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caleb Cast & Crew
Extra Life Pre-Party StreamWe are under 30 minutes away from the Extra Life Pre-Party Stream! Be sure to tune in from 5-9pm CST for a great time. We'll also be giving away prizes every 30 minutes!

The purpose of this stream is to encourage people to sign up for Rooster Teeth Extra Life Team. Signing up is completely free!

This event is also prep for the upcoming 24-hour stream on October 25th where we'll be super zany in order to raise money for Children's hospitals everywhere! Rooster Teeth will be raising funds specifically for the Dell Children's Hospital of Central Texas.

Click to join Team Rooster Teeth
Link to stream
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Harassment and BullyingThere has been a lot of talk on this site recently regarding harassment/bullying and how it's caused some people to leave. Let me start by saying that Rooster Teeth does not tolerate harassment or bullying. If someone is harassing you, please take the following actions:

1. Do not respond to the harasser
2. Do not publicly mention the harasser or call them out
3. Take screen shots of the harassment
4. Contact a mod or admin and report the harasser. (If it's something they can't handle, it will be brought to me.)
5. If you don't hear back from the mod/admin within 48 hours, message me.

People on the internet tend to say things they shouldn't as they feel safe behind their screens. Sometimes those people will say something mean to you, or they may tell you they dislike something you made/did. While those are rude things to do, isolated negative comments are not considered bullying or harassment.

If someone messages you terrible things multiple times, leaves negative comments on all your posts, rallies others to leave negative comments, or creates multiple accounts to do any of the above, that is bullying/harassment. The difference can be a fine line, which is why each case is handled separately. It is also why you should never hesitate to contact a mod/admin if you feel someone is harassing/bullying you.
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The Road to NationalsI'm currently in the car on my way to Tulsa, OK to compete in the South Central Regionals. Regionals is the start of the playoffs for Doublewide, and in order to qualify for Nationals in 3 weeks we must place in the top 2. Coming in this weekend, we are seeded second to Denver's Johnny Bravo. This has been the case every year we've been in this region, and every year we have won regionals.

Since I'm mobile, I won't be posting details, but if you want to keep up with my weekend click the link and check out Doublewide in the men's division. If you live near Tulsa, feel free to come watch. The link also has location info!


You can also follow myself or Doublewide on Twitter for updates:


If you have questions, send them over Twitter as I won't be able to check the site while I'm there.

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Labor Day WeekendGood news everyone, I'm flying to Seattle this weekend, which means I'll be in the area for PAX. Bad news everyone, I'm flying to Seattle for an Ultimate tournament so I won't be at PAX. There is a good chance I'll be around the convention center Sunday night though, so maybe we can hang out! Or if you happen to have the time, come watch me play in Burlington, WA.

9:00am vs Denver Johnny Bravo
1:00pm vs Seattle Sockeye
3:00pm vs Atlanta Chain Lightning


If you're interested in following the action or coming to watch, check out the tournament page. I play in the men's division for Austin Doublewide. You can also check for updates via Twitter.

My twitter
Doublewide Twitter

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Fails of the Weak - The RebootAfter 199 episodes of Fails of the Weak, we decided it was time for a change. While we loved using strictly Halo clips for the show, those fails had become repetitive to both us and the audience. Sure, there were some original clips still to be found, but in order to find them and make an episode we were happy with we'd have to spend 6 hours searching. This meant that between searching, recording, editing, and recording audio, an episode of Fails of the Weak would take 8 hours, or a full work day. This is more time into one video than anything else we make, which is insane for a 3 minute video.

After weeks of planning and discussion, we decided the best course of action was to begin using clips from our GameFails channel for Fails of the Weak. This would open up the show to fails and glitches from every game (THIS INCLUDES HALO IF PEOPLE WOULD SUBMIT THEM), adding a fresh feel to the show. We believe that this course of action is best for everyone and stand by our decision.

The one downside to this change was that the GameFails channel would now lose it's weekly recap show, one of the few shows on the channel that featured commentary. This left the channel with 3 random fail clips a day (Monday-Friday) without commentary and the occasional Best of/Compilation video with commentary. In order to spruce up the GameFails channel, we decided to merge the 3 random fails each day into one video with commentary from a rotating cast.

Let's review:

Episode 1-199 of Fails of the Weak:
10 Clips exclusively Halo with Jack and Geoff Commentating
GameFails has 3 clips per day without commentary
GameFails has weekly recap video featuring 5 clips from the week with commentary
Took roughly 8-10 hours to produce all this content

Episode 200-the foreseeable future of Fails of the Weak:
5 clips highlighting the best of the week from the GameFails channel featuring Geoff and Jack
GameFails now has "Daily Fail" with 3 clips and rotating cast for commentary
Takes roughly 3-5 hours to produce all this content

Not only does the change breathe new life into a show that we love, it also decreases the workload and allows us to put more attention in places that need it. This is a win/win for everyone in our minds.

The largest complaint we've received about the switch is that we are simply regurgitating the fails, and that we do this because we are lazy. We're sorry you feel this way, but that's not the reason. We use clips from the Daily Fail for Fails of the Weak because it's a good chance to cross promote. We love our GameFails channel and want to share it with all of you. Sadly we didn't have a place to remind you all about it regularly. With this new format, you get a weekly reminder to go check out the GameFails channel and listen to what some of the other Achievement Hunters said about the clips!

In case you don't get what we mean, the people commentating on Fails of the Weak will never be the same people commentating on that batch of Daily Fails (as long as travel plans don't make it impossible). So while you will be seeing 5 of the 15 clips from the week twice (3 clips per day, 5 days per week, 5 of those appear in FotW), you won't have to listen to people talk about it twice. Commentary and reactions will always be fresh!

We've put a ton of thought into this reboot (one that many had been calling for), it's not just something we did for the sake of change. We have a lot of love for this show and only want to see it improve and continue strong. In order for that to happen, don't just tell us what you want, SHOW US! The beauty of Fails of the Weak and GameFails is that the content comes from you, the community! If you want to see different games, better clips, etc, you have the power to make it happen. All you have to do is submit your own clips (please read the FAQ before submitting).

GameFails Channel
Fails of the Weak Playlist
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World Ultimate Club Championships 2014It'd been raining for weeks in Lecco, Italy, the site of the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC). The city had seen record rain fall and with the first day of the tournament fast approaching, it'd seemed as though the storms would hold. While many Ultimate (Frisbee) players held onto optimism, rumors of tournament cancellation spread fast.

The World Ultimate Club Championships is a week long tournament held every 4 years that features the top teams from countries around the world. For 2014, the tournament hosted 160 teams from 40 different countries across 5 divisions. In order to qualify, a team must either win (or in some countries, place top 3) their respective National championships the year prior. Sadly, my local US team, Austin Doublewide, finished 5th in 2013 and missed a trip to Italy by one spot. Thankfully, a coed team from Mexico called Slash was looking for a couple players. They were nice enough to add myself, my brother Jordan (@koogashark), and my girlfriend Holly to their roster.

Holly, Jordan, and I would like to thank Slash for inviting us to compete with them and represent their home country of Mexico. Playing with you was an honor and unbelievably fun. Staying in the dorms with you, staying up late sharing drinks while talking Ultimate is an experience I will never forget!

During the tournament, teams would stay at either a hotel or at the Athlete's Village. Slash chose to stay in the dormitories at the Athlete's Village, the lowest level of accommodations. These "dorms" were not like college dorms you'd imagine with the name. These were more like giant tents in a field with make shift walls and 4-6 cots per room. Not a great place to stay in terms of sleeping, but a wonderful experience since you share a tent with two or three other teams. Unfortunately, due to the record rainfall prior to the tournament, much of the area around the tents had flooded which meant that to get to the bathroom, or anywhere, players had to track through 4 inches of water. Luckily, Jordan had the brilliant idea to create a path to keep us above the water level!

Now settled into the our accommodations, Slash ventured to the stadium for the Opening Ceremonies. In some sort of miracle, the rain had stopped and many players enjoyed an exciting showcase game together. As the ceremonies and game came to a close, and everyone rode their high spirits from a dry game, dark clouds began to grow. By the time everyone returned to the Athlete's Village, the torrential downpour began. It stormed all night, cause the tent to shake and rattle, keeping many players awake through the night. To make matters worse, news soon spread that Sunday games were canceled.

Morning came with many upset players, sad because they'd spent so much time and money to come to a tournament that looks on the path of complete cancellation. After a morning full of rain, the clouds retreated and players emerged from the dryness of their tents. Upon making their way to the core of the Athlete's Village (home of the Wifi), people learned that the fields were so bad, that the tournament had a helicopter flown to the field site to blow water off the fields and had set up a tractor/steam roller to flatten the fields each day after they were torn up by gameplay. All this meant one glorious thing, rain or shine, the rest of the tournament was on!

Turns out, the weather forecast of week long rain was completely wrong and after the Sunday morning storm, 6 days of beautiful sunshine endured! The tractor/steam roller was still needed each day to flatten fields, some people still got stuck in the mud, and many people spent the week layered in mud, but the sunny skies and mountains surrounding the fields made for an incredibly beautiful tournament venue!

In the end, Slash managed to play 8 games over 5 days (first day cancelled, last day reserved for finals). We finished a glorious 40th out of 48 in the coed division (1 win and 7 losses) and loved every game we played! Click here if you want details (aside from the scores shared below) of how all our games went.

UFO (Netherlands) Loss 7-15
Sexy Legs (Estonia) Loss 11-15
Bear Calvary (UK) Loss 9-15
BDM (France) Loss 8-15
Bivini (Russia) Win 15-9
FUJ (Czech Republic) Loss 12-17
Outsiterz (Slovakia) Loss 11-17
China United Ultimate Party (China) Loss 14-17

Playing 8 different countries in our 8 games was quite the reward. Learning all the different play styles and cultures is really inspiring. As for me, I finished 11th overall (out of roughly 1000 players) in points scored in the coed division. More importantly, Slash won one of the most prestigious awards in Ultimate, the Spirit of the Game Award. Not only did we take 1st of 48 in the coed division, we also placed 1st across all divisions (160 teams). This award is so special because our sport does not have officials so all teams must play with sportsmanship jun order for games to happen. At the end of each game, your team ranks your opponent on 5 categories (Rules Knowledge and Use, Fouls and Body Contact, Fair-Mindedness, Positive Attitude and Self-Control, Communication) and at the end of the tournament it's averaged out. Due to finishing 1st we were able to participate in the Closing Ceremonies to collect our medals.

tl;dr Worlds was awesome, I'm a World
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WUCC 2014 Update v2Days 1-4 of the World Ultimate (Frisbee) Club Championships has come to an end. Slash still may not have won a game, but it's been incredible to play with this team from Mexico. Watching this team grow each game is inspiring and I can't wait to see what we can do tomorrow! If you happen to live in Northern Italy, please feel free to come watch!

Sunday, August 3rd:
11:00am on Field 17 vs Bear Calvary (UK)

Sunday games moved due to rain.

Monday, August 4th:
1:00pm on Field 11 vs UFO (Netherlands) Loss 8-15
5:00pm on Field 28 vs Sexy Legs (Estonia) Loss 11-15

Tuesday, August 5th:
11:00am on Field 17 vs Bear Calvary (UK) Loss 9-15

Wednesday, August 6th:
11:00am on Field 17 vs BDM (France) Loss 8-15

Thursday, August 7th:
9:00am on Field 25 vs Bivini (Russia)
1:00pm or 3:00pm vs TBD (this game will be based on results from 9:00am game)

Friday, August 8th:
TBD (Schedule will be based on previous results, follow on twitter for updates during the tournament.)

Here is the tournament address:
Via Aldo Moro, 92
23847 Coroldo LC

If you feel so bold, you can also try and follow my schedule by reading this or here in Mixed Pool H and Mixed Pool DD.

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caleb Cast & Crew
WUCC 2014 UpdateDay 1 and 2 of the World Ultimate (Frisbee) Club Championships has come to an end. While Slash has yet to win a game, we at least are the prettiest team out there. It's been strange not having internet all the time.

Sunday, August 3rd:
11:00am on Field 17 vs Bear Calvary (UK)

Sunday games moved due to rain.

Monday, August 4th:
1:00pm on Field 11 vs UFO (Netherlands) Loss 8-15
5:00pm on Field 28 vs Sexy Legs (Estonia) Loss 11-15

Tuesday, August 5th:
11:00am on Field 17 vs Bear Calvary (UK)

Wednesday, August 5th through Friday, August 8th:
TBD (Schedule will be based on previous results, follow on twitter for updates during the tournament.)

Here is the tournament address:
Via Aldo Moro, 92
23847 Coroldo LC

If you feel so bold, you can also try and follow my schedule by reading this and following my score updates on Twitter or here in Mixed Pool H.


P.S. The Netherlands was incredible!
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