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ProcastinatingI hate homework.

Sometimes I get excited about organizing myself and setting up calendars/cleaning, etc. but then once I'm done that I feel like I need a break and then never get my work done.

I have a problem.
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School is Starting to SuckHomework is hitting hard :(
I've organized myself in a very peculiar way as well to get on top of things. It's mostly been a week of organizing everything, part of my OCD side coming out.

Yes, I have reduced myself to that. Although I admit, it was pretty creative of me.
Anyway, wish my marks good luck, they'll appreciate it.

Plus, Heroes is freakin' epic again. Season 1 was so gory, season 2 was for like preschoolers, and season 3 just blows the pants off 1 and 2. Goodbye Mondays, you were never good to me.
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It's Been A WeekWell, a lot has been happening. Or, I guess, not happening. It turns out that my room in my residence is the only one without any internet. Each connection has to be plugged in to each port depending on the side of the room. This means that I'm writing this right now in the caf/rec room area. A lot has happened. Including my o-week and everything that goes along with it. And with you I send a picture of basically our school's first football game :D. In which we had plenty of team spirit.

Anyway, university life is pretty much just as exciting as I had suspected and hopefully I get my connection working more reliably so I can 360 and use the computer/etc.

P.S. My router's name is Nancy if any of you would like to leave her hate mail in my comments, I'll send it straight to her.
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Seven dayssss...Yes, seven days until I move the great distance of an hour away from home. The next time you hear from me probably will mean that I'm living on my own/with a roomate. Every day I keep having doubts about being able to do it.

Anyway, recently I went to Canada's Wonderland as a 'last-ditch-effort-to-have-fun-in-London" activity. So I took a picture of my favourite ride and then used the ol' Photoshop to create a lovely background for 1440X900 screens.

basically I just screwed around with some of the effects, and then filled in sweet colours accordingly. It's a little subtle but so extreme at the same time.

Anyway, everyone wish me luck on moving. Everything's finally coming together (money, clothes, all that other shit I have to take).

P.S. Don't see The Scorpion King 2, it's fucking terrible.

P.P.S. Heroes Season 2 just came out on DVD *excited twitching*
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New Laptop = DeliciousnessSo, I can't believe I'm saying it, but so far "HP is doing a good job"
Vista, however, isn't living up to my standards. I admit Vista is cool, but it's pretty annoying, partially because it makes my Steam Overlay freeze during CS:S and freezes when I open the settings window in Ventrilo and XFire. It's very upsetting.

Nonetheless, I can actually run two things at once and not have to use elastics to hold my computer together. It's a lot less work for me. My life is officially complete and I can die happily.


I can die happy once Vista fixes itself.

P.S. HL2:Ep2 WAS FUCKING AMAZING. PLAY IT! Sadly, Ep3 is rumoured to not make an appearance at E3 this year

P.P.S. I'm gonna start making Wallpapers for people's PCs so lemme know wat kinda wallpaper you'd like. It familiarizes me with Photoshop
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I think I'm Allergic to SunchipsSo, I really do think I'm allergic to sunchips. But I love 'em so much!
Why is it that I'm allergic to everything I love? Watermelon, cantaloupe, almonds, and now sunchips.

P.S. The list of things I'm allergic to is actually incredibly and dubiously long (it comes with being a geek)
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UGHHHH. Thank god I'm closer next year. I'll actually plan on going next year.
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F&#k Calculus Yes, that's right.

It's now officially declared.
My teacher decided to take everything that we learned throughout the year and double the difficult-factor to put on our final exam.
Wish me luck, I'm going to go die now.

But exams are over, now to find a job!
*sigh* I want to relax, I wish RvB videos were more than 5 minutes
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