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Days off and Halo reachA quick hello to the people who watch me,

I've not been active for awhile but a quick update, days off work, are not good days!

Well im back at work after a couple days off, Played through halo reach on tuesday on heroic, I like it but it brought back memories of ODST which i didnt like much so that lowered its score.

Im not overly thrilled by the "halo edition" xbox 360, while i appreciate it was good value of £250 for the console, 2 controllers, game and bonus content. I felt like the specialness wasnt there. Only custom noise i noticed was the disc tray (and maybe the power off but that just seems weird) and the matt paint effect on the controllers im not a huge fan of but im sure ill grow to it. The headset was a bit naff to and i kept my old one from the original released xbox as it was nicer.

THIS might be due to my current bad mood though and i might liked it more when i calmed down. But i got up on tuesday all set for halo reach to find my new car (which i've had for 4 weeks) had been keyed by some idiot the previous night and left a nice scratch along the passenger side, not a greatstart
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Week 2.4 - no sign of my merchTwo weeks and no Roosterteeth merch

I know its international shipping, and from previous experience it takes a long time, but i cant wait for my Grifball t shirt
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I love the videos on hereI gotta say im a massive fan of the videos on here

i used to be really into movie making and stuff even before i learnt what Roosterteeth or RvB was, but don't have the time or resources to make any more (mainly resources and lack of actors rofl)

But i will work on finding the files for my old BMX movie i made while at college and upload that, i think its still on youtube to, but if i got anything to share, thats the one
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Shall i get my geek on? :-pMy friend has asked me to go LARP'ing, for those who don't know what that means (as i didn't until recently) is Live Action Role Playing. Like the thing from the Role models film, or i guess a kind of comic con in the woods

Now at first i thought no way am i dressing up etc and going around a woods with a rubber sword, but after looking on their webstie and stuff i actually found myself think it might be a random thing to do!!

hmmmmm to Larp or not to Larp that is the question
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Seems like everyones having a bad weekWell its friday, thankfully. I have to say this has been a poor week performance wise.
Got "advised" of a few things at work, having my performance monitored. short of money, forgot my profile memory stick yesterday and had to play as a fake gamertag on borderlands with my mate and lost out on loads achivments etc etc etc list could really go on and on.

but seems not just me, my friends are seemingly experiencing same, one is questioning whether his girl likes him any more, one has had his training screwed up as they lost his coursework, and it seems are people on this site.

Maybe next week will be better
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Spam...On roosterteeth.com wtfOk so Myspace, MSN messenger, Facebook etc you get some "people" send requests for friends that are advertising porn or stuff like that and you delete it (or not if your in need of it i guess) but really i got one yesterday on here!

Least convincing one ever as well. i believe the sentence should have read " i have something i want to demonstrate for you" and instead read " i have somethin i want to denotation for you" hahaha how lame
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You need to take time offMy work annoys me sometimes, guess everyones does. But when my manager said i had to much holiday and needed to us it up soon well halo reach is out in two weeks. So i've pre ordered reach and a bungie console ( as luckily my birthday is a week afterwards so sold it to the girlfriend as an "early bday present for me" and i've taken couple days off work, stocked up on beer. let the good times role
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The F**k, S**T, Tw*t car - 100gLast year on my way back from Uni at lunch i have to drive back the motorway.

I saw on the side of the road was a black VW polo with swear words written all over it in large orange writing. Literally all over it not just on the sides, but the roof, wing mirrors hub caps everything.

Now im guessing he had the most shit morning at work and decided i dont get paid enough for this. What a way to relieve tension!

When i get annoyed at work i always think about doing this, ironically on the way to download we tagged my friends car without him realising , he got a few stern looks from elderly and a few thumbs up from younger drivers
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