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A white... Halloween?So this may be one of the most interesting things to happen to the generally bland area of Western Maryland. It's currently October 29th, right?

Last night I was carving pumpkins with my sister and some of her friends, then I enjoyed Game 7 of the October Classic. I fell asleep after reading bleach and playing WoW til the wee hours of the morning.

Now, though, the ground is covered in snow. We are expected to get 6-10 inches... it's not even halloween yet. Whatever is wrong with the world, today, I like it :)
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SML11SML11 will be yet another adventure with my good friends RDG NHL and TheAlphaTurtle, yet now with the additions of Trueflyingcow and Hootenany I think that our team is much more competitive. Last night we won a vanilla grunt on the hub, and things are looking good for us.

My second season flying the NWA flag is guaranteed to be more successful.
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All-Star MVPSo earlier this month I was honored by being voted onto the ammy all-star team. After being very productive this season for my team in all the games, I was very glad that my gameplay got noticed. Due to this, I got to play with a lot of great players and against a lot of great ones too.

After getting into customs, I was offered to apprentice with ID I2 A G O N and determined, and b on Way to Fail's new farm team. At this rate, we will probably be pro league, at least I think we could compete there. We will see how the GGL goes.

Also today the voters named me as an all-star MVP. Can't wait for the final all MVP match. Should be a lot of fun
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