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The coursework for my second year of Game Design is to make a game, with 4 others, in 12 weeks. The artwork above shows the basic concept so far. Some of you may remember I had similar coursework last year (a tower defense game) though I didn't mention it much here.

This year however we've also been told to make use of social networking in order to get a feel for what actual indie game development is like; so we've recently made a facebook page following the development of our game. The goal is to gain some attention for our game and maybe even a little feedback. I'm at a slight disadvantage in this respect as I've never used facebook before, and therefore have no one on facebook to ask for likes. I do, however, have this journal and at least a few watchers left.

I'd appreciate it a lot if you'd take the time to like our page. If, like me, you don't have facebook; plus modding this entry and sharing it with your own watchers would be just as helpful.

Thank you for reading.
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The Stickmen - 345"Goodbye"

Author Note: So, its been almost 8 months since my last update (the archive on the website is wrong as I've explained before). I think, on the 3 year anniversary of the comic, its time to announce the end. Going to University messed with my routine to the point where I couldn't keep up and when I was a dozen comics behind I just sort of stopped trying. I will be keeping the website up for the foreseeable future, and I may even upload the occasional comic, but I wanted to give the Stickmen an official ending. There will be no more regular updates

To anyone who stuck around till now; thank you for reading. 345 comics is far more than I ever thought Id manage and it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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The Stickmen - 344"Assumptions"

Author Note: Not seen either of these two in a while. Or, you know, a comic. Took a week off to catch up on TV and read some comics I've fallen behind on. Walking Dead is getting gooood.

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The Stickmen - 343 - On a tangent"Division in the ranks"

Author Note: 343 and not a halo comic? Huh.

I did have a 4th panel showing lime beating Lemon with his sign, but I thought you all could use your imagination for what comes next.

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The Stickmen - 341"Sleepy"

Author Note: Midnight at New Years was always some impossible goal when I was younger. I can't even remember the first year I managed it. Must not have been important to slightly older young Chris.

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The Stickmen - 340 - On a tangent"Mass Effect"

Author Note: Still the best game I've ever played.

I've spent almost every moment on my computer since seeing the end listening to the soundtrack (which makes me cry every single time) while looking up every error/inaccuracy/plot-hole the ending has. There are too many to ignore, and too many things which suggest they are (hopefully) pointing at something else. Not to go into spoilers, but I have to say I now fully believe in a certain theory beginning with the letter "i". Given the quality of the series, especially 3, it makes more sense that the ending is the most intricate ending I've ever seen than the inverse. Please don't prove me wrong Bioware.

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The Stickmen - 337 - On a tangent"More math puns."

Author Note: This wasn't rushed. I promise.

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The Stickmen - 339"Posthumously proud"

Author Note: Sorry about the lack of comics lately, I have a lot to do. I have a game due on Monday and a whole bunch of write ups following that. Ive also had other things to worry about such as math tests. The biggest reason youre not getting a comic today though is Mass Effect. Ive been playing1 and 2 in preparation for 3 (which should finish downloading in about an hour). Two of the best games Ive ever played... Im really starting to worry about all the things Ive heard about 3.

Last night I finished 2... I made a mistake and Mordin paid for it. I made a deal with myself to keep this character from 1 to 3 so Im not resetting. I have to live with the guilt.

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