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Sunday is Fun day!So, today (technically yesterday) was packed with sport games. First there was the Jets v.s. Patriots Game. Then the Rangers v.s. Flyers Game. We went to a sports restaurant/bar across the street from Madsion Square Garden (Where the Rangers play) to watch the Jets game at 4. That was fun as hell, the atmosphere was great and having them win was even better. Then at 7 we went to the Ranger game, we lost 3-2 to the rival Flyers, but I got to meet Gaborik, Wolski, and Ron Gilbert after the game. There great guys, very nice and patient, even though they lost. All and all, it was a great day.

Hope yours was too,
-ME <3
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SNOWRemeber in my last journal I said that we are getting so much snow, but we still never had a snow day?

You can forget that. We just got one.

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Whoa... Wow, it's been awhile since I wrote my last journal entry. It's kinda weird since a lot has happened too, like Christmas and the New Year. I cant believe I didn't write anything, but for what its worth, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So other than that, I wanted to give you guys an update for those who care. If not, then I suggest you stop reading because it would just be a waste of a good 3 minutes of your life. SO, talking about movies, I've seen Tron, True grit, and Exit Through the Gift Shop. Tron was alright, nothing over the top though. True grit was a fun movie. I didn't think I would like it but it was very interesting. Exit Through The Gift Shop must be one of my favorite documentary's of all time. If you can see it I recommend it 100%.
Talking about Halo: Reach, I'm very happy it got voted game of the year on the drunktank awards. Also I'm proud to announce I got the double kill from the grave achievement. That was one to be proud of.
On a personal stand point, The New York Rangers are doing great on the standings. Also I would like to point out the amount of snow we have received in the last few weeks is crazy, we have yet to receive a snow day. Grrrr. OH and I have started planing for Pax East. If anyone is going this year please tell me! I would love to meet up with some fellow users.
Rooster Teeth is awesome as always. I love everything they are doing, like always.

If you made it to the end of this journal, you seriously deserve a freaking medal. Thanks for sticking by with me.

-Me <3
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Oh my god...I have found the new next best sport...


Seriously, what will they come out with next? Underwater Golf?
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UPDATEHow are you guys? good? great.

SO I just got my Recollection DVD , and I am LOVING IT. Already re-watched (<- see what I did there? XD) all 3 seasons. So worth 30 bucks, all the extra's and the commentary make it perect and like a whole other show. I also got a shirt "I like my digital life way more than my stupid real life" which is very true on many levels and I am enjoying that.

Went to my 5th Ranger Game of the year so far on Tuesday, and looking to go on Sunday again. :D HOLY FREAK I met awhole bunch of players on Tuesday. We stalked them and found where they park (I'm not joking, one had a blacked out lamborghini, but still had to open the window and take a ticket from the machine, which I found pretty funny.) so we met a bunch of players, which I would name, but you probally wont know who they are. Rangers FTW.

That pretty much sum's things up. I hope everything is just dandy for you guys too.

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Update!So it's 2:47am and I can not sleep, so here's an update for all of you!

I'm an admin for the group Rooster Teeth Students and I just created the image for them so if your a student go ahead and join! :D

If you havent noticed, I'm a big NYR fan and I got season tickets so I will be going to alot of games, which I will probally complain about here. But speaking of games there is one Today v.s. the Coldorado Avalanche. That should be fun.

School sucks. Old news.

So thats me! Thanks for reading

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Well, this is awkward...Well, this was supposed to be my good bye message for the lucky 2 people who would read this, and over this past week I have been thinking a lot and I realized something. One lousy thing isn't going to change who I am, and I'm not going to cover it up and run away by re-creating myself. I got many more years in my life, and this one stage where everything sucks, can't get worse, only better, and hope is something to live by. So I end my realization by saying....

Fuck it. I'm back.

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Bye, well not really, but you get it. In a week this account will be deleted

I need a new start. These past few weeks, have been bad, except for Reach. Reach is the thing thats been keeping me sane. I just realized that I got to change and I'm starting here. I'm going to make a new account. I don't know the username yet and if your my friend I will be sending a friend request to you soon.

All my data, my stats, mod history, my total time online, (which I'm very proud of making 8 days) will be gone, and it does suck alittle but in the long run, I hope its worth it. If its the last time you read a journal of mine, thanks, its nice someones reading this out there.

Heres to a new day.

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