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Lorcan0c Wort
Done.So, these few weeks have been.... tense.

-August 13th: Networking repeat exam.

-August 23rd: Submission Due-Dates for 3-Part Object Oriented Design Project & Web Design Project consisting of 5 HTML pages with CSS styling & Javascript function, + design brief document.

August 24th: Repeat Financial Management exam.

Aaaaaand I am done.

Now to go and spend the next 3 weeks before college starts up again hanging out with my friends!


Oh wait... I don't handle pressure well, and due to my stressed out-ness (is that a word?) during the past month, I wound up alienating basically everyone I know just from snapping at them and venting my foul temperment onto anyone in proximity.


Oh well, time to go find some new friends, I guess.

I've made it clear before, I'm an introvorted person, that should be very obvious to anyone who knows me. (If you don't know what an introvert is, this'll help ) and that comes with certain side-effects. We don't spend as much time socialising, and more time just alone, thinking. And thinking can often be a bad thing, believe it or not... while someone more happy-go-lucky and carefree than I may say to themselves "What could possibly go wrong?" my brain presents "Here is everything that can and most likely WILL go wrong" in a neat bullet-pointed list in order of how terrifying the outcomes will be. So while the added creativity and such is a pro, when you're more imaginative, you can imagine some pretty bad outcomes when you fixate on a problem.

The short version is, I don't handle pressure well, at all. But that's not the point.

There are some of you here who were on the recieving end of my temperment these past few weeks, generally around the last two months actually. Whether I've flat out snapped and exposed you to my pent-up frustrations, or just been somewhat passive-aggressive and overly sarcastic, (I think @ShadowMajik and the rest of the RVB monday group definitely picked up on that one...) and kind of a dick to you lately, I am sorry. I have no right to force my problems onto you, and my inability to handle this kind of pressure is by no means an excuse or scapegoat. The blame lies with me, and I am sincerely sorry for the way I've behaved.

Now to go and see if I can actually relax for the first time in what feels like months.

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Lorcan0c Wort
(Journal because "links" wouldn't work for this)So, there's going to be a reboot of the original Pokemon anime.

As a devoted fan of the classic era, I'm watching the hell out of this when it comes out.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Well Played EA, Well Played.Believe it or not, there is in fact a way to support charity AND feed your video game addiction simultaniously.

Whether you like Electronic Arts or not, I'd highly suggest checking out their Humble Bundle offer going on over the next fortnight.

What is the Humble Bundle? basically game developers and / or publishers will offer a pack of games on a "Pay what you want" basis, with the proceeds going to charitable organisations.

Right now, EA are handling this, and for a minimum of 1 US Dollar, you get:

-Dead Space
-Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box Set
-Crysis 2: Maximum Edition
-Mirror's Edge
-Dead Space 3
-Medal of Honour

And if you pay above the average (which right now is $4.65) you get Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 + 2 expansion packs for Sims 3.

Now I know what most of you are thinking, because it was my first thought too. "Won't this mean I have to use Origin?" No, not true. With the exception of a few, (Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3 and Sims 3) you get Steam codes for all of these games, meaning Origin is not required.

I'm no fan of EA, I've made that clear, but offering over $200 worth of games on a pay-what-you-want basis for charity? You can't deny that's a really generous thing for them to do, and kind of shocking given their bad reputation. Maybe this is just a PR stunt, but right now they've already sold 460,000 packs and raised over 2 MILLION dollars in just a few hours, so give 'em credit for that.

Personally I rolled my eyes at people who voted EA the "Worst Company in America" two years in a row just for some game issues, when y'know, the Bank of America was also in that category, and are solely responsible for the economy being in the state it is.... just SAYING, some priorities would be nice.

If you're willing to set your Anti-EA sentiments aside, I highly recommend checking this out and supporting a few good causes, including the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society..

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Lorcan0c Wort
AnxietySo... just about 10 minutes left until my Networking repeat exam.

Did I mention Networking is something I'm absolutely awful at?

Hahaha...aahhhh fuck. o.o

I've been revising for this all week, and the week before, and for quite a while before that. And all morning today, and yet I still don't feel prepared for this. Maybe I'm just that anxious. I barely slept last night despite hitting the hay at a reasonable hour (about 11- 1:30pm, give or take) but the majority of the night and morning was spent semi-conscious just staring at the cieling. That's usually how it is with me at exam time, my brain just refuses to relax and let me rest.

Right now the 1 Litre (100 CL or whatever US measurement system you guys use) bottle of coca-cola sitting next to me has given me the neccesary caffine and sugar to stay alert and awake (for now).

Well, here goes nothing.. time for 2.5 hours of misery. Wish me luck.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Self-IdulgenceSo I've been putting aside money for a few weeks now, saving up to buy something that caught my eye in a local hobby store. About a month and 50 euros (65 dollars / 43 pound sterling) later, it's mine:

A 1/537 scale model of the Miranda-class starship USS Reliant NCC-1864 from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, my absolute favourite film, period.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, see here for context.

I cannot wait to get this thing opened up and built :D but I promised myself I won't touch it until after my exams and projects are completed, giving myself a good motivator to perform well. I can spend and extra 30 dollars on a high-detail decal kit to make it look 100% movie authentic, and I'm considering that option. Maybe buy a basic LED kit and rig this with some lights, add some lights to the shield generator and bridge window, give it that sinister red glow it has from the film, who knows.

Anyway, I'm rambling now. Was this a self-indulgent purchase? Hell yeah, but I don't regret it at all.

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Lorcan0c Wort
The Next DoctorSo... they just revealled who the next actor to play the title character "The Doctor" in Doctor Who is.

Peter Capaldi

The Actor's IMDB Page.

... Y'know what, I'm okay with this. Like Tennant, this person is a long-time fan of the show, has appeared in an episode before, knows what they are doing, has plenty of acting experience, and unlike Smith and Tennant, is an "older" Doctor. So.. yeah, I approve of this. I was terrified it'd be someone awful, but yeah, this is good. Yay.

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Lorcan0c Wort
Phoenix Wright: The Live Action MovieNot even kidding or anything, this exists.

This basically condenses the whole first game into a 2 hour-ish movie, but naturally focusess on the two more important cases of the game, (The murder of Mia Fey and the DL-6 Incident) while kinda shoe-horning the other two in at the start.

It's... kind of wierd seeing these characters in live action. This probably would've worked a lot better as an anime, but for what it is, this is pretty enjoyable, at least to me. Hell, when you consider how AWFUL Dragonball Evolution was, this is bloody amazing by comparisson when it comes to brigning the 2D anime stlye into live action.

It does an *okay* job of introducing non-fans to the setting and characters, but even so some of the events are rushed and poorly explained for the sake of time. Even after cutting a sizeable amount of the story elements and changing things around to condense them, the movie still comes in at a whopping 2 hours 15 minutes, so I understand time was an issue.

Not going to say it's perfect, there are certain jokes and references that are made with a Japanese audience in mind, and as a result are lost on us western folk (Ohhh, that's my uncllle!!) so the pacing and general dialogue exection suffer at times. However, that being said, I can see the effort they put in here, so the pro's outweigh the con's.

It could've been better, but at the same time, could've been a LOT worse, so I'm happy with the results. If you're a fan of the series, I highly recommend it. If not, consider it if you've got nothing better to do.

(PS. Click the Captions box for english subtitles)

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Lorcan0c Wort
Final Fan-Titties...As if Final Fantasy XIII (13) couldn't get any worse... Square decide to dig themselves into an even deeper hole by incorporating boob jiggle physics., as well as making the protaganist, Lighting's tits bigger by a whole cup size in the upcoming 13 Sequel, Lightning Returns.

(also, gotta love the cat ears, obviously there to exploit the easily manipulated Neko/Furry fandom pervs...)

Here's what Nobuhiro Goto, the game's character modeling designer, had to say about this in an interview with Famitsu
Q: I heard that the chest Jiggles?

Goto: Yes, her chest jiggles. Since everyone can decide what costume she’ll wear, you can make sure it does (laughs). By the way, since Lightning swings her arm when you change her weapon in the menu screen, that’s a recommended action for sure-fire jiggling! To see it even better it could be useful to equip a small shield. Look forward to it!

So not only are they basically exploiting the character for fanservice, but they are ENCOURAGING the gamers to follow their example and gawke at her.

I've made it clear, I do not like FF XIII, you can see that from space. But up to this point, I could at least forgive them for creating a fairly likeable female protaganist, which we haven't seen since Final Fantasy X-2, or as I like to call it, "Final Fanservice XXX-2", because that's the sole reason that game existed, to put Yuna in slutty outfits and drool over the implied lesbianism onscreen (some of which was just fucking CREEPY, as fellow party member Rikku remarks that Yuna's "Got it goin' on"... and I remind you, Rikku is Yuna's COUSIN.... EW.) But this... this is inexcuseable.

I'm not going to pretend sexualisation doesn't exist in video games. Nor will I say it should not exist in video games. To do either would be laughably naive. But there's a line to be drawn... especially when the DIRECTOR OF THE GAME is directly responsible for this bullshit!
Q: Is it true you said you wanted Lightning-san’s size from a C cup to a D cup?

Nobuhiro Goto: Toriyama-san said “I want it bigger” so…

Motomu Toriyama (Director): [What a] cop-out! (laughs)

Goto: Yes, it was enlarged.

Q: Was it a C cup until now? Does it even jiggle this time?

Goto: Yes!

Toriyama: It’s determined by clothing, like the so-called corrective underwear. (laughs)

Motomu Toriyama, go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself with a gunblade, you unbelievable raging cunt! Why are you laughing about this like a goddam fourteen year old!? This kind of shameless treatment of women is unforgiveable in a series that was once so well respected by gamers. Remember when this kind of shit was a JOKE in Lolipop Chainsaw? it was played for laughs there, that's why it worked. And ironically, Juliet Starling's VA, Tara Strong, had her character be the butt (no pun intended) of a LOT of fanservice in the aforementioned Final Fantasy game... which had Rikku, the protaganists cousin, who is FIFTEEN I must point out... wearing an absurdly short skirt that shows her thongline, and a swimsuit top, as her default costume. (Also a scarf. What, to keep her warm?! Yoko Littner from Guren Lagaan did that too, and made no sense there either...)

Know what the difference between this and that is? That game was released TEN YEARS AGO. Seriously Square, you've had ten years and you still haven't grown the fuck up yet?! Obviously not, because in FF 12, the female characters dressed like this:

(...bare-belly midriff exposing thong armour. Firstly, WTF. Secondly, Jeezus that would chafe like a motherfucker. Thirdly, wow that's kinda hot... wait, that's not the point!)

You may roll your eyes at me and point out that the FF series has never treated women all that kindly to begin with, but if you do, I will tell you to go fuck yourself and go play FF VI (6) as that has some of the best female characterisation I've ever seen in RPG's through Terra and Celes' character arcs, especially Celes.

I'm just... ashamed for you, Square. Final Fantasy has been on a rapid decline these past few years from mediocrity to just awful gaming, but this had better be the final nail in the coffin. Just, stop. For god's sake, stop. You don't have the slightest shred of credibility anymore if you can put this kinda shit out there with a straight face.

Final Fantasy... you deserve better than Square-Enix. Someone else, please for the love of god, buy the rights to this series so the ideas and substance of Final Fantasy can be delivered by someone who understands and respects what Final Fantasy IS, not how much it can be exploited.

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