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CathalOHara Not a cat
CathalOHara Not a cat
7l joined the site seven years and fifteen days ago. I joined when l was 16 and now I'm 23.
I just love looking at all my cringe-worthy journal entries I made back in the day.

I've not matured at all either, which is cool too.

This has also been the first journal I've written in forever, whew.
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CathalOHara Not a cat
Got my sponsorship back......and only took two and a half years. Fuck yeah.
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Congrats RT......to ten years of quality content. Wish I could say something funny/stupid but I don't really have much energy in me to.
I remember visiting this site when it was only three years old though, I became a member not long after the fifth anniversary and since then... well boom.
Went through 4 computers, hundreds of journal entries and six sponsors.
Will I ever get another? Probably, when RvB returns most likely.

But here's to another ten years guys, <3 you all.

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Just noticed...You can also thumbs up your own journal entries now.
Sweet, now I can look like I have friends.
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No longer +1 FunnyNow all I can get are thumbs.
This change is another bad one. RT, stop it. Just when I decide to use the site again you guys decide to downgrade it.
Fuckin' A.
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Playing Assassin's Creed III till you can't play Assassin's Creed^ GREATEST JOURNAL TITLE EVER OF ALL TIME

I've just completed Assassin's Creed III. In pretty much one sitting. Being sick gives me plenty of time to play other games.
Three years ago, I reviewed II in a journal entry and I was quite pleased by it, I gave it a 10.
However I am more critical now than I was back then because my positive side decided to jaywalk a few too many times. Plus l'm too lazy to write one.
Actually, that's the honest truth, I'm too lazy. Fuckiet.

I don't want to give much away over it but know this, it's on par with the best entry of the series (which in my opinion was Brotherhood) it was very boldly designed doing some things I wouldn't ever have took the risk of.
With how fantastic the game is be warned, the ending is VERY unsatisfactory. Like ME3 unsatisfactory.

Oh yeah, a tiny little game known as...

...is out in just over five days.
I'll obviously be getting that.

See you fuckers there.
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CathalOHara Not a cat
CATAL NEWS #1-5Alright dudes. Lookie here, I'm back.
Well when I say I'm back, all I did was get off my lazy bum and decided to type up a new journal entry.
With this season's RvB coming to a close and the release of Halo 4 little less than a month away, I decided to make a full on return here. So FUCK YEAH.
First journal of business? Gonna catch up and post shit of the shit you guys missed.

Remember that news show I rattled on about? It finally happened. As matter of fact, it's been out for about a month now.
Here they are:


Enjoy them, I worked my fuckin' ass of with them.

The show was inspired by the work of "Pro Jared" who hosted "Hard News" on Screwattack.com up until just recently, he left the site.

You can now watch his solo stuff here. Which I highly recommend, he's a comedy and gaming genius.

I'm Cathal and that, was one really rushed journal entry.

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CathalOHara Not a cat
FawkHaven't posted for awhile.

Nah I don't really have a reason, just been too lazy. Don't really have an excuse other than that. Don't seem like there's as much fun to have here like there was 3 or so years ago. I need to find some magic around here again. Because it's grown tiresome yell "Fak you" to Trunk Monkeey every hour (k, it hasn't but still).

I'll stick around, just need to find some new home forum area where I can talk shit and people will talk shit. Where? I don't know, somewhere.
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