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Hey hey hey!Just got back from the New York Rangers game! :D
We actually won which took me by surprise. 4 - 3 OT. Gaborik scored in overtime to win it. Thank God. I'm excited to see all the new players and people on the team, and looking foward to a great season ahead.

Suck it NJ Devils. :P

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High SchoolWell, its been 3 weeks into my new high school. Everyone loves being the new kid on the block, but this new kid is hooked up with the reach 360, so I could really care less. All of the students are weird, or am I the weird one? Either way, its hard making friends with people you would usually ignore.

One thing I am really looking foward to is that the New York Rangers pre-season starts tomorrow. And if you dont know, and i know you dont because I think I never told you, is that I have season tickets. Can't wait for another fun disappointing season.

Reach is as amazing as one would think. I can't stop playing it. :D

Its starting to thunder now, and here comes the hail, and the 100 mph winds, SO on that note, its time for me to go.

- Thanks for reading
- ME
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REACH IS HERE!WELL im back from a midnight launch at our local walmart, and boy was it FUN. I
They had CAKE, and gave out hats and posters.
I'm glad I got my LIMITED EDITION REACH XBOX 360 there. :D

I need to go and play now.

Pictures up soon!
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Ugh....There's nothing like being told "we're sold out."

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Today is SaturdayWell, as most of you know today is SATURDAY. Most Saturday's I do nothing and enjoy the weekend, but this Saturday is different. The day I order my limited edition Halo Reach Xbox 360 slim console has come, and I cannot wait. I've been saving up for this moment, and I finnally have all the cash in hand.

Why do you ask that I spend 400 bucks on this? Well the answer is clear, IT FREAKING EPIC. Plus, I have been looking to upgrade, so its a win win.

Anyway I don't think I am patient enough to wait untill Tuesday. I have been thinking about going to the launch party in NYC, its only 30 minutes away, and it would be worth it.... BUT FOR NOW, we'll just leave it with the console.

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filling you inthe past 2 months have been BUSY, with moving and vacation, its been hard to find extra time to just do nothing. But i would like to say, after a year and a half of being a member on this site i have devoted 7 days 3 hours and 26 minutes of my life so far at just starring at the You have no new alerts sign on my homepage. So with that said, im going to try to get more involed with the site, whatever way i can.

Thanks for the people reading this, i know you dont care about people's life problems on the internet, but thanks anyway.

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WierddddI find it funny that i get more upset at NHL10 than i do in Halo.
When the COMPUTER scores on me, i get all angry and start yelling how the game is rigged and how that somehow the puck went through my leg and how i would have never lost if it was for that one penalty that i got for slashing the air. BUT when a PERSON assainates me, its all good.

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Its been awhileI feel like I havent written a journal in awhile so i might as well get to it.

First on my list:
I was late to one of the biggest tests of the year, that was fun. but i do have to say, my cab driver was one of the nicest in NYC.
Second on my list:
Caboose453 your an awesome friend and one of the best i made on this site. Point is: YOU=AWESOME
Third on my list:
Anyone want to buy a xbox elite 120GB harddrive comes with ODST and Forza 3, i have the original box, only a month old. Thats what i get for buying this dam thing too early, they come out with a new one. Dam.
Forth on my list:
RVB episode was epic as always, and got even better this week. I enjoyed it alot and found myself laughing alot. but thats normal.

Thanks for reading this really long paragraph of words that you probally skipped to this part.
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