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Vnub Tha Nubz
Vnub Tha Nubz
Assassins Creed 1I finally got bored enough to collect all 460 collectibles in AC1 to 100% it...W00T...Now I just need to get Brotherhood and 100% it so I can have the whole series...
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Vnub Tha Nubz
New to being active...While I have been on this site for more than a year I have not been active in the community so bare with me being a nub...
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Vnub Tha Nubz
The Saboteur Been working on getting 1000/1000 so many white dots! I mean come on guys this is crazy!

I'm working my way through the country side then ill move into the city...

So far i have completed these areas:

Le Harvre
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