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Lorcan0c Wort
Lorcan0c Wort
=/My RoosterTeeth Sponsorship and my Xbox Live Gold membership expired today, simultaniously. Now I feel so... deprived.

Ah well, gotta learn to cope with this stuff. Although I know for a fact that not being able to see who +modded, sorry '"Liked" *cough* bullshit *cough* my posts is gonna drive me nuts in no time because of how absurdly neurotic I can be, even at the best of times.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Sketches FINALLY finished...After insultingly long delays, the sketches are done! You can find a massive image with all of the sketch requests and a few old WIP's and doodles thrown in below:

The deviantART version with all details of each individual drawing can be found here.

If anyone wants the full sized un-cropped version of any specific sketch here, comment / PM me, provide me with the number of the sketch you want from the list on the DA (#1 - #20), and I'll post it to my Imgur account and provide you with a link. Please do not repost without asking and / or crediting me.


(PS. Yes, my art still sucks, I know. I don't need you to remind me, I'm fully aware of this fact. This is just doodling and sketching, not me trying very very hard to impress anyone)
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Lorcan0c Wort
Enough is Enough.The "like" system was bad enough when it was just on journals, images and links.. but you had to go the extra mile and put it in the damm forums too?

Who are you getting your feedback from? Nobody likes this system. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Put it back the way it was before. I've been here for four years now, and every update you guys make just makes the site less useable, not more...

So congratulations on stripping away every last bit of personality and individuality from your mod system and boiling it down to "I approve" and "I dissaprove" like everyone who uses the site is a fucking NPC in an Role-Playing-Game reacting to the player's actions.

Enough is enough. This wouldn't bother me so much if you guys weren't so damm persistent about ignoring the pleas of the community. We aren't facebook. We don't want to be facebook...

So with that said, I eagerly await the update that adds a timeline to my profile page.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Gamer's IndecisionSo, on my way back from seeing Despicable Me 2 (I'll spare you the long winded review. In short, if you liked the first one, you'll like this. Tons of fun, great humour, good pacing, excellent voice acting and animation, all in all a really enjoyable movie suitable for all ages) I picked up a 20 Euro Steam Wallet (And I can't just type the euro symbol because RT hates it and it displays as gibberish. Fix this already goddamit)

The problem being.. I have no idea what to do with it o.o

I initially bought the wallet to get the Dawn of War II: Tau Commander DLC for 6.99 because @sargernator and @noob55 have been trying to get me back into DOW2: Retribution's multiplayer. The Tau are my favourite WH40k race, and this DLC would be enough to make me want to play the game again.

However... what to do with the leftover money?

Right now there are 2 big contenders for that.

-Star Wars Battlefront II (8.99)
-Final Fantasy VII PC (12.99)

The fact is, I already own both of these games... (FF 7 is on my old PS3's hard drive. But that PS3's disc drive is broken, so I never use that console) and Battlefront 2 is on PS2, meaning I'm limited to single player or local multiplayer via splitscreen.

I'm considering both because

Pro's and Con's.


-Very good gameplay and story.
-Excellent cinematics (for its time)
-Very lengthy single player full of sidequests and exploration opportunities.


-Sup-Par graphics (don't you fanboys go jumping down my throat. This was one of the first proper 3D games, so it does look kinda crappy by comparisson to today..)

-No real replay value (I can't see myself playing the story more than once after I buy it, given the absurd amount of time you need to invest in it to complete it)

-Repetitive gameplay at times (Like most RPG's, you grind random encounters to level up. This can get pretty tedious sometimes...)

Battlefront II:


-Outstanding gameplay.
-First Person / 3rd person both viable.
-Very enjoyable multiplayer


-Weak story (a bunch of objectives in missions strung together with narrated and poorly put together cutscenes between missions.)

-Old game (8 years old) might be difficult to find people still playing it online.

My other choice still lingering in the back of my mind is to get Star Wars: Empire at War- Gold Edition for 19.99. I already have Empire at War, but this is the only way to get the Forces of Corruption expansion pack. Although by doing this. I'd be unable to get the Tau Commander DLC... ugh. Empire at War is very fun, not without its faults, but a really enjoyable RTS that mixes space combat, ground combat and galactic conquest taking over the galaxy planet by planet, moving fleets and armies to where they can be the most effective, and forces of corruption really improves upon that by letting you exploit dirty tricks in your campaign, such as bribery, arms trading, extortion, intimidation, all that evil stuff that is oh-so-much fun in games.

So bottom line, any opinions or suggestions to throw into the mix? I really can't make up my mind here, one of my real faults..

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Lorcan0c Wort
Happy 4th of JulyJust because I'm not American, doesn't mean I can't wish all of you overseas a happy independance day. Hope you all enjoy yourselves and have plenty of fun. Get drunk, set off some fireworks, whatever it is you guys and gals do over there.

And with RTX fast approaching, to everyone going, I hope you enjoy yourselves. But as I said before, try not to shove how much fun you're all having down the throats of everyone who isn't going.

That's all I've got to say, so I'll just wrap this up. Take care everyone.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Can't stop laughingOkay, I did have a big long journal explaining the details of Warhammer 40k to provide context for what I'm about to show you, but I lost my progress thanks to a site posting error. So I'm skipping that and jumping to the end.

Me and @Gunninator have been playing a Tabletop War game hobby called Warhammer 40,000 for the past 6 or 7 years now. Every now and then the company's creators, Games Workshop, update the game with new supplemental books, campaign modules, models and rulesets.

For the next major event, the re-release of a campaign war book they published a few years back, "Apocalypse", Games Workshop have decided to release... this model kit.

Behold, "The Lord of Skulls".

How could anyone look at this thing with a straight face, much less design it, model it, mass produce the kits and ship them out to stores without bursting out laughing?! Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are both full to bursting point with really goofy crap, but this is where I draw the fucking line. This is so comically over the top, my sides are aching. What the actual hell?!

Well I hope you all got as good a laugh out of this as I did.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Sketch Requests [Limited Time Only]So I'm spending the evening just watching some movies, and happen to have my sketchpad handy. If any of you want something specfic sketched, such as a character or yours, one of mine or just anything really, go ahead and leave a request and I'll do what I can.

A few ground rules though, to avoid any messy problems.

1. Keep it clean. I'm not drawing nudity or smut. No thanks. (I only say this because I KNOW someone will ask... you know exactly who you are if this applies to you)

2. There is a time limit on this. I'll only be sketching tonight and MAYBE tommorow. I don't want someone coming back to this journal in a week or two asking for a sketch request.

3. Try to have at least one reference if possible. Failing that, I'll need a pretty detailed description.

4. I have the right to apply artistic license and make alterations / minor changes to the design as I see fit.

Think of this as a little 'thank-you' on my part for all of you having to endure my nonsense these past two or three weeks. So, if you've got anything you'd like to see me try my hand at, ask away.

UPDATE: 23/06/13: 02:37 am

Two pieces complete, lined, inked and shaded. Will continue tommorow after a good night's rest and try to get them all done, then post them all together when completed. (I started at around 11:30 ish, and spent quite a while back-and-forth'ing details with people here and on the other sites where I posted this, so I didn't get all that much done)

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Lorcan0c Wort
Condolences(Might've mis-spelled that, not a word I have to write all that often)

Not sure if anyone will see this journal for quite some time, but it appears that the body of RT community member David 'Knuckles Dawson' Dreger was found.

I personally didn't know him, but I extend my most sincere condolences to his family and those here who knew him. I'm sure the site is lesser for having lost him. But hopefully this gives his family some much needed closure regarding his dissapearance.

I had hoped that he'd turn up safely, but since that is not the case, I offer my sympathies to those who were close to him.

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