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ah yes hi again i got some more WIP pictures of cosplays enjoy u vu
sorry about general shitty quality but here u go nonetheless

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hey guys, i kno i talk about cosplay a lot so i'm pretty sure that is what this account is going to start being made into, but i've got some work in progress shots for those of you interested.
the two characters i'm working on are mindfang:

and tumblr user rumminov's fancy tier karkat:

anyway, here are some WIP shots

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yeeeee i dunnohi again it's me yes hi
i dunno i'm coming back on here a little bit every now and then? so i'll get to replying to u when i can but in all honesty skype is the best way to get a hold of me i'm literally always on there when i'm on the internet.

that being said i'm just gonna make a little post here about stuff? i dunno, putting it in a spoiler so you guys don't have to even look at it if you don't want to.

ye okay so i dunno, you all know how i like, never liked the way i looked and all? if you didn't now you do. but that's like... passed over and i'm pretty cool with it now!
and because of that i can accept compliments as they are and not passive attacks on me.
and i've just noticed... an influx of people complimenting me and telling me they're proud ever since i grew to like my self image.
and like even today one of my friends was telling me she's not afraid of telling me she thinks i'm attractive (in a platonic way) and was calling me as elegant as a queen and i just... i'm not used to people saying that kind of thing to me?
like, people have done it, sure, and now that i think about it, i'm super flattered a lot of people think that! like wow people can be super sweet and i'm thankful i'm friends with really great people.
also in case u were wondering why i wasn't flipping out or feeling uncomfortable for a lady calling me attractive and stuff is a simple fandom secret, i'm bi.

i guess that's it?
hello rt people how are you all? c:
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i forgot a title so here it isaha i just remembered this site.

how's it going guys?

it feel like i'm a ghost coming back from the grave, the last time i was on here was like, what... July or August? (incoming wall of text)

anywho um... not much has been going on on my end, i had a pretty shitty week (probably the worst i've had in years, if not the worst i've had ever) but in general these past couple months have been pretty great!

i'm going to be taking some non-credit classes at the tech school that's like twenty minutes from here, sign language (starting next month) and ballroom/swing dance (starting in march) classes, so that's going to be fun.

with that really big openbound update flash that came out with homestuck, i have a shit ton of costumes i want to work on, too.

i'm actually working on the Exile PM right now to do a cosplay with a friend i met back in September at a convention who's going to be doing Exile WV. after that i'm going to be starting right on my Mindfang cosplay for ACen which a different friend is going to be cosplaying Redglare. I'm really excited about those non-credit classes because of cosplay and personal benefit as well (bolding to put more emphasis on the importance of it being for personal reasons rather than cosplay). like, knowing how to dance and communicate with deaf/mute people is going to be pretty rad, but also knowing how to dance because i'm going to be cosplaying Mindfang (head canon is that she holds parties on her ship every night with her crew and they dance around and drink and have a grand time) and wanting to cosplay Prince Kurloz (who uses a form of sign language) just yeah. it's going to be really fun.

other than that, i'm going to be working on a bunch of other cosplays as well. i'm just learning how to sew and stuff now and i'm really liking it! in fact, some of you may remember me having mentioned wanting to go into psychology and stuff, yeah? that'd still be pretty cool but i'm enjoying costuming and special fx make up and prop making a lot more than i was enjoying psychology, so i'm just going to probably work in theatre related things preferably costume designing!

i don't know if i mentioned this when it happened or not but back in July i broke up with my boyfriend at the time so i've just been chillin' in the single life since then. p rad stuff man.

Those are kind of the biggest things i have to mention?

oh! i finished my Grimdark Rose cosplay, ordered these UV contacts for her (they should be here by next week), too, but this is how the cosplay looks without them:

looks kind of shitty because it took like two hours to do just that and after about half an hour i was just like
and just wanted to get it done with. come the convention i'm going to force some people to help me out because that was fucking ridiculous i'll tell you what.

I did a Greaser Meenah cosplay, too, while a friend did Poodle Skirt Aranea, here's a picture of that:

anyway this is probably the most exciting stuff to have happened to me since my departure. how've you all been doing?
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Hey GuysSo, I'm just going to like... Leave the site. I almost never go on here anymore.
So if you want to keep in contact, send me a message and I'll tell you how you can reach me easily. Because like... Yeah, I just... Don't come on here anymore. I'll try and remember to check back on here the next couple days to see if anyone wants to keep in touch.
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UpdateAlright, so, just some information:
I'm essentially working two jobs right now. One making pizza and another selling kitchen knives and stuff. I want to quite the pizza job so bad it's getting just awful there for me... Oh well though.
And for the next anime convention, I want to do Marquise Spinneret Mindfang for my cosplay:

I know I aid I wanted to do that Sollux before, but Mindfang Just.... Mindfang.
But the problem is that since I work two job,s I have like, no time for anything at all. But one of my friends was just like, "Dude, we got'choo covered. We'll get her done for you." So I'm just like, really hoping they're able to. I'll get them whatever they need, but just... I really want her done ;u; (the next convention we're going to is Geek Kon in September).
Other that, my parents said they're going to make my siblings and I start to pay rent? Which is stupid at least for me... The other two not so much? That's something I don't want to get into again, though.
So yeah, just... A lot of stuff happening.
Also, I forgot if I said this or not? But I'm out of high school now, awwwww yeah.
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About My Black OTP Journal...Turns out I put in a ship I don't understand at all as the picture on accident?
I fixed it, though, so it makes total sense now.
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