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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Can't stop laughingOkay, I did have a big long journal explaining the details of Warhammer 40k to provide context for what I'm about to show you, but I lost my progress thanks to a site posting error. So I'm skipping that and jumping to the end.

Me and @Gunninator have been playing a Tabletop War game hobby called Warhammer 40,000 for the past 6 or 7 years now. Every now and then the company's creators, Games Workshop, update the game with new supplemental books, campaign modules, models and rulesets.

For the next major event, the re-release of a campaign war book they published a few years back, "Apocalypse", Games Workshop have decided to release... this model kit.

Behold, "The Lord of Skulls".

How could anyone look at this thing with a straight face, much less design it, model it, mass produce the kits and ship them out to stores without bursting out laughing?! Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are both full to bursting point with really goofy crap, but this is where I draw the fucking line. This is so comically over the top, my sides are aching. What the actual hell?!

Well I hope you all got as good a laugh out of this as I did.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Sketch Requests [Limited Time Only]So I'm spending the evening just watching some movies, and happen to have my sketchpad handy. If any of you want something specfic sketched, such as a character or yours, one of mine or just anything really, go ahead and leave a request and I'll do what I can.

A few ground rules though, to avoid any messy problems.

1. Keep it clean. I'm not drawing nudity or smut. No thanks. (I only say this because I KNOW someone will ask... you know exactly who you are if this applies to you)

2. There is a time limit on this. I'll only be sketching tonight and MAYBE tommorow. I don't want someone coming back to this journal in a week or two asking for a sketch request.

3. Try to have at least one reference if possible. Failing that, I'll need a pretty detailed description.

4. I have the right to apply artistic license and make alterations / minor changes to the design as I see fit.

Think of this as a little 'thank-you' on my part for all of you having to endure my nonsense these past two or three weeks. So, if you've got anything you'd like to see me try my hand at, ask away.

UPDATE: 23/06/13: 02:37 am

Two pieces complete, lined, inked and shaded. Will continue tommorow after a good night's rest and try to get them all done, then post them all together when completed. (I started at around 11:30 ish, and spent quite a while back-and-forth'ing details with people here and on the other sites where I posted this, so I didn't get all that much done)

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Condolences(Might've mis-spelled that, not a word I have to write all that often)

Not sure if anyone will see this journal for quite some time, but it appears that the body of RT community member David 'Knuckles Dawson' Dreger was found.

I personally didn't know him, but I extend my most sincere condolences to his family and those here who knew him. I'm sure the site is lesser for having lost him. But hopefully this gives his family some much needed closure regarding his dissapearance.

I had hoped that he'd turn up safely, but since that is not the case, I offer my sympathies to those who were close to him.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Xbox Live CrashSo, Xbox Live appears to be broken... I got dropped from a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer match (gold, lost all my earned credits and my items for it, woooo...) and when I returned the dashboard, it wouldn't connect to Xbox live, kept telling me the problem was with my router, and failing that, I should go to the Xbox Website.

So of course, I ignored that advice, google searched it, asked one or two friends, and lo and behold, the whole service is down, not just for me, but for everyone.

Microsoft's service crashes, and their response to tell the consumer that they are the one who is at fault. Smooth.

Anyway, I'll be on Starcraft II if anyone needs me. My ID is the same alias I always use, Lorcan0c. I'll be on either the European or American servers, depending on whom I'm gaming with. If you don't have the game, there's a very interesting new service Blizzard are running called "Spawning". If you download the free starter version, you can play online multiplayer with no restrictions, provided that you're in a party with a friend who has the full game. So if anyone wants to try the game out, let me know now and I'll co-op with you.

I was going to take @Brainal's suggestion about the Company of Heroes 2 open beta on steam, buuuut the download is abso-friggin-lutely massive, coming in at over 11 gigabytes... to borrow an outdated meme, "Ain't nobody got time fo dat.". Sorry.

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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
Under ControlOkay, brief update. Spent the whole day sorting out college stuff. I seem to have gotten a handle on things. Got plenty of good advice from my lecturers and I've been given a clear layout of what needs to be done and how to do it.

On the downside though, I've only slept a total of under four hours in the past two days. I should go fix that. Sleep is good... maybe it'll help me go back to normal, instead of being the counter-productive passive-aggressive anti-social zombie I've been for most of the past week and a half.

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*Groan*So after an entire day of jumping through beauracratic hoops, filling out forms, sending emails and hopelessly trying to resolve my college situation, ONE lecturer got back to me in regards to arranging a meeting to discuss my options.

And he scheduled it for 11am tomorrow...

Meaning I have to leave by 9am at the latest, so I have to be awake by 8am.

I HATE getting up early. If I'm on holiday, I shouldn't be even out of bed before 11am, let alone at college. So for all of tommorow, expect me to be like this:

Man I really ought to slow down with all the WH40k references... >.>

Anyway, tl;dr, college administrative nonsense sucks. Getting up early sucks. Lorcan likes to whine. Go figure.

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Incoming!RVB season 11 premieres for sponsers in just under 45 minutes, so I'd recommend that everyone wrap up what they're doing here as soon as convenient, whether you're conversing in a forum, writing a journal, sending messages to each other, etc. You all know what I'm talking about, the site is going to crash and burn when the episode goes live, just like it does every time. Yet every time we all seem shocked and astonished whenever it happens, so I thought I'd give you all a heads up in case you'd forgotten how this works.

Enjoy the episode everyone.

PS. Sorry for my severe lack of activity. Long story, won't get into it.


PS. Wow, this has to be the shortest journal I've ever written.
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Lorcan0c MoonWizard
What the FUCK.So a fellow student of mine showed me a way to "trick" the college website by changing a URL so we could get at our exam results a day or two early. I got mine, and I am not impressed with myself. On the positive side of things, I didn't fail the subject I absolutely thought I was going to (Networking 2) and got through by the skin of my teeth with a D. However, the negative is I got 2 F's, in subjects I absolutely fucking despised... specifically Object Oriented Analysis & Design and Financial Management Computing.

The Design course, I'll admit I didn't do so well in. But there the blame is with the lecturers for scheduling all of the assessment turn-in dates for weeks when there were 2 or more other assessment tests or project submission dates worth a lot MORE. So naturally I focussed on those first.

The other was Financial Management Computing, and let me say this. I have never experienced a more tedious and monotonous subject in my fucking life. It is just numbers, with no context or real world application. I got through maths, maths I am good at, but the lecturer we had was just awful. He would show us a question, then give an answer, with no explaination as to how he CAME TO THAT SOLUTION... which is sort of why we attend the lectures. To learn how to get the answers to the questions.

I have one other gripe to go at here. I got a C in Database administration, and that wouldn't bother me, but it does. I'm great at that subject, I think I'd earn at least a B. So I checked the details and it said "Final Exam: F. 0 Marks." What?! I attended that final exam, I spent two fucking hours writing answers for it, I turned it in and gave it to the examiner. Even if you turn in a page with just your name and student number on it, you should get SOME marks. So did my paper just get lost in the process? What's going on? I'm going to email the college once results are published and ask for a re-evaluation of my grade. (Once the exam results are published of course, otherwise they'll know I cheated the system and got my results early)

I am by no means a "good" student, really I struggle with learning quite often, it's been that way for most of my life really. But I refuse to let a lot of my efforts be invalidated for no justifiable reason. I sat that fucking paper, I wrote it up, turned it in, I double and triple checked it. Why am I getting "0" for it?! Someone's going to give me a good explaination for this, or so help me god, I'm done with this completely inept college...



Final grades, I got 2 F's (in the awful subjects), 2 D's a C and a B, (although the C ought to be worth more, as I mentioned above.)
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