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Halo:ReachSo I went to the midnight launch, didnt sleep allll day from 1 to 8 my bro and I played Reach and tonight we beat it. I loved it soooo much!! After every great game I am sad, and I just must say Remember Where It All Began.

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Last week of vacationAww...for a month of vacation is almost over. It's been awesome! I went to Georgia for 2 weeks and now I'm in Florida for the remaining 2 weeks. So far I have/will accomplish/ed:
1.) Spending over $400 in one store
2.) Got my Halo wallet!!
3.) Drove the ATV'S again
4.) Went on a boat and an inner tube
5.) Going to get my nails done!! (mani+pedi) (never had it done either)
6.)Went to the Tennessee Aquarium (awesome)
7.)Held a little lizard! (so cute!)
8.) SAW INCEPTION!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
9.) Discovered I'm spoiled with good italian food (thanks, daddy!)
10.) Saw my brother fall of the inflatable bed (HA!) (He's okay though)
11.) Learned how to semi swim!
Uh...probably more....anywayssssss it's awesome and I'm really sad I'm about to leave the 28th
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My new dream!!

Is to go to Fiji and visit that hotel! I wanna live underwater! I'm NOT kidding! this is my new dream!
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SummerWell, its that time of year again. The time where everyone is out in the sunshine, being all tan. When I'm sitting inside trying to 100% bioshock 2 with one last achievement. Yup, I'm livin' the life baby! :D
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Mr. BubblesI got my doll of Mr. Bubbles from BIOSHOCK 2! I got him February 26th, I just have been too lazy to make a journal. I'll post pics once I get my camera fixed :P
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Just beat Bioshock 2I loved it! I still have a 2nd playthrough to go through (WOOT!!) I'm not dissappointed at all!! I love Eleanor! She's awesome!! I got the good ending, I didn't harvest any little sisters, and spared the lives of everyone, and it was a great ending, so touching! <3
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LazyI'm in the part of the podcast where Gus and Joel say how they're lazy. I'm the same way. For example, Whenever I realize I put my shirt on backwards (it happens a lot) I leave it. I just leave it. One time, I was sitting on the couch, and the remote was on the coffee table, a foot away from me, I texted my brother-he was in his room-to get the remote for me.
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Bioshock 2Man! This game is awesome! Its sooo cool! I even stayed home from school to play it! w00t w00t! Is it just me or are the Little Sisters absolutely adorable?!?!
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