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Worthless? nah If you ever feel worthless this is something I saw somewhere.

"Your value does not decrease just because of someone else's inability to see your worth"
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Made a song , posted it check it out ThanksHere is a song I produced played guitar and some Bass.
The Clip is from an old movie called The Great Dictator. I chopped it up and rearranged it and used it as the vocal line. Hope some of you like it.
Genre Glitch Guitar / Guitar step.

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I miss the old days I miss lots of you, i miss laughing and playing games cursing at the AI , driving warthogs, killing zombies and destroying things in gta together. Things change and life happens but i just wanted to say that I remember and I value all the good times we had together.
Much love to all of you. Im sorry i havent been around more sorry than I could express.
But consider this an FYI , you are loved and missed ... all of you
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Take Care of Each Other A lot of you are off to RTX , some of you have already arrived in Austin. I want to remind you all that this community is a family and that it is all your responsibility to look after each other. Make sure no one is walking off into dangerous situations with strangers ( well anyone stranger than us) and for the love of god watch what you drink and never get into a car with someone who has been drinking just because it is a free ride home. Take care of yourself but make sure you look out for each other.
I love you all wish you a fantastically memorable and exciting time just remember to be safe.
Remember a person is smart , people in groups are stupid , don't just follow the crowd and use that mush in side your head and think before you act.

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Rooster Speak Server IS STILL UP AND WORKINGThere is an issue with the roosterspeak.com address. You can still connect using this though .

Thanks to Reta and Schraver and some help from G+
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I haz Mah new Keyboard It is sexy and I want to violate it in so many ways. ya know aurally
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Choose to Be Better I hear a lot about the "real issues" , what many of these people are referring to is our right to bear arms, or the lets blame video games point of view. Let It be said clearly that noone else but the individual responsible is responsible for this terrible act of violence. Its not the media, its not Video Games, its not the hunters or gun enthusiasts that own such weapons. It is responsiblity to the Responsible, in this case it was a young man with apparently insufficent control over himself his thoughts and his actions. He chose to load those weapons, he chose to get in the car and he chose to kill those women and children.
Choice is always a problem when people have access to many of the things we do , including violent video games , movies , aggressive music,and various weapons. No matter how many times I blow the head off of a Zombie or run over a pedestrian in GTA, It reinforces two things. It acknowledges that humanity at its core has violent tendencys. We didnt start killing each other yesterday this has been going on a long time since before recorded history. And the second thing is that in my mind it re inforces that I never in my life want to run someone over or blow someones head off. The Graphic depiction of either of these things although entertaining out of context in a game is humorous and satisfying , they are repulsive and disgusting in a real world context.

Stop looking for answers.
This isnt a piece of technology we can troubleshoot. We cant find the bad component and fix it nor can we put out a recall on defective humanity. Some people are just so wraped up in themselves that what one may percieve as an option or solution is in reality a morally reprehensible act. When someone gives up all hope sometimes they just want to take as many people with them as they can and leave as much suffering as possible in the wake of their actions.
People are hurt horrified and angered by this persons decision to act in this manner. He has made an impact on everyones lives who ponders such questions as to why or how, but again there are no answers. He will be remembered as the most vile monster in recent history. We have already given him that title. And in his death he has taken any possiblity of real answers with him.
So what do we do without answers?
The only thing we can do is revive our most treasured virtues of humany. Remember human kindness, compassion, and love for one another. Remember the people who are suffering, be thankful for what you have , your safety, your family and friends and go out of your way to help someone who looks like they need it and dont wait for them to ask. Our ability to love and support each other does not end here at our online community level.
All I want to see out of this is a renewed effort by everyone to be everything that person was lacking. Choose to protect those who need to be, Choose to love those who live without the grace of caring and acceptance granted by another person.

Choose to be a better more loving and caring individual every day and dont ever stop.

This is how we heal.
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Its not every day That you get a 5 dollar an hour raise and full paid medical. With use of company car and phone.
This might actually be a good new year.
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