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Super six league first matchThe Angry Saints played our first match in the super six league

Although we were supposed to play super spartan we ended up playing death on call

we lost but at least we only lost 6-3

awell hopefully the next matches will be better
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New world of warcraft releasedwow the new world of warcraft game is out world of world of warcraft

were you get to play a character that is playing world of warcraft


looks great :P
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Wow karma jumpI was level 16 about an hour ago but my karma level has jumped to 21 so yay I guess the new site changes arn't so bad after
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Yay exams are overWoo finally done all my exams now I just gotta wait till I get the results

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SteppinOverRazorFrenzySpreeI decided to try lone wolves on halo again after giving months ago

but anyway I was playing matches and it wasn't going so well until I got a sword match

and through the game it was going great and I was getting loads of kills

until I got a triple kill which gave me the steppin razor achievement then someone jumped down i killed him and got the overkill achievement then I killed one more to get a killing spree and sword spree until i died and the match ended with me with 25 and the rest having barley any

Oh and heres the links to see the videos if u want to see them
Just the kills
The whole game
(BTW u need a xbox and halo to watch these just incase you didnt no)
Well thats all I got to say
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SponershipnessI decided to take the plunge and pay for sponsership so yay

but now i ant get a coffee from starbucks
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Reconstructionyay new rvb series is out and its great can wait till the blood gulch guys come back in
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Angry Saints out!!!!On saturday the angry saint lost agaist dead on call 8-1 but awell we got quite far and theres next season to look forward to
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