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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Misleading Trailer? (Knit-Picking!)I know the entertainment industry is rife with "False Advertising", the most recent of which for many of us was the Sega game Aliens: Colonial Marines advertising, which showed features, graphics and gameplay elements that had no presence at all in the final product. However, looking back, I stumbled across a trailer for a product I actually quite like, but the trailer itself is very misleading.

Which trailer? Well, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Let me make one thing very clear. I love this movie. Really. I enjoyed every minute of it. Hell, I might even watch it again later today when I'm finished studying. But what I'd like to point out is, this trailer. In hindsight, it is extremely deceptive, as an almost shocking amount of content shown does not feature in the theatrical or DVD release.

Here are the timestamps / descriptions for your convenience:

0:30. Bilbo Baggins at the Shire Marketplace. This scene is not in the film. In the film, the only time Bilbo spends in the Shire is at his doorstep conversing with Gandalf, indoors during the "Unexpected Party" scene, and running through the Shire to catch up with the Dwarve company the following morning. Now I will admit I have recently been re-reading the hobbit, and the movie is correct in this regard, we never see Bilbo away from his home until he leaves with the Dwarves. But if that's the case, why film that scene and put it in the trailer if you're only going to cut it from the final release?

0:39 the shot of the Dwarf Oin. Going by the cobwebs, I'm going to assume this is from when the party are attacked and ensnared by the Giant Spiders of Mirkwood. That doesn't happen until after the events of the first film. We won't be seeing this scene until "The Desolation of Smaug", the next film in the trilogy.

1:17. Gandalf, investigating what appears to be Dol Guldur, aka "The Hill of Sorcery", the ruined fortress where The Necromancer Sauron took up residence in the events of the tie-in novel, The Silmarillion. In the film, the other Ishtari, Radagast The Brown investigates Dol Guldur, and encounters one of the Nazgul, supposedly The Witch King of Angmar, in spectral form. However, Gandalf himself does not go there during the film... or in the Hobbit at all for that matter, but given the changes made, I can understand this. But the point remains, this doesn't happen in the movie...

1:22. Bilbo exporing Lord Elrond's Home in Rivendell, and passing by the shards of Narsil, the blade that Isuldur used to defeat Sauron. It's a clever nod to the events yet to come in the Lord of the Rings trilogy films, but again... doesn't happen in the theatrical release....

1:36. Gandalf exploring.... somewhere. I don't even know, Moria? Maybe this is supposed to show how he caught up with the Dwarves and rescued them when they were captured by the Great Goblin / Goblin King, but it still doesn't appear in the movie.

1:40. This is knit-picking, but to the best of my memory, I'm also pretty sure that shot of Gandalf there is never shown in the movie either. But I may be mistaken.

1:50. Same as above. Don't think this was in the movie, but may be wrong about that.

1:53. Gandalf at Dol Guldur. Again, not in the movie....

1:57. Gandalf fighting Orcs at Dul Guldur.... AGAIN... NOT IN THE MOVIE... why are they so insistent on showing footage from a scene we never see?!

2:02. Bilbo opening the door to his hobbit-hole home and accidentally making Gandalf and the dwarf company fall through. This does happen in the book, but not in the film... (Although side note, in the book Gandalf is annoyed at Bilbo for "Opening the door like a pop-gun". This just confuses me. In order for a "pop-gun" to exist, that would imply guns exist too... which in middle earth, they don't.... what the hell? Maybe just a poor choice of words on Tolkien's part, but I digress.)

2:12. Gollum's Cave looks nothing even remotely like that shot in the actual film. If anything all the cobwebs imply this again, is the Mirkwood, which they don't go to until later on.

And.. done. I know this was the mother of all knit-picking, but this bothers me to some extent. I already know the answer you're all about to give me "These scenes are from the extended version". The extended version isn't even released yet, and won't be for several months. But this isn't "okay" for filmmakers to do. You should only advertise what the audience is going to be seeing, not content you cut out or won't be seen until the next film, as is the case here. If you went to see a trailer for Star Wars Episode IV and saw footage of the battle of hoth, you'd be really hyped to see a battle with giant walking death machines. But that never happens in episode IV, now does it? No, it doesn't, so you can't use it as appeal for an audience to see this film. You're advertising the film alone, you have to show the audience why this PART of the trilogy is worth seeing. If it was an advertisement for the trilogy as a whole, I'd understand. But it isn't.

If you want to advertise "This is what you'll be seeing on screen", show only what we'll be seeing on the screen when we go see the movie.

In spite of all this, I still really do like the movie, and may get some flack for saying so, as I know the opinions regarding the film are mixed at the best of times. But I just want to make it known, this kind of thing bothers me. The same thing goes for game trailers that use "Not actual game footage" labelled clips, that aren't cutscenes, but CGI sequences that NEVER appear in the actual game. It's misleading, especially when they're styled to look like something that would appear in the game. An advertisement is meant to show off what you are paying for, not a facimile that vaguely resembles what you are paying for.

Okay, rant over. I'll go knit-pick elsewhere.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard

I... I actually have.. free time?!

No kidding here. It's a friday evening, I've got nothing on my schedule for once. No tedious studying for tests, no assignments, projects, nothing.

...Now what?

I've been swamped under a tidal wave of work for a good two or three weeks now. So... now that I've got what, more than 48 hours to spare, what the hell do I do with it?

I suppose I could play xbox, thanks to @Gunninator generously donating his spare power adapter for his old Xbox 360 last week, so now I can finally use my console again. Maybe go through a few missions on Heart of the Swarm on a fresh campaign?

Guess I should draw something though. I haven't worked on anything 'new' for weeks, just been re-colouring and enhancing older and unfinished pieces. Maybe I should draw something unique, flex my creative muscles a little. If it's good enough to be posted, you'll end up seeing it here.

I should probably build the last kit left from my Tau purchases two weeks ago, the XV-104 Riptide Battlesuit. Decided to save the biggest one for last, since this thing is probably the largest warhammer kit I've ever bought. Not the largest box set, that prize goes to the Tau Empire Megaforce I got when I was 15 (That included 24 infantry, 3 jump support troops, 3 stealth troopers, 3 tanks, 3 hover scout vehicles and 20 aerial drones) but the largest individual model.

So, that said I'd rather not hog the spotlight. Do any of you have plans for the weekend? If so, let's hear them. Whether you're working yourself half to death like I've been, or just plan on lazing about and enjoying yourself, leave a comment and keep me up-to-date on your situation.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Xbox out of action (for the moment)So anyway, my Xbox 360 power adapter has been having spazz attacks and whirring like a damm chainsaw today. After extensively googling the problem, it turns out I'm well and fucked here. Apparently the coolant fan is on vacation, so if I don't replace the power adapter, it'll completely destroy my console... whoopee.

See if this problem had started two days ago, I'd be perfectly okay with buying a new Adapter. As in, when I had money... now I don't. Ironically after spending some money on a new Xbox game and 3 months gold membership....

SO for the time being, my 360 is out of comission. Sorry. As much as I was looking forward to using the new Minecraft 360 update to plant creeper-traps in your houses and laugh like a maniac when you set them off, it'll have to wait.

I have recently picked up a decent gaming headset though, so if you still want to game online with me, that's a feasible option. Here's what games I have on my steam library:

-Left 4 Dead 2
-Dawn of War 2 (all expansions)
-Borderlands (GOTY edition.)

And if Steam isn't your thing, I have both Starcraft II games (Wings of Liberty & Heart of the Swarm).

So... yeah...

My father has offered to lend me the money to get a new adapter, but it'll probably be the better part of a week or so until that happens anyway. So like the title says, the Xbox is out of action for now. Just letting you all know.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Quiet...Just... shut up for a while, okay? Don't message me, don't ask me to comment on your journals, images or links, or check out whatever "awesome" youtube videos you want me to see. Don't ask me for art, for posts in whatever forums, or for conversation, anything just... shut up for a while. Long story, don't want to get into it.

I'm stressed, edgy, not in the mood for.. anything. No arguments, no lengthy discussions, walls of text, obscure trivia or nonsense. Just need to clear my head, focus and relax before I flip out on someone who doesn't deserve it. So give me some space. Please.

Don't take offense to this or assume this journal is directed at any one person specifically. I'm generally quite easy going, but right now I'm wound a little more tightly than usual, feeling extremely burnt out, and need to make it clear that I need some space from all this online stuff to re-evaluate my priorities and get my mindset right, or else I'll just collapse under pressure from everything going on. I don't like pushing people away or giving off the impression that your company and conversation isn't appreciated. But right now I just can't deal with this. So for those of you wondering why I'm not talking to you, this is why.

So... just bear with me and let me think for a bit, please? I didn't think it was possible to have an internet migraine, but with an overflowing to-do list that keeps getting bigger, I REALLY need some space from everything. For the sake of my sanity, indulge me. I just can't get anything done like this, and need to collect myself...

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
21stYeah, you heard right, 21 years of age today. How about that, huh?

Before anyone makes "let's get drunk" / "now you're legal" jokes, I'd like to point out that I've been of the legal age for drinking (in Ireland) for a good 3 years now without touching a drop. Just not a habbit I ever got into, not sure if I want to start.

That aside, 21st birthday, yay woo n' stuff.

For those curious, since it's usually the first thing that springs to mind, here's what I was given.

- This excellent piece of art from MedussaMayhem

-Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition (Game, Mousemat, Ingame bonus items, Artbook, Soundtrack CD & Behind the Scenes DVD / Blu-Ray)

-The Hobbit Soundtrack CD Collector's Edition (2 discs)

-Django Unchained Soundtrack CD

-Money (Gotta have money :D)

So overall, a good day. Hope the rest of you are sharing my good fortune, and that your weekend treats you well. Hope you all have a happy easter too.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
RecoveryOkay.. feeling better now. Mostly.

While my intial sickness, (I.E, the part where I threw up... a lot.) lasted from 4am to 11am yesterday, the after-effects lingered. Throughout the day I was drowsy, feverish and generally incapable of concentrating or applying myself to tasks. I stayed away from food and kept myself hydrated mostly with water and cold soda. Besides that I couldn't do much except try and sleep.

Anyway, I'm feeling better now for the most part. As it turns out, what I caught was a bug that's been going around lately. I'm just glad I was able to recover this quickly without infecting anyone else, as it turns out this thing is pretty contagious...

Thanks everyone who was so supportive of me, I really appreciate your concern and care.

Now to try and get back into the swing of things.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Sick... Again.Any of you remember my previous journal about how I became sick for the first time in literally years on the most convenient day possible?

Well this is the payback I obviously had coming for my previous good timing.

The first day, the FIRST fucking day I have off "officially" for spring break, (Saturday & Sunday don't count, I'd have had those days off anyway) I become violently ill. Worse than before. No joke, I'm in agony... I've thrown up at least 8 times in the space of two hours. I think my digestive system is running out of things to spew up... if so, my vital organs might be coughed up next...

It started yesterday evening, where I went to bed at a relatively early time due to a stomach ache. Around 4am I figured out what was causing that, as I woke up and well... got sick. Several times in rapid succession. It hurt... badly.

After spending an annoyingly long time getting that cleaned up, I went for a quick bath / shower if even just to get myself clean and wash the smell off me. By the time I was done, it was around 5:30. I moved a few clean pillows and a blanket to the living room, hoping to catch at least a few hours sleep on the couch. By 6:15 I was already puking again, though in considerably smaller amounts. Luckily I had a bowl handy, so no mess this time.

At this point, 6:30, I've decided to simply stay awake... I'm obviously not going to get any sleep, and lying down just seems to make it worse. By now I'm just coughing up phlegm and whatever's left. Hurts, but I can manage.

At least I've got my birthday coming later this week...

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
I must apologise for my absenceTo people here who I usualy talk with, RP with, comment on your journals, images and links, etc. I am sorry for being so distant lately. I know I'm keeping a lot of you waiting, and all I can do is apologise for it.

A brief update on my situation:

Thursday: Up at 6am to get to college ontime. Had to write a C.V ("Resume" for those in the US) at the last minute for no really justified reason, just because my lecturer said so, and while studying for a test.

Friday: Another 6am day. Had to take that test, only got an hour during the day to work on revision for it, everything else was lectures and lab work. Was looking forward to going for a few games of Quasar (Laser tag) with the college Sci-fi society, but the person organising it never showed up, and things just fell apart immediately. Did get to go play an hour or two of Death Watch (RPG. Think D&D, but in the warhammer 40,000 setting) with a few friends. It was a group of 8, plus the GM, so things got frantic in a hurry. Got home around... 8pm ish, finished off the ME3 weekend challenge, got a decent meal in, then wrapped everything up and hit the hay a few hours later after trying (and failing) to get some of my regular tasks done, like messaging people, writing RP posts etc, but was too exhausted for it.

Saturday: Got up at 9am ish, grabbed my warhammer models and organised everything for my afternoon with @Gunninator. We went to a game store owned by a friend of his for an afternoon of gaming. We played a 2k vs 2k Warhammer 40,000 match which ended with him winning (not much of a surprise there if I'm to be honest) nearly triple my score. Eventually got back home for around 5:45pm, enough time for me to grab a meal and unpack before leaving again at 7pm to get the bus into Dublin city to attend my brother's play he was writing and directing, with my sister running lighting. I did my part by desinging poster art and the cover of the programme. (still waiting on my payment for that by the way...)

The play was a series of 4 comedy sketches, which were to my brother's credit, pretty original and entertaining. Although one of them was transparently 'influenced' by reality, as there was a scene featuring a hardcore gamer who is practically disconnected from reality, which much to my disdain, was based on me... and this geeky younger sister who complains about him and whines to their father when she doesn't get her way (based on my sister) and 'my' character was the butt of practically every joke in the scene, with every negative aspect of gamer behaviour ramped up beyond belief. Don't get me wrong, a few of the jokes got genuine laughs out of me, but I still feel a little peeved at him for it..

Got home around midnight, fell asleep around 2am.

Sunday: Overslept to an insane degree due to the lack of sleep the last week or so... got out of bed around 2pm ish, and now here I am.

My to-do-list includes:

-Studying for a Financial Management test tommorow
-Getting those RP posts done
-Drawing a few pictures later, one of which I need to hurry up anf finish already...

So, yeah. Today's the day I try desperately to get all of this done, so I apologise in advance if you don't hear from me, or if I'm generally not that talkative over the next 24 hours.

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