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Always With MeHey friends.

I never met Monty. What I knew about him, I only knew through the words (always praise) of others. No matter what kind of work he did, he seemed like an amazing person and my heart breaks for all of his family and friends and for this whole community.

With the recent sad news, my thoughts have been with this whole community a lot over the last few days and especially this morning. I've talked about it many times, but even though I'm not particularly active here any more, I check in often and this site, this community, this content, this company and the people who make it, and all of the friends and memories I've made because I decided to create an account here ten years ago are incredibly special to me. I can't put it into words, so I'm going to stop trying.

I think Monty embodied a lot of what makes Rooster Teeth and everyone involved--cast, crew, and community--so special. When I was young, Rooster Teeth inspired me to create things. As I grew, they kept inspiring me. They still inspire me, you all inspire me, and so did Monty in his own way.

So, thanks Monty. I didn't know it was possible to miss someone I'd never met. I won't forget the stories I heard about you and your work. I'm going to keep creating things. To anyone reading this, I hope we get to make things together someday.

- Chris
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I acted in a movie in Austin...And now it needs just a little more money to become as great as it can be.

Basically, the film needs a lot of special effects done in post production. They've got enough money to do the minimum, but they want to upgrade a few notches and also use this campaign to show distributors and people who might buy the movie just how big the market for it is!

If you're already sold on helping me out by helping this film out, you can donate on Indiegogo here:


If you're not sold...

Here's your chance to help out an amazing project and (for all my friends who love me dearly) by extension, help me! Even $5 goes a very long way to helping us finish and promote this film. I really can't overstate how important it is.

If you're sitting at your computer right now thinking, "Chris knows tons of people, I'm sure everyone will donate a few bucks, I don't have to worry..." yes, you do. You're one of those people I know with a few bucks and, trust me, most of them are thinking the same thing as you right now.

So, please donate! It will cost you just a little more than a cup of coffee and if this movie blows up and makes a lot of money, I'll buy every single one of you three cups of coffee to say thanks. That's a 200% return on your investment which people who are older than I am and understand money (and math) way better than I do tell me is an amazing deal.

Seriously though. Thank you in advance to everyone who sends even $1 our way. You are amazing and I love you.

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Acting in Classic Alice, a webseries!You know all that acting I talk about but rarely give evidence of?

Here. I'm in this episode of the new season of Classic Alice and I'm going to be in more.

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Working SDCCIf you're here, find me! Say hey.

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2 Weeks Back in LA, LAZER TEAM!So I've been back from shooting in Austin for a little while now. Everyone always tells you about culture shock. Not many people will warn you about re-entry shock.

Luckily I've been busy and staying busy helps a lot! I'll be working on a commercial (tell you more when it's out) and a webseries this week. The webseries is Classic Alice (click the linky please).

I've landed a couple small commercials, some webseries, and three features now! It's been a good first two years in LA and most of my biggest opportunities have come in the last 12 months alone. I've accomplished almost every goal I set for myself in that time.

So, what's next?


First, a big congratulations to everyone at Rooster Teeth. You all deserve it and I can't wait to see what this project becomes.

As for me... right now, I'm just trying to get an invitation to audition. Thankfully, I have a manager to help with that.

I've seen Rooster Teeth grow and change a lot over the last ten years since I joined the site and I can say, without reservation, I've enjoyed every minute of it. It was especially exciting to see the company grow over the years and hire community members who had skills they needed. More than once I wished that I had video editing experience, voice acting chops of any kind, or just, anything that I could offer to a company and group of people I admired and respected so much.

Reading about Lazer Team and the crowdfunding campaign was like falling into a pool of "FINALLY." Finally, I get a chance to offer the skills I've been working on for longer than I've been a member of this community.

Wish me luck!
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Found Footage 3DI am in Austin (well... Gonzales, mostly) shooting a movie right now! We're actually in our last week of principle photography. It's, as advertised, a found footage 3D horror film. I play Mark, the guy behind the camera for most of it.

It's even got a cameo by Scott Weinberg, the voice of Scully in Season 9 of RvB - (killed by Agent South) as himself! Go find out more about it here: www.facebook.com/Found.Footage.3D

I also want to congratulate the whole RT team for their huge crowdfunding campaign for Lazer Team! I really hope I get to audition for a part!
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ALPHA HOUSE!I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to say this, but it’s finally time. The movie that features me in my first starring role, Alpha House comes out tomorrow on Netflix!

In case it isn't obvious from the pictures, this isn’t a family movie. If language, sexual content, nudity, partial nudity, and “crude humor” are your thing, awesome! If not, I will not be offended if you skip this one (but you might be if you don’t).

Either way, I hope everyone has an awesome March 11th! I know I will!

Oh and of course, thank you very much to every member of this community and all the Rooster Teeth staff and cast members--from Burnie and Joel, to friends like Kathleen, Martha, Barbara and Caleb, to long time forum and RvBTO pals like Matt, Michelle, (literally) everyone named Chris on this site, and every single one of you on my friends list here, you've all inspired me and supported me as I've started my life as an actor in LA and I wouldn't be here doing this right now or owning a DVD with my face on the back cover if it weren't for all of you. I know I've forgotten to mention thousands of people, so one last time, thank you, all.
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One time GusOne time,

It was PAX East and it was the first (and only) time I met Gus. I am collecting all the original RvB casts' signatures on my Season 1 DvD, so I walked up to the booth and asked for his.

He seemed annoyed. I wasn't sure why. Then I remembered that Luke McKay had drawn all over the picture of him in the insert--this one:

Luke drew a big penis and gave Gus a thought bubble that said "I love cock." I realized that not only would Gus not realize that Luke drew all of this as a joke, he probably assumed I intentionally handed him a picture of himself with a penis on his face that said "I love cock," as some kind of really lazy insult.


I'm really sorry, Gus.
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