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I log in today to see that 3 days ago they found Kunckles' body. I am sorry to see this. I only played with him once and he seemed like a pretty cool dude. You will be missed by everyone who your life has touched here on Rooster Teeth and Xbox Live brother. Everyone who believes say a prayer for his family, that they might find the strength to carry on in his absence, and that they can get some form of closure from finding his body. I pray that they do.

Minor petty selfish note: thank you to those who congratulated me on being a FU, I wish I had logged in that day.
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SPONSORMy totally awesome wife just gave me my last birthday present which was a 6 month sponsorship to rooster teeth. Words can not begin to express how cool of a present this is!
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Dual account?So I just discovered I had a second account on here. I wonder how I go about merging the accounts...
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why are ky friends watching porn on their xbox internet explorer app?
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Wish me luck!I have applied for a promotion at work. I have an interview friday and I'm confident that I will get the job. I am just really tired right now. I wanted to type something long and thoughtful here but my brain is not cooperating. Oh, well.
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The Ultimate Selfish Christmas PresentWhen you were a kid did you ever want a material toy or thing badly enough that you wished that Santa would bring one to you? I still have my idea of one. From the Robotech cartoon's third series, it was/is a transformable jet fighter and its companion transformable jet booster. They are called the Alpha and Beta fighters from that series, at least the Americanized version of the series. I am longing to own these myself. I know its a childish whim and that i have other things i need to concentrate on with my money, but its one of those long childhood desires that sticks with you, and has not died in me. *sigh* With all the problems in the world and all the other things I could be thinking about, this one Christmas gift I've always wanted is all I can think about at the moment. The problem is I can't justify buying them with everything else going on in my life. Besides all I'd do is take them out of the boxes and play with them. :3 "An unobtainable dream is the best kind; because, it gives you something to work towards, and maybe, just maybe one day it could come true." ~Angeal, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for Sony PSP (or something to that effect of the quote)
I think I just needed to get that off my chest.

If you follow the links you'll see why.
Alpha Fighter:
Beta Fighter:
If you could get that one childhood dream toy, would you?
A) Yes
B) No

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At work....Well I'm at work right now and I realize how much Ohio weather sucks... I mean its raining. I don't mean like regular rain, blah blah blah, I mean like its raining balls! Literally! They are not drops but balls. Its nuts. I wish I was on drugs so I could be tripping this, but I'm completely sober right now and I'm seeing rain balls! I wonder if its too late to preorder the Apocalypse?

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Wow, can't belive it...Well its not too much longer till my love is going to visit me. Makes me all giggily inside. *sighs happily* things are going great. now if i can get my car fixed all things will be as they should.
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