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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
Gargrantuan Rageaholic
The Gentleman's WarCheck out my latest video submission for the AH Community Channel where my friends and I have ourselves a standoff of 3v3 as we try and recreate what a Revolutionary War era battle would look like. Or as close as we could get.

Things to do in... GTA V-Gentleman's War
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
GTA V HeistInspired by the Heists the AH Crew created, my friend Nathan decided a while back that he wanted to make one of his own. Take a look and maybe give us some feedback on what you thought of the video. I do want to add that I aided with capturing the video and I apologize for the audio issues. There were some difficulties involved.

GTA 5 Heist
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
Back in ActionAfter being on a hiatus of over a year I am back to making AH Community videos. Check out the latest video featuring myself and my good friend Alan, aka unnamed 23 or JTilden here on site.

Things to do in... Minecraft-Falling Floors
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
FNM-Devotion to Colossal Hexproof GruulFor all you Magic the Gathering players out there this was a deck I came up with that contains elements from Makihito Mihara's Colossal Gruul Deck featured at Pro Tour Theros many months ago. I finished 4:1 at my LGS this past Friday at FNM and was happy with how it preformed. Fear the power and might of Hexproof Gods and Hydras of gargantuan size and remember "Not Gruul? Then die!"
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
Excellent Work TeamThe live stream has finally ended for Extra Life here on the site and team Rooster Teeth managed to donate a little over $180,000. Fantastic job to everyone that participated in the event. Hopefully we are able to surpass this year's goal next year and as the cast and crew mentioned time and time again during the stream "It's for the kids."
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
Spoiler Alert Pokemon X and YMagikarp officially knows another move aside from Splash. Tackle. Mind Blown.
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
Theros Prerelease EventThis was my first Magic: The Gathering event and I pulled out what I could and wound up going 2 and 1. I stuck with Red/Green aggro, my personal favorite deck choice, and managed to hold my own from two of my three opponents. I had a fantastic time and it seems that the majority of the players there did as well. I also got a great selection of cards from the new set and am excited to start modifying my current decks and maybe making a new one or two. If anyone has ever been interested in joining to play I seriously suggest giving it a shot.
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Gargrantuan Rageaholic
The Nintendo 2DSIt seems that Nintendo is launching a brand new Nintendo DS model. Presenting the Nintendo 2DS

To my understanding its basically the same thing as the current 3DS and 3DS XL models except that it doesn't possess 3D capabilities, it doesn't fold, and it isn't as portable as a 3DS. The system appears to be targeted toward a younger audience and without the strain of the 3D on their eyes thats a bit of a plus especially because it can still play games that use the 3D. The bulkiness does make it a look odd but the system fits rather well in the hands of children and because its designed to be a household system portability isn't an issue, especially when you are a kid and could care less.

The announcing of the new 2DS is only a few hours old at the time I am typing this and many people seem to be disappointed with it. I for one understand the logic behind it and I don't see any issues, except for Streetpass and the games associated with it. Does anyone have any thoughts about it?

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