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TEP Colombia 2014 RecapEDIT: Click to watch the full game of finals!

What a trip! I must say that my experience the last few days was nothing short of incredible. The food, people, weather, and the Ultimate blew me away! I'd like to thank the organizers of the event for not only inviting Doublewide to come play, but for also organizing such an amazing event!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, for the last 5 days, Doublewide (the Ultimate Frisbee team I play for) has been in Colombia. We were invited to go compete in their premiere tournament against the best the ams the country has to offer. Feel free to read my previous journal regarding our excitement!

Our team flew into Colombia Wednesday evening and upon our arrival we were greater by our bus driver. Normally, this wouldn't be exciting, but the Medellin airport is pretty far from the heart of the city and the drive to and from takes you over a mountain. The way our driver maneuvered that bus around those narrow rows both amazed and terrified me! The gorgeous views helped make the trip less nauseating (so many tight turns and ups and downs). After grabbing a quick bite to eat, our driver took us to our hostel. Nothing like cramming 12 men into one room for 5 days! Thankfully, the hostel was super nice and even had wifi.

Thursday morning brought us the start of our games. Round 1 brought us up against the reigning Colombian National Champions, Euphoria. They played extremely well, caught us sleeping, and took the win 15-14. Congrats to them. This tournament was set up in a way we didn't play back to back so luckily we had some time to explore, nap, and eat. Round 2 we faced the Colombia Junior team who played with incredible speed. We ended up taking the game 17-6! After our victory we had some team dinner/drinks and went to bed early due to our 7am Friday game time.

Waking up at 6am to play isn't on the short list of things I like to do in my life, but at least we were only about a mile from the stadium so the walk there was actually quite refreshing. Our round 3 game came as a 17-5 victory for us over Kie, but the game was closer than the score tells. While the early start time wasn't ideal, it worked well with our second game that started at 5pm. It allowed Doublewide to go out and explore the city, highlighted by the gondola ride to the National Park (photos in the Facebook album linked below). The trip made for a great break and allowed us some relaxation before our round 4 match up where we again faced a team who loved to run, Mamoots. The game ended 17-6 in favor of Doublewide setting us up in a semifinals spot!

Saturday morning meant, semis, and for the first time in the tournament we'd face a non-Colombian team, Seattle Sockeye. For those not familiar with Sockeye, they are a 3 time National Championship team who finished 3rd place at US Nationals last season. While both our squads were understaffed (13 players compared to other teams 20+), this match up featured fast play and high intensity. Incredible to see so late in a tournament where both teams feature low numbers. The battle resulted in a 16-13 Doublewide win! The other semifinals match up featured the Colombian National Championship finals, Euphoria and Osos. Since they played at the same time as Doublewide, we weren't able to see all of the game, but what we saw was extremely fast and physical play. The end result was a Euphoria win!

Saturday's TEP Colombia Final featured the rematch of Doublewide and Euphoria, an extremely close first round match. The big question on everyone's mind was whether Doublewide could continue to run with the larger rostered team so late in a tournament. The answer was yes, and Doublewide took home the gold in a 13-9 victory. One of the coolest parts of the game was that it was aired on a local Colombian station and streamed online. People all over the world were able to watch the event. They even have been airing a recap on local news stations (you can see me running down a score about 40 seconds in, #49)!

The overall experience was nothing short of unbelievable. The level of competition was high, the people were friendly, and the food was tasty. The most emotional moment of the tournament hit after our round 4 win when we left the stadium only to be stopped by dozens of kids from the our areas of Medellin who wanted nothing more than to shake our hands and say hello. It was incredible to see the passion these kids had for the sport I love so much and such an honor to share my time with them (some of them told me we were the first blue eyed people they had seen not on TV). A close second came after the award ceremony. Tons of the youth teams (who competed in the Youth Division) approached Doublewide for photos and autographs and many wished to trade jerseys (I managed to get my hands on a sweet U23 Colombia jersey).

I'm still in awe from the event and only wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you so much to TEP Colombia and everyone who made it happen. Thank you to the RT Community Members who came out and watched the event! I really hope to go back again next year!


P.S. Feel free to check out some of my photos!
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Excited for TEP ColombiaAs I've mentioned many times before, I quite enjoy Ultimate Frisbee and contrary to my coworkers jokes, it's an extremely competitive sport. Part of participating in a competitive sport is traveling to play. In the past the team I play with, Doublewide, has traveled together within the United States. Next Wednesday, we will be taking flight to a new destination; Medellin, Colombia.

We are unbelievably grateful for the invitation to participate in the TEP Colombia tournament and are so excited to get there. Don't believe me? We made a quick video about it! Not the highest quality production, but I think it got the point across.

If anyone out there happens to live in that area, please feel free to come to the tournament and say hello. Tournament information will be post in the linked Facebook page above. You can also like/follow the below pages for updates!



TEP Colombia Twitter
TEP Colombia Facebook
Doublewide Twitter
Doublewide Facebook
Doublewide Website
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Debunking RT Podcast MythsApparently my name was brought up in the RT Podcast discussion last night due to my recent injury. While the jokes and quick jabs about me and the sport I play are for fun and games, I'm actually bothered by the fact that some people actually believe I "tripped on a frisbee".

Before I get into this more, please go watch a few minutes of this video.

Watched it? Awesome! Now that you have a slight idea of what Ultimate Frisbee looks like and you know it's not this, or this, or this, we can talk a little bit about what I do.

This first video I linked to you is footage of Austin Doublewide, the 2012 National Champions, and the team I play for. Plays like you saw in that video are how I've gotten injured. Don't believe me? Here is a photo of me getting horizontal. Please don't get it confused with photosohpped images like this one.

During the season (May-October), my team practices 4 days a week. 2 hours of conditioning on Tuesdays, 2 hour practice on Thursday, 5 hour practice on Saturday, and 4 hour practice on Sunday. We practice about 13 hours a week in 100 degree weather throughout the summer. Weekends we don't have practice we are traveling for tournaments. Last year we had tournaments in North Carolina, California, Colorado (twice), and lucky for us Nationals were in Dallas (and will be again this year so come watch).

Not only do we compete Nationally (Canada and Mexico compete at our Nationals), but we also get to compete Internationally. In two weeks I'll be heading to Colombia to compete in a tournament with Doublewide. This August, I'll be heading to Italy to compete in the World Championships (which happen every 4 years). Over 50 countries and 150 teams across 5 divisions compete at Worlds. Sadly, Doublewide finished 5th at Nationals in 2013 and didn't qualify to go (needed 4th or higher), but I've been asked by the National Champion Coed team from Mexico to join them.

I think I've gone on a bit of a ramble, but it's nice when people understand a little more about what I do. Also, I met Holly (my girlfriend) at a party. While she does play Ultimate, we don't play together. She plays for Texas Showdown, one of the best women's teams in the world and she is also loads better than I. In college she was Callahan runner-up (think Heisman Trophy or MVP) and is one of the best players in the women's game.


P.S. Happy 11th birthday Rooster Teeth!
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Sponsor Minecraft Server FunFor those who don't already know, Rooster Teeth has a Minecraft Server for sponsors of the website. It's a pretty great time and if you want into for how to join or want to stay in the loop, be sure to follow @Burnie on the site. Granted you have to be a sponsor to gain access.

Anywho, I hopped in a little bit yesterday and thought it might be fun to goof around a bit. One thing led to another and after about 45 minutes of disorder and randomness, we came to a very interesting result.

Anyway, hope to see some more of you in the server!

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I only ever post about FrisbeeI'm tired so this post may or may not be incoherent. Wish me luck. Oh, if you are curious about why I always talk about Frisbee, read this.

February 19th, 2014 - This first part of my journal has very little to do with Frisbee. In mid February, Holly and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by catching Wicked! Still counts as a Frisbee post though cause that's how we met and we both play competitively!

February 23rd, 2014 - Shortly after, Holly and I won Austin Winter League. Our team went 14-1 on the season and avenged our one loss by beating the team in the finals! #PrettyInPink

March 1st-2nd, 2014 - My brother Jordan aka @KoogaShark flew from San Diego to Austin, then drove 8 hours with Holly and I to Baton Rouge, LA for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. He is such a sucker. We won the tournament for a second year in a row but most importantly, the tournament provided Jambalaya was again incredible. Yay for delicious free food!

March 7th-8th, 2014 - Flew to Nashville with enemy (but also friendly) coach, Janel, from University of Texas and one of their players/my friend, Brady. We spent the flight coloring in a Disney Princess coloring book. Some lady even asked to join in on the fun (and of course we included her).

I'm incredibly proud of the team. After driving 14 hours (one way) they showed up to the tournament with only 13 players (5 couldn't make the trip) and absolutely crushed it. Our Sunday morning victory (game 4 of the weekend) over the 27 woman rostered Rochester highlighted the success of Trainwreck who finished the weekend an impressive 5-1.

While I flew to the tournament, my team (Texas State Trainwreck) borrowed my Prius to drive to the event. They returned the car with some cosmetic additions. I approve of the changes!

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WUCC 2014While I'm sure the abbreviation WUCC 2014 doesn't mean much to you, it means the world to me. It's short for World Ultimate Club Championships 2014. (Yes, this is another Frisbee journal.) The WUCC come around every 4 years and to qualify, your team has to place in a certain spot at your country's National Championships (number of spots vary by country). This year, your team had to place top 3 in it's division to qualify. Sadly, my team finished 5th.

Good news though, the National Championship Coed team from Mexico, Slash, is short on players and have asked me to join them this year (same team I played with back in December)! I'm unbelievably honored that they asked me to help them in this International tournament that features over 50 Countries across 5 divisions.

Oh, did I mention that the tournament is going to be in LECCO, ITALY???

That's right! The tournament is taking place in Lecco, Italy (on Lake Como and about an hour from Milan) from August 2nd-9th. What's even cooler is it's only 40 minutes from where I lived as a kid! The plan right now is to be in the area for about 10 days, so if anyone in the area wants to do so, let me know and maybe we can organize a meet up!

You are also welcome to come watch the tournament, but tickets are 80 Euros (covers all 7 days of the event).

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Disc DesignHey all!

It's that time of year again where I run the Youth Ultimate Frisbee League here in Austin. This means I need help creating a design that would look great on a disc for the middle and high school kids. This year we chose the theme of Jurassic Park, so we are looking for something similar to it's logo.

The trick though is that the design can only have one color (transparent background) and follow all of the discraft rules for a Ultrastar Hot Stamp. The color of the disc will be white. I'd also like it to read "Jurassic Huck" and in smaller print say "UPLA Spring League 2014". I know this is asking a lot, but it is for the kids!

Please feel free to get creative. The main point is dinosaurs and frisbee in a logo. Let me know in the comments if you are willing to give it a try!

Thanks! <3
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Lei Out 2014 - SUCCESSLast Thursday I took off to Southern California for the beach Ultimate Tournament, Lei Out. On the way I made a quick stop at my older brother, Micah's, house to spend time with him, my sister-in-law, and my super cute niece. Friday with them was wonderful, and I really enjoyed the brother bonding time. While seeing Micah is always a good time, he can't compare to his 19 month old daughter, Quinn. She's such a cutie, especially when she gave me a kiss goodnight! First person ever to get one that isn't mommy or daddy!! Only downside is that my brother taught her to call me "Uncle Caca", oh well.

Friday night to Sunday evening was spent on the beach with people from the Ultimate Frisbee community. While the team I played for, Shotgun for Pull, went 3-4 on the weakend, we still had a great time. The best part about Lei Out is that so many people from around the country (and sometimes world) travel to this event in Santa Monica. It's a time to see old friends, make new ones, grab a few drinks, and party (although the DJ at the Saturday night party was the worst DJ in the history of man).

Big thanks to those of you who came out and said hello, it's always great to meet you. Big shoutout to @dacalac for taking a few photos!

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