
D) Dont caare

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Sleep patternsman im so glad that the last chapter is out! I lost a lot of sleep cos of that one...
How many hours did you wait up after teh 2 extra hours...
A) less than 2
B) up to 5
C) up to 10
D) greater than 10

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Long weekendsVery simply put there is one bad thing about long weekends....
They end far to quickly
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