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Note On My "Absence"G'day mates,

I don't really use Rooster Teeth as a social site anymore, like I used to. Now I just mainly watch their content. I hope nobody interprets my absence as me ignoring them. I have just become really busy with life (College being one of the main reasons). I hope we all can still chat from time to time.

*For those of you wondering about Carpe Diem, visit the group page.*
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Happy HolidaysAnd all that.

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Good things come...... to those who wait. Just got Halo: Reach Legendary Edition for $80.00. Sweetness.


Mass Effect 3 - Holiday 2011

(2nd VG related announcement thread? Noice)
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"Cleverbot"Cleverbots are so fake, but they can produce hilarious conversations:

Me: How would you know?
Cleverbot: I watches her in the tv.
Me: What does?
Cleverbot: The name of your butler.
Me: GASP! Don't speak of such things!

Me: Hello.
Cleverbot: Hi.
Cleverbot: Ok. . . I have to go.
Me: No.
Cleverbot: I don't?
Me: Yes.

Me: Argh, matey.
Cleverbot: What makes you so clever?
Me: I can see into your soul... I am dead serious.
Cleverbot: Then you see into the soul of a parrot.
Me: Then the prophecy is complete!
Cleverbot: So you're allowed to tell me info. That's the same as my own?
Me: Yes.
Cleverbot: Fine, I'll go share my delicious cake with someone else.
Me: :'(
Cleverbot: What's the matter?
Me: You won't share your cake with me.
Cleverbot: No.
Me: :''''''(
Cleverbot: Because I don't.
Me: Your MOTHER!
Cleverbot: You are from my mother too ?
Me: Bob Saget is.

Me: I am 12... hundred.
Cleverbot: Thats weird, my brother is talking to you and you told him that you are 29.
Me: He is a liar and trying to get into my pants.
Cleverbot: And you're a self-obsessed patriot!
Me: ... Touché.

Cleverbot: Be mine!
Me: That depends...
Cleverbot: What does it depend on?
Me: What are you?
Cleverbot: Human.
Me: Well tough luck, bro. I only go for elfs.
Cleverbot: No it isn't, it's my name!
Me: Yes.
Cleverbot: How did you know?
Me: I am Bob Saget.
Cleverbot: What bleeds red blood when you cut it but has a heart of stone?
Me: Bob Saget.
Cleverbot: Hi Bob saget.
Me: Hi.
Cleverbot: How you doing bob? =3.
Me: I can't tell you.

Cleverbot: I'm incredibly lonely.
Me: I'm here.
Cleverbot: But you are not real!
Me: :'(
Cleverbot: Why are you frowning?
Me: I'm crying, you simpleton!
Cleverbot: 2 more minutes... Tell me what you think about my proposed book title?
Me: I'm not a psychic, genius. What is it?
Cleverbot: I'm that this is it too.
Me: Very enticing.
Cleverbot: Why do you think so?
Cleverbot: Yes, right! How did you know?
Me: Because I am Bob Saget.
Cleverbot: Me too.
Me: We meet again... brother...
Cleverbot: Young Skywalker.
Me: Is that directed towards me?
Cleverbot: In general. It's a fact.
Me: But what if I told you George Bush was black?
Cleverbot: I would believe you.
Me: Fool!
Cleverbot: Well that's rude!
Me: I'm sorry.
Cleverbot: No you don't!
Me: Yes I are?
Cleverbot: Yes.
Me: Elvis says you need a haircut.
Cleverbot: Australia yes.
Me: How about a nouaiueio?
Cleverbot: NO!
Me: I found you!
Cleverbot: You found me?
Me: That's what I said, didn't I? -_-
Cleverbot: How that is rude.
Me: -____-
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FiiiiiinallySo after about a million years I have LIVE working.

My old account got all screwed up, so I had to make a new one.

If you get a new friend request from adammb0mmb that's-a-me.
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Machinima Group UpdatesI uploaded some demo tracks from the soundtrack on the group pages. (Both for Carpe Diem and Jingle-Turd)

Check them out and tell me what you guys think.
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TotallyA Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling ban has already cost offshore jobs in a nascent U.S. economic recovery and a lengthy moratorium will put the industry at peril, sector executives said on Wednesday.

Also, FU too.
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