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Evil has a name.

Its name is Mouse. And it's FUCKING ANNOYING.
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2010 - A love story.January - My PSP, laptop, and desktop all broke within one week. My Wii suddenly became my best friend.
February - Desktop fixed; This resulted in an unhealthy Second Life addiction.
March - I moved back to my hometown and kept up my unhealthy addiction to SL. I also got a boyfriend.
April - Went to prom, couldn't walk for two days after wearing high heels. Almost had a wardrobe malfunction during the prom.
May - Broke up with boyfriend, got a new boyfriend.
June - Broke up with the new boyfriend; I'm pretty sure he was part psycho. Very scary breed of male.
July - Had surgery, went back to visit my mom. Became obsessed with Mario Kart. Got a new boyfriend, who oddly enough was my boyfriend two years before that. Went swimming a lot and pissed off said boyfriend because he's afraid of water.
August - Nothing interesting happened that month. That, or it was erased from my memory. Not sure which.
September - Moved back in with mom. Desktop kicked the bucket for good. Little brother and I got into a huge fight, lost a front tooth. Turned 18. Got a new laptop. Got a new tooth. Got a new cell phone, and cut off all of my hair after a huge hair dye mishap. Moved out of mom's house.
October - Moved back to hometown, became a zombie, and went muddin' a lot with my redneck companions.
November - Nomnoms. Lots of nomnoms. My niece Presley Nicole was born on Thanksgiving at 6:30 AM. Her nickname is 'Jiblet'. And yes, she is named after Elvis Presley. Relapsed into SL addiction. Boohoo.
December - More nomnoms. More surgery. Spent Christmas in a pain pill induced haze, due to surgery. Presley was officially one month old on Christmas day. Still with the boyfriend. Spent New Years Eve with boyfriend. Power pole fell on someone's house that same night, killing all power in town. We watched Venture Bros. DVD on my laptop and ate chips. Exciting. Also got the most epic hoodie from ThinkGeek.com. STFU, there's not much to do in a town of 600 people except go muddin' and try to run over bears. Which we did. A lot. Also, found a town that was abandoned in the 50's and stole an old Pepsi bottle.

So, I am now pretty much part bionic person. New tooth, new ear drum, new ear bones. It's like one whole half of my head is made out of plastic.

Plans for 2011 :
Get my drivers license.
Get my GED.
After Kegan graduates, move in with mother in the city and get jobs and attend college.
GTFO of mother's house as soon as possible, since my little brother is now 5'11 and has extreme rage issues.
Teach Presley the word "boosh".
Find a job after completing beauty school, since Kegan doesn't want me pimping him out to one of our friends... He said he'd be gentle, but Kegan damn near cried.
Find a stuffed dinosaur to give Presley. So far, I am the only person in my family that has a two foot tall orange dinosaur. His name is Appa Jr.
Catch my psychotic neighbor on camera so our handy dandy police department will actually do something about her constant harassment. Seriously, what the fuck is my 71 year old grandpa really going to do to a 20 something year old drug addict?
Catch that god damned bear.

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>.>I'm still alive. At least I think I am. . .

[insert scary music here]
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Dear Nerdy Guys,Stop getting contacts. Girls who have nerdy guy addictions want the full on nerd look, glasses included.

Case in point? My boyfriend looks like a total asshole without his glasses, and that doucher went and got contacts.

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Social InterviewSocialInterview.com asked me "What would you say if a really hot person you don't know gave you a muffin?"
I answered ''Chuck the muffin at their head. That shit could be contaminated.''

I'm really glad nobody reads those things anymore. xD
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PalahniukBest text I've received this week :

I got a Palahniuk book and it smelled like weed. I smiled.

I feel horrible for any person that reads something by Palahniuk while high. It's trippy enough sober. In other news, I'm wearing a stolen class ring. And yes, yes I am very proud.
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WladyslawMe: Kay so this guy on TV is named Wladyslaw Szpilman. I'm just gonna call him Andy to save myself the confusion.
Grace : Andy, eh?
Me : Tell me this - can you pronounce Wladyslaw?
Grace : No :/
Me : Then we will say Andy and say it with pride.

I don't even think they said his first name throughout the whole movie. Love The Pianist, hate the main character's name.
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