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caleb Cast & Crew
New to Achievement Hunter?If you were to introduce someone to Achievement Hunter, what videos would you show them? What videos would be good for explaining inside jokes? What series should be shared? What episodes?

I'm asking for reasons.
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New Years Resolution UpdateEvery 4 years, the World Flying Disc Federation hosts both a World Ultimate Club Championship and a World Ultimate Championship. The first, is a tournament featuring the best club teams from countries all over the world. This event was most recently hosted in 2014 in Lecco, Italy. I was fortunate enough to play with a coed team from Mexico.

The second of those events, the World Ultimate Championships, features one team from each country (about 25 countries in total). That team is formed from the best players in each country through a rigorous tryout process. In the US, you have to submit and pass a written tryout to even be considered for tryouts.

Why am I telling you this? Because as I stated it my New Years Resolution journal, I've set a personal goal of trying out for Team USA and they've just announced the location of the event. #HYPE

The 2016 World Ultimate Championships will be host from June 18th to the 25th in London, England!! I've always wanted to make a trip to the UK, so why not do it with a chance to be a world champion?

As for my minor resolutions for 2015 (the ones to aid me to reach the big goal), I'm actually doing really well aside from still drinking too much soda.

How are you all doing on your resolutions? If I make this team (my goal is simply to get an invite to tryouts, but a guy can dream!) who of you will come watch?

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New Years Resolution 2015In the past I've always set little goals for my New Years Resolutions. Each year I meet most of those goals, but don't feel accomplished as none were actually a challenge, or took everyday focus. This year I've decided to challenge myself. I want my goal to be something I work on every day. I want it to be something I'm scared to strive for. That's why my goal for 2015 is to try out for Team USA at the end of the year. Of all applicants during the last World Games, only 100 were invited to try-out and only 15 made the team. Below are the steps I'm taking to reach this goal:

Diet Change:
-Limit processed sugar intake
-Eat out less
-Healthier home cooked meals

Working Out/Injury Prevention:
-Monday/Wednesday/Friday at Clock Work Body (workouts to build strength and endurance)
-Play pick up to maintain cardio endurance during offseason
-Once Doublewide season starts I'll lift less and add sprint workouts

Improve Specific Skills:
-Work on I/O flick and hucks
-Develop better awareness in order to help more with team defense
-Work on footwork to improve cutting and agility

This is a lofty goal, as there are many talented players out there who would love to represent the USA next year and while I would absolutely love to represent our country, the honor of trying out for this team would mean the world to me.

Any of you make some New Years Resolutions?

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Game Kids UpdateA tad over a month ago, Geoff and I launched a new channel aimed towards creating family friendly gaming content. It was a huge change for my day to day, but an exciting one. One that would finally allow my brother and I to make videos again!

I'd love if you all would give our series a watch! I personally think episodes 2 and 3 of the Minecraft Life are our best work, but recommend you start the series at episode 0. Please let me know what you think!


That's enough about me, how were all of you? What all did you do for New Years?
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Push Notifications OffOn the heels of deleting Snapchat (which I despise), tonight I deleted my tumblr and Instagram accounts. While I actually like tumblr and Instagram, I find myself on them far more than I should be. While I don't think using social media a bunch is a bad thing, people tend to use them in situations where they are with a group or worse, in a 1 on 1 conversation. This frustrates me to no end, and to make matters worse, I'm a huge offender of this.

This isn't some crazy revelation I've had about myself, I noticed my issue years ago, which is why last January my New Years resolution was to use social media less. In an effort to aid this goal, I turned off push notifications on all apps besides texts, phone, and GroupMe (group text app my team and friends use). This change helped a ton, but I don't believe it's enough. I'm hoping removing two more social media accounts will help the situation.

Anywho, what are your thoughts? Which social media sites do you enjoy/hate?

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Games Kids LaunchToday at 3pm Central Time we will be launching the Game Kids channel. If you haven't already, we'd appreciate if you'd subscribe to the channel and check out our awesome trailer!

Games Kids is a channel focused on creating family-friendly gaming shows. If you have more questions about the channel, please check out the Q&A Geoff and I held last week. You are also welcome to post questions here.

To celebrate the launch, we thought that one video wouldn't be enough, so we are going to pre-upload 6 episodes before the official launch at 3pm. 5 of those episodes will have already been uploaded previously to either the Let's Play Channel or Bro Gaming Channel, but we felt it was important to give give an overall preview of the channel at launch. The plan for these videos is to begin uploading them at 12pm Central Time in 20 minute increments.

Pre-Upload Videos:
Kids Play - Star Control 2 with JD, Teddy, and Burnie
Kids Play - Burnie and JD mod FTL Millennium Falcon
Kids Play - Turbo Dismount with JD and Teddy
Kids Play - Little Inferno with Burnie and Teddy
Bro Gaming - The Minecraft Life Episode 0
Bro Gaming - BattleBlock Theater Chapter 1*

Launch Show:
Sims Sisters - Creating a Sims Family*

*New content

Going forward, the channel will follow a regular schedule:
Mondays: Sims Sisters
Join Millie, her nanny Chelsea, and occasionally her parents Geoff and Griffon, as they explore their creativity in the world of Sims.
Wednesday: Kids Play
Matt, Webb, and Mills or Burnie, JD, and Teddy come together to play video games and strengthen family relationships.
Friday: Bro Gaming
Join Caleb and his younger brother, Jordan, as they test the limits of their 21 years together through cooperative gaming.

A huge thanks to @brianb for staying up way to late on way too many nights to get all the intro animations finished and for designing the Bro Gaming log. A big thanks to @Jon who designed the Game Kids, Kids Play, and Sims Sisters logos. Thank you to @TrevorC who came in over the holidays to finish editing all of the content you will see today. Without the three of them this channel would not launch on time.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello, leave a comment below!
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caleb Cast & Crew
Game Kids Teaser TrailerYesterday we released the teaser trailer for our new family-friendly gaming channel, Game Kids! We hope you are as excited as we are for the new channel!

Release Schedule:
Mondays: Sims Sisters
Join Millie and her nanny Chelsea as they explore their creativity in the world of Sims.

Wednesday: Kids Play
Matt, Webb, and Mills or Burnie, JD, and Teddy come together to play video games and strengthen family relationships.

Friday: Bro Gaming
Caleb and Jordan, brothers for 21 years, test the limits of their family ties through cooperative gaming.

Note: We will not be disabling comments on videos, but we will be moderating them heavily.

If you have questions about the channel, please feel free to ask them in the comments section, or you cold leave some feedback!
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caleb Cast & Crew
Game Kids Q&AGeoff and I will be answering questions about the new Game Kids Channel that launches December 1st in the comments of this journal.

Come at us!

EDIT: Be sure to read the first page of comments to see if your question has already been answered.

SECOND EDIT: Teaser Trailer coming Friday!

THIRD EDIT: Some answers to the most asked questions
The channel has been in the works for years
Content will be family friendly (geared more for kids)
Videos will feature the Ramsey family, Burns family, Denecour family, and a few other kids and RT staff
The cast will be consistent
Videos will be released Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Videos will be Let's Play style and 10-20 minutes long
Games will vary
Geoff, Caleb, and Trevor will run the channel
Game Kids will most likely not promote other RT projects, and RT will only promote Game Kids occasionally
The YouTube comment section will be moderated, not disabled
Game Kids is not an Achievement Hunter entity, the channel is a stand alone product

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