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Not an expertJust saw a demo of Anarchy Reigns... Did they just totally rip off Griffball?
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Again? But you said...I moved twice this past weekend. I'm finally recovered from it.

One, moving me into a new apartment in the same complex. The other, moving my girlfriend and her daughter in with me.

Ok, first of all, I'm never moving during August again. The HELL was I thinking?

Second, for planning, setting up, and executing the moves within 2 weeks to get them settled before school started (she's in college as well)... that was epic.

And as much as I have been down on long term relationships since my divorce in 2007... This is good. This is really really good.
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FreeSometimes being the family's on-call tech support sux.
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Oh, for the future...In response to something a coworker said, I told him another 'Foghorn Leghorn' comment would be met with a boot upside the head.

The response from our 22 year old applicant:  "What's a foghorn leghorn?"

I weep for the youth of this country...
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Snorting sodaHeard today:

How do I know you're wrong? You're a woman and you have an opinion!
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RidiculousityI'm doing a joint-services thing for a POW/MIA table at a Dining Out, sponsored by the weather training squadron on Keesler AFB. We're all E-5s, except for our Coastie, who's an E-1, but other'n that... I'm the only one who's not an instructor or student at the Weather Training Complex. Which leads to conversations like this one:

PO2: "So when we stage the cap, does our hand move cyclonic or anti-cyclonic?"
Ssgt: "Cyclonic"
Sgt: "Yeah, cyclonic."
ME: "You frickin'... Counter-clockwise. Jeebus."

And I get a whole buncha amused looks. It'll be interesting.
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HumiliationThe computer DIED on Monday last. I FREAKED. EVERYTHING is on that computer.

Never mind I have backups and dead storage amongst my 2.5 TB of external hard drives. I was dead inna water.

800 dollars later, parts are on order. Parts come in. Tear the old machine apart and discover some things:

1) The motherboard is FRIED. 2 Blown capacitors.
2) Video card number two (nVidia GTX260) is DEAD. Fan motor isn't even spinning.
3) 2 of six case fans are no longer running at the correct speeds. It's like they're permanently on overdrive.

Obviously a heat issue, yes? Well... that moves us into item number


So the whole time I've had that computer (8 months), the PSU has been BAKING everything inside the machine. I'm just amazed it lasted as long as it did.

Expensive lessons... even better than ones learned the HARD way.
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ClarityI'm no one's grandson anymore
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