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LBCountry Skin Cancer
LBCountry Skin Cancer
Adam is PretentiousI've been a bit absentee of late, as I am particularly busy these days at film school. This past month has mostly been pre-production for the twenty eight 10 minute short films our class plans to shoot after the Christmas holidays. Things are pretty crazy.

However, in that time we also shot our "mini-dramas," short films about whatever we wanted that they gave us 3 hours each to film. Our crew of 10 shot 10 of them in 3 days, and we've been in post for the past week and a half.

This is my finished product, INSIDE OUT. It's under 3 minutes long, it's crazy pretentious, and it's almost entirely built on sound effects and recorded narration. It was a good time, and I hope you enjoy it.
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LBCountry Skin Cancer
Reach and a Board GameMaybe it was just me, but the issues I have with Reach's campaign aren't related to the Spartans dying . My beef is with how awful the actual lines the characters deliver are. It's so laden with cliche that I half-expected Carter to say that Noble 6 was a renegade cop, on the edge with nothing to lose. The explanations are so contrived and the dialogue so forced I felt that I was reading someone's awful fanfic, not listening to a cutscene made by one of the largest game developers on Earth.

Anyway, on to happier fronts: a fan has made a Grifball Board Game! I wish I could tell you who it is on the site, but he sent me an email, and all it contains is his real name, which I doubt he wants me posting all over the internet. If you made this game, and want credit, send me a message with your real name and I'll put the credit in here.

This is an image of the board. Aside from it having the wrong number of players and a spot that's specifically dedicated to rolling dice, it's pretty solid.

If you'd like the set of rules, let me know and I'll send them to you. As they are, they're in a docx, and are clearly meant to be printed into a rulebook, making it hard to post them here.
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Film SchoolFilm school is going well. I have no laptop still, but as I take a break from transcribing 180 minutes of documentary interview footage, I felt I'd share what I've got to show for my first two months (though I finished it in the first month).

This is my mini-documentary "City of Glass." We were given a random topic and three minutes of total runtime, and a day to shoot three documentaries. Let me know how you think it turned out.

Technical stuff for those who care: We shot on a Sony EX-1 HD camera, the same camera Paranormal Activity was shot on. I was very impressed with the quality of the footage considering the relatively low price of the camera (without lens I think it sits around $6000-$7000) and the frankly minute size (it's too small to shoulder mount, though bigger than a handy-cam). Unfortunately due to the tight pre-production schedule we were given we were unable to apply for city permits to shoot with a proper crew outdoors, so the entirety of the documentary (with the exception of the stills) was shot handheld, with a shotgun microphone shock mounted to the top of the camera and given a little wind-screen.

Oh, and I uploaded it in a relatively uncompressed 1080p HD format, so hooray for crazy high quality online streaming.
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Laptop screen dead -- again.If I've seemed more vacant than usual in the past week or so it's because my laptop's screen has, once again, kicked the bucket. While I finish what I need to do with the laptop (for film school, using my TV as a monitor) and while it's being repaired I'll be trying to keep up to some extent by using the school's computer lab, but beyond guaranteeing that I'll answer all my messages and read all my personal comments, there's not a whole lot else I can do.

Regarding Grifball, there is a very able staff taking care of things, and they have access to me if they ever need something while I'm "away." Thanks for the patience.

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InceptionSaw the midnight release of Inception last night. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. Those of you who know me at all know that I'm a pretty harsh critic of modern films, and as such the following might impress you.

In my opinion, Inception is the greatest and most important film ever shown in colour. In today's Hollywood, Inception isn't supposed to exist. A director should not be capable of receiving funding for a film as original, as artistic, as stunning, or as auterist as Inception is. If Tom put Christopher Nolan in a blender, gave it a good smile, then turned the resulting smoky blender over, Inception would fall out. Yes, it blends. The rest of the films I see this year will seem less than they are as a result of how good Inception is. If Nolan doesn't rake in the Academy Awards, I may start to question reality.

So yeah. Go see it. Immediately. I'm heading to my second showing after school today.

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LBCountry Skin Cancer
Tonight I watched......Dinner For Schmucks. It's the new Steve Carrel/Paul Rudd movie that's so new, it's not coming out for another 21 days. Hooray for film school perks.

For a film about bringing an incredibly stupid man to a dinner with business execs, it's actually pretty deep and very funny. With a cast like the one the film employs (and not just Rudd and Carrel), it appears it's possible to take a decidedly mediocre concept and pull off a great (or at least a good) film.

I won't spoil anything though. I'll just recommend you check it out on the 30th.

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Back like HerpesI have returned!

I was gone for around a month-ish due to my laptop's screen suddenly dying, and me needing to get it fixed before I moved to Vancouver. Which I did, and then I did.

Which brings me to: I now live in Vancouver. With Knuckles. Happy day. I think we're doing AHTV tomorrow or something. With my parents in town until tomorrow morning, it's been days full of real life interaction and very little online catching up. My watchlist is in shambles, and I've been behind on everything. So yeah, tentatively 3-way-joint AHTV tomorrow at some time. If memory serves, the plan is drunken Risk: Factions with Knuckles and ChurchsWife, who is here for just another few days. I'm unsure of what the rules are for this drinking game, but I predict a blackout and me getting rather touchy-feel-y.

I'll have to confirm all that nonsense tomorrow morning when Knuckles stumbles out of his room. For now, just know that I am back, our apartment is twice as Achievement Huntery as it was before, and things are generally good times.

UPDATE: As I'm sure you've noticed, the AHTV is on Saturday now.

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LBCountry Skin Cancer
4 Movies, 4 Thumbs2 up, 2 down.

Robin Hood: Down. I don't mind that Russel Crowe can't figure out what accent he's supposed to have. I don't mind that Richard was a douchebag (in fact, I kind of liked that). I don't even mind that the Sheriff of Nottingham does essentially nothing in the film, despite taking up screen time, further extending this monstrously long ordeal. I DO mind that Robin Longstride (from da Hood) went from being a smarmy communist batman to a war general whose father was apparently one of the founding fathers of the United States.

Iron Man 2: Down. On the plus side, I'm fairly sure it sets the record for most varied arsenal in any movie ever, but on the downside, everything else about the movie. Way too many things going on, far too much unnecessary Scarlett Johansen, 100% too much Samuel L Eyepatch, and several too many streaks in Mickey Rourke's hair. Don Cheadle managed to fill the shoes of his predecessor alright, but almost everyone else fell to pieces, including Jon Favreau.

Exit Through the Gift Shop: Up. One of the strangest non-intentionally confusing films I've ever seen, one of the best "documentaries" I've ever seen, and absolutely the best film I've seen this year. I put "documentaries" in quotations there because there's serious, legitimate speculation that much of what is presented on screen is meant to mislead and essentially prank the audience, which would make it the world's first ever "prankumentary." If you like crazy French people, graffiti/street artists, and laughing, find this film playing somewhere (probably an indy theatre), and watch it.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Up, but not for everyone. If you have a legitimate interest in film as an art form, or are open to foreign films with subtitles, I very much recommend trying to find this beauty playing somewhere. That said, if you're the type of guy/lady that thought Iron Man 2 was anything but a pale shadow of the first one, and that the quality of film is directly proportionate to the number of bullets fired, this probably isn't for you. Which isn't to say that there's no action, or even bullets (although the total count is like 8 shots fired). There's even several very graphic sex scenes. The issue for a lot of people will be that it's in Swedish.

As for the actual film though, beyond the subtitles thing, it's an adaptation of a recently popular Swedish trilogy of novels, this being book 1 of 3. Imagine Bourne, but with more artistic style, far more graphic and demented violence (including multiple mind-assaulting rape scenes and the most disgusting rapist ever conceived), less Matt Damon, and more ambiguity. It's the sort of thing that would make pretty big money if it was done in English.


UPDATE: Added Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Also, I'd like to clarify that Scarlett Johansen is mind-alteringly hot, but that doesn't make her character any less meaningless or her any better an actress.

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