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Lei Out 2014This weekend I'm heading out to Santa Monica, CA to play in the annual Lei Out Beach Tournament (Ultimate Frisbee). Sadly I missed the tournament last year but I am beyond excited to play with my team from two years ago, Shotgun for Pull! As you can see below, we have fun!

Lei Out Website

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2013 In ReviewJanuary
-Started coaching Texas State Women's Ultimate
-Joined the Ultimate Players League of Austin Board as the Youth Coordinator
-Met the girl I am currently dating

-Played at and won Mardi Gras (a mixed tournament in Baton Rouge, LA)
-Road tripped to said tournament with Holly, Leo and Kyle
-Started dating Holly
-Coached at a couple tournaments

-Flew to California to play in a college tournament with my brother Jordan
-Broke my foot in said tournament
-Host a random band (7 people) in my apartment
-Coached Ultimate on crutches
-Jordan comes to visit

-Watched my sister get married. I looked good!
-Ran a High School and Middle School Ultimate League
-Cast removed after 7 weeks

-Began physical therapy for my foot
-Weekend in Galveston with Holly and her friends
-Went to Southern California for Grandpa's 80th and my niece's 1st birthdays
-One year anniversary of living in Austin
-Trip to Colorado for sister's graduation and RT:CO
-Finally cleared to run (but not play Ultimate)

-Happy 2 years for working as the AH Community Manager
-Tried out for Doublewide, the Ultimate Frisbee team that had won Nationals the previous year (even though my doctor told me not to)
-Made Doublewide
-Trip to Monterey with Holly and other friends for a couples weekend
-Lost a friend. RIP buddy
-Played in first game with Doublewide

-Lots of frisbee
-Got crushed in a Spikeball tournament
-Watched a teammate and other friends win Ultimate at the World Games for Team USA

-Played in and won the Colorado Cup with Doublewide
-6 months with Holly
-Visited my Grandparents and niece in Southern California
-Began coaching Texas State for a second season

-Played in and finished second at the Pro Finale in California
-Watched sectionals (Frisbee) in Houston (Doublewide had a bye into Regionals)
-Played at Regionals in Colorado with Doublewide and won, earning a trip to Nationals!
-Trip to Norman, OK to coach Texas State

-Turned 25
-Lost a good friend to cancer
-Nationals with Doublewide in Frisco, TX. We had a disappointing 5th place finish. Shout out to my Dad for coming to watch!
-BNL Concert
-Coach Texas State in their home tournament (which they won)

-Extra Life!
-Brother and sister-in-law announce pregnancy. Quinn is gonna be a big sister!
-Fall League begins (casual Ultimate league)
-Trip to California for family Thanksgiving
-Black Friday shopping with mom!

-Trip to Mexico with Jordan to play at the frisbee tournament, Ulticopa. We won the men's and mixed divisions.
-More frisbee (as always)
-Doublewide team banquet
-Back to California for Christmas

Overall I would have to say it was a wonderful year. Thank you to everyone who contributed to it! I'll be posting my New Year's resolutions sometime soon. Until then, tell me how your 2013 went!
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Mexico TripTomorrow, my brother Jordan, aka @koogashark on the site, and I will be taking a trip to Mexico City. We are flying down to play in a 3 day tournament and couldn't be more excited! Thankfully for me, Jordan speaks spanish so communicating won't be bad (although I'm pretty sure the team we are picking up with speaks english).

About that, we are playing with the 6-time reigning National Champions of Mexico, Fenix. Pretty excited for that even if the tournament is just for fun!

It's a short trip (Thursday-Sunday) but I'm sure a ton of great memories will be made! Speaking of good memories, any of you have fun trips planned for the holidays?


Team Twitter: @FENIXUNAM
Tournament Website
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DURRBarbara is the bestest person ever. She is so cool and pretty. I also leave my computer logged in to my RT account and leave my desk for a few minutes. LAWL
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Dom's Still Getting #Fit4RTXRemember Dom aka @OniGanon on the site? If you don't, click that link and read a bit about him. In quick summery, Dom is a friend of mine who has been working hard to lose weight and get healthier.

Dom began his journey in early December of last year. He started by simply "running" a mile. He didn't run the entire mile, he had to walk quite a bit, The run took him about 18 minutes. Now, nearly one year later, Dom has lost roughly 60 pounds and recently ran roughly 6 miles at a 14 and a half minute pace. It's incredible how far he has come!

This weekend, Dom plans on participating in his first ever race event. He'll be running the 5k Cosmic Run at Candlestick Park in San Francisco (3.1 miles) which is awesome for any 49er fan (which both of us are). If you have a minute, tweet him some words of encouragement (or Instagram).

I'm incredibly proud of him and can't wait to run a race with him myself at some point this year!

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Forrest GumpCan we just take a moment to appreciate how good Forrest Gump is? I watched it for the first time in quite a few years last night and while it's one of my favorite movies, I had forgotten how much I really loved it. Very comical historical references, great cast (Tom Hanks was incredible!), I could go on for days about all the things I enjoy about this film!

My favorite part though, is Forrest Gump himself. While his story is awesome and so many interesting and exciting things happen, what I really like is his character. Forrest said it himself, "I'm not a smart man", if I were to describe him, I'd use the word simple. Forrest Gump is a simple man, one with a kind and loving heart. He is constantly bullied, insulted, looked down on but he never thinks much of it. He just carries on being a good person. The only aggression you really see from him is when he defends Jenny from men who are physically abusing her. At the end, when Jenny finally tells him about the child and finally agrees to marry him, instead of being upset about everything she put him through, all he can think about is how beautiful his son is and how much he loves her.

I'd go into more detail, but I want to avoid too many spoilers. This movie came out before many people on this site were born and I want them to have an honest chance of watching it. IT'S SO GOOD AND IT'S CURRENTLY ON NETFLIX!

P.S. I cried and I am not ashamed.
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AstrologySomeone on Tumblr recently asked me about my feelings towards Astrology. While I don't necessarily believe in it, I do find it interesting. I may also be biased because according to Astrology, I'm awesome!

Most people view Astrology based on purely on their day of birth and how it corresponds with the sun (for me, Libra). This means most people only view themselves as one astrological sign, Turns out there are tons more factors like time of birth, locations and where each planet is in the sky. From what I understand the sun is just 1/12 of your astrological chart. It is, however one of the "more important" signs along with the moon and your rising sign.

Most information I have came from people explaining it to me and some from a website, The site is pretty interesting and has tons of free information including a fancy chart that is interactive and gives you lots of information.

Anywho, according to my chart, I'm incredibly balanced which I'm told is awesome. So go me! My "big" three" are listed below as well as my chart. How do you feel about astrology? What are your "big 3"? If you know about astrology, please share your info about it!

Sun: Libra
Moon: Virgo
Rising: Gemini

Sun in Libra, Moon in Virgo

You are of service to those in authority, and people often take advantage of your compliance. Life places you in positions that require you to defer to the wishes of others. In love you are timid and wait for someone else to take the initiative in establishing a relationship. It is difficult for you to relax. Many factors contribute to a perpetual state of tension, which is expressed in your finicky attitude. You cannot relax your criticism of yourself and others, and you often exasperate people with your fault-finding. Ruled by your head, you weigh everything a thousand times before reaching a decision. One result of this overly thorough examination is that you lose sight of the whole. While your individuality seeks inner rest, your obsession with details and exactitude mars your peace of mind. The key to a more harmonious self lies in relaxing your rigid standards of judgment. Your inner nature seeks companionship, and you should give others the chance to recognize that you are basically an affectionate and communicative individual.

Ascendant in Gemini, Mercury in the Fifth House

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and among its key psychological influences over life there are the following: intellectual activities, humanism, and abhorrence of violence, constant doubt of all mental concepts, hesitancy and academic interest. People whose ascending sign is Gemini usually appear as elegant, slender, expressive, and with very humane facial expressions. They are individuals with some literary inclination, dexterous with manual labors and crafts, apt, able, witty, inventive and very curious and subtle.

A Gemini in the ascendant will always distinguish himself by his rather eloquent speech and writing, his much occupied daily life, and his perpetual lack of an ability to effect swift and determined decisions. As a Gemini, you should try to compensate your hesitancy with fast thinking. Your disposition to life-events will be kind and generous (within bounds) but not always fortunate, because of too much vacillation in decision-making circumstances. You possess the capability of rising in life because of your own intellectual assets. Your mind is open and generous, and your intellect self-sufficient; yet on many occasions, judgment will appear as "twisted". You should restrain useless discussion, strife, and unprofitable argument as they're your worst enemies.

Mercury, the ruler of your life, appears in the fifth house. The primordial significance of this position is that the general course of your life will be closely influenced by and centered on matters of pleasure, society, business speculations, and emotions. More specifically, Mercury tends to bring a certain anxiety in connection with sexual affairs, and further indicates a mental propensity in you to become fully absorbed by emotional conditions. In summary, your life will be very much centered on the object of your love, and your mind will be concerned about the condition of your business.
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Extra Life - This Community Rocks!Words cannot truly describe how myself and everyone at Rooster Teeth feels. We (by we I mean this company and the entire community) have done something incredible this weekend, something none of us expected to do. This year Team Rooster Teeth raised over $300,000 for charity between the over $185,000 in donations on Extra Life and the 15,000+ posters sold. That is over a quarter million dollars! Just say it out loud and you'll realize how much money that really is.

None of this would have been possible without all the donations, all the people who bought the poster, those who watched the stream and everyone who spread the word. This community came together and spread more love than imaginable and I still can't wrap my head around it. Thank you so much to everyone who helped. Each and every one of you helped make this happen and I am so grateful of all of you!

I'd like to give a special thanks to @Jack who organized the event. His hard work made our stream possible, without him, there would have have been no event.

Thank you to @caiti and @barbara who stuck it out for most the stream and interacted with the people who tweeted at us.

Thank you to everyone at RoosterTeeth who dropped by the stream. Especially to @Miles @Kerry and everyone else who was there for the #2Spooky shift!

Last, but far from least, thank you to the community. Thank you to everyone who donated, bought the poster, watched the stream or spread the word. You are all amazing! THANK YOU!

Speaking of community, for the 4 or 5 hours I wasn't at the Rooster Teeth stream, I was hanging out with the fine folks of RT Sidequest and RvB:TX who were hosting a stream of their own. They did an awesome job hosting their stream and were able to make their donation goal as well. Kudos to them. I also had the pleasure of playing some GTA V with the lovely ladies of Controllers with a Cause. They haven't met their goal yet so if you have a few dollars to spare, show them some love!

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