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ALPHA HOUSE!I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to say this, but it’s finally time. The movie that features me in my first starring role, Alpha House comes out tomorrow on Netflix!

In case it isn't obvious from the pictures, this isn’t a family movie. If language, sexual content, nudity, partial nudity, and “crude humor” are your thing, awesome! If not, I will not be offended if you skip this one (but you might be if you don’t).

Either way, I hope everyone has an awesome March 11th! I know I will!

Oh and of course, thank you very much to every member of this community and all the Rooster Teeth staff and cast members--from Burnie and Joel, to friends like Kathleen, Martha, Barbara and Caleb, to long time forum and RvBTO pals like Matt, Michelle, (literally) everyone named Chris on this site, and every single one of you on my friends list here, you've all inspired me and supported me as I've started my life as an actor in LA and I wouldn't be here doing this right now or owning a DVD with my face on the back cover if it weren't for all of you. I know I've forgotten to mention thousands of people, so one last time, thank you, all.
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One time GusOne time,

It was PAX East and it was the first (and only) time I met Gus. I am collecting all the original RvB casts' signatures on my Season 1 DvD, so I walked up to the booth and asked for his.

He seemed annoyed. I wasn't sure why. Then I remembered that Luke McKay had drawn all over the picture of him in the insert--this one:

Luke drew a big penis and gave Gus a thought bubble that said "I love cock." I realized that not only would Gus not realize that Luke drew all of this as a joke, he probably assumed I intentionally handed him a picture of himself with a penis on his face that said "I love cock," as some kind of really lazy insult.


I'm really sorry, Gus.
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Nine YearsOne month ago I reached my Ninth anniversary of joining this site.

My only regret: joining the site at 16 years old--a time when I was doomed to pick an embarrassing username.

Hey, guys! Who remembers THE HAND?
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Coming up on nine years...Yes, nine. Yes, years. Yes, coming.

How should I celebrate?

Let me entice you to help me think of an idea...
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SAGGYAlso known as SAG-E or SAG-AFTRA Eligible!

What does that mean? It means I am now allowed to pay the $3000 entry fee to become a member of the Union that you have to be part of if you want to act professionally (this is a gross over-simplification, but mostly accurate).

I can't wait to save the money and join. If I stop eating now, it should only take me three years.

Check it out though. It's even on my resume:
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An Updated List of Things I
My acting website. I put my headshot and resume here and stuff.

Full Pickle Media
At Full Pickle Media I created (or co-created) and write everything.
[citation needed] - writer (cartooned by Amy T. Falcone)
ACTION FOOD - writer, cartoonist
Dinosandwich 64 - writer (cartooned by Mary of Internet Webcomic)
Pretty Shorts - writer, star

Chris Writes Good
A blog (run on tumblr. for those of you who aren't peasants).
Previously Chris Writes Daily. For the first two years, I wrote and posted one, short creative piece daily. Now I update often, but whenever. I focus on humor.

Youtube Channel
My recently created Youtube channel.
It's going to be a lot like my writing, only I'm going to say it on camera.

It's a lot like my blog, only the grammar is worse and there are a lot of obvious misspellings.
Probably the easiest way to keep up with what I'm up to or contact me.

Facebook Page
This is basically the same thing as my acting website only it's on Facebook, so you can "like" it.
Other Stuff

CSU: Crime Stoppers Unit
A Blip.TV webseries.
I play Officer Summers and have joined the writing team for a potential second season.

Can Americans Make Anime?
A featured article I wrote in July 2012 for The Escapist.

Place-shifted Community: Keep your friendly, neighbourhood whatever alive.
A featured article I wrote for The Button Mash.

Apple Juice Online
I contributed two articles to this online art magazine based out of the UK.

Bleacher Report
I wrote two articles about the Boston Bruins in 2012.

I am also working on a series of children's books and a feature length screenplay.
Currently defunct projects include

My business e-mail.
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I am starring in a zombie-comedy webseries called
Adam and Paul Save the Whole Entire Apartment Complex.

…we are trying to raise enough money to shoot our first season!

A few words on this project…

I love zombies! Well, no…I hate zombies, but that’s why I love them. They freak me right the fuck out. Like, seriously? They aren’t just scary, they make me face my mortality and there is nothing scarier than the things you’re most scared of. Right?

Here’s the thing, guys. I can’t watch zombie stuff any more. I can’t read it either. I don’t even want to listen to it. It’s the same tired crap over and over and over.

And I get it. They’re a cool enemy because you don’t really have to feel bad about killing them in all kinds of creative ways. The zombie apocalypse is also a great metaphor for…well…just so many things.

Still, I’m exhausted. I have zombie fatigue. Viral zombies, bacterial zombies, chemical warfare zombies, magical zombies, rage zombies, super fast berserker zombies, zombies that aren’t really zombies at all… it’s just not enough to pull me in.

Resident Evil was my introduction. Shaun of the Dead was the aria. Zombieland was a happy denouement. And to be fair…The Walking Dead has been an enjoyable epilogue.

So, when I tell you that I am part of a new piece of zombie media and I tell you that I truly believe in this project—when I tell you that if you love zombies, hate zombies, or barely even understand what they are, you’re still going to love it—when I tell you to give this story, these characters, this hilarious writing a serious look—when I tell you that I would be a fan of this even if I weren’t involved at all—please understand the significance of these statements.

If you can donate even a dollar, that is one dollar less we have to raise to make this very cool dream become a very cool reality. Even if you can’t donate, pass it on to your friends.

Thank you all. I love you (but not like I love zombies).

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The roof, the roof, the roof was on fire......directly above my unit.

If you follow me on twitter or we're facebook friends, you know by know that my apartment went up in flames yesterday and then did it's best impression of a trick candle--not once, but twice fooling the LAFD into thinking it was out, just long enough for them to leave before starting back up again, bigger and badder than before.

Here's what's up:
My apartment burned like a mix-CD circa 2001.
It was arson. Oh...definitely the work of a flamer.
It wasn't me.
Seriously, I wasn't even there at the time. I was out...getting coffee...yeah, that's the ticket!
Actually, it was vanilla latte.
Really though, I look super suspicious because I left 5 minutes before it happened, came back just as it got bad, and then live-tweeted photos, jokes, and referential humor regarding the destruction of my own home, so I probably look like I set the whole thing up for attention and I fully expect to be questioned by the police. Hopefully, they'll try good cop / bad cop and I will get to be the guy who refuses to do anything but drink coffee and eat doughnuts and as is cocky as an 11 year old before you beat him at Madden because he knows he didn't do anything.
I am displaced and missing a lot of things (though, honestly, I've been pretty lucky).
I will not be allowed back in... FOR EV ER.
But really, the building is FUBAR.
I am staying with a friend for now. They are nice.
The red cross gave us free pizza...So, when you think about it, it was all kinda worth it.
I am once again looking for an apartment in/around Hollywood.
I still don't even know what help I need, if any, but all offers are much appreciated.
The firefighters were amazing.
The red cross has been amazing.
Sadly, the HDDVD player I got a couple months ago is lost forever.
Also, I had just become the proud owner of a sauce pan. Good night, sweet prince.
If I promised you a place to crash in LA should you ever visit, I will keep that promise...but give me a minute to get a new place for you to crash, k?

That's about it, I guess.

Thank you to everyone who sent love and support over the last few days. It is appreciated more than I can say. But seriously, I'm okay. I'm alive and I have my computer. I'll worry about food and pants later.

- Chris
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