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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
1916, Ireland, 700 years of British RuleThe topic of the Irish 'distaste' for the English Nation came up on my favourite message boards after I had to laugh at England been knocked out of the World Cup.

By all means I dont hate the English people, I have many English friends but the nation, the past and the history between the two countries cannot be forgotten, thats why the Irish people never cheer for England in any sporting event.

So anyway, the topic of the Irish people and English rule for 700 years came about after I laughed at Englands loss to Portugal at the World Cup(3-2 on Penilty shoot-out) in which English members began to ask why I was laughing at there loss and I explained that its the way every Irish person reacts when England lose at a sporting event. They again asked why and I explained that after 700 years of been forced to obay the crown, practice there religion and having our nation langauge destoryed the people of this country aint gonna cheer England in anything, after all its only been 90 years since we fought back and freed (most of) our country (Northen Ireland is still under british rule).

Now the reply I got to that was the most shocking thing even, never once has a British person said this to me, "It's your fault for not fighting back sooner"
It's our fault! Fuck that, we are a peaceful nation, we were invaded and its our fault.

By his logic it's also the fault of;
China(Hong Kong)
The Untied States of America

Its there fault too for not fighting back against English rule so its there fault they were invaded and conquered/ruled.

I've never been more pissed off and shocked at the same time before. The fact that he blamed Ireland for the Bristish invasion and rule, just makes me sick.

/End Rant!........(for now)
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot

Where did you take your default pic? Stole from random site

What exactly are you wearing right now? Manowar tee and jeans

What is your current problem? Hangover

What makes you most happy? Music and Cola

Name something obvious about you: I'm Irish

Name something that people might not know about you: I'm quite shy and withdrawn

What's the name of the song that you're listening to? Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold

Any celeb you would marry? I don't know

Name someone with the same birthday as you: Adam Sandler, Angela Cartwright, Michael Keaton

Have you sang in front of a large crowd? Nope

What do you usually order from Starbucks? Never, I have coffee at home dont need there expensive crap

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Not to my knowledge

Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows? Yes I am still a fan of Disney and love Pixar and as for Cartoons, anyone who says they dont watch em is lying!

Do you speak any other languages? Some Irish, a litte French and a little Japanese

What magazines do you read? Videogame Mags

Have you ever ridden in a Hummer limo? Nope, wouldnt want to either

Has anyone you've been really close with passed away? None, thank god.

What's something that really annoys you? People who judge others before getting to know them.

-Chapter 1-

Middle name: Joseph

Nickname(s): Steve or Twist

Current location: Dublin, Ireland on the Planet Earth orbiting the Star Sol.

Eye color: Blue

-Chapter 2-

Are your parents married/separated/divorced: Separated

Do you have any siblings: Yes

-Chapter 3-

Ice cream flavor: Mint

Sport: F1 Racing

Color: Blue

-Chapter 4-
(Do You)

Sing in the shower: Some times

Write on your hands? not recently

Call people back: If i say i will, then i will

Believe in love: Yes

Like someone: Sure

Sleep on a certain side of the bed: Yes the rightside nearest the wall

Have any bad habits?: Bite my lip

-Chapter 5-
(Have You Ever)

Broken a bone: Not Yet

Gotten stitches: Not Yet but have come close, last week cracked my head open while drunk, no stiches required

Taken painkillers: yes.

Gone SCUBA diving?: No.

Been stung by a bee: No

Thrown up in a restaurant: Nearly did last night

Been to overnight camp: Nope

Sworn in front of your parents: Yes.

Had detention: Yes.

Been sent to the principal's office: Yes. .

-Chaper 6-
(Who/What/When was the last)

Person to text you? Bazy Mc

Person to call you: Baz (different)

Person you kissed: Nobody

Thing you touched: the ground as i fell

Thing you ate: Irish Stew

Thing you drank: Coca Cola
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
I got Tagged!! (Curse You Sam!!)Since I have the 'honour' of been tagged, I will struggle to remember 10 things about myself that no one here knows, unless I have a stalker or two.....

1. I collect videogame magazines and have been doing so since 1998, I have near enough to 600+ issues and am running out of space fast!

2. I've never had a girlfriend, yes sad, but true, thats just the hand I have been delt so far, plus I'm quite shy in person.

3. Music was once never an interest of mine until my friend made me listen to 'Bleach' by Nirvana. Now I cant see how I lived without music.

4. I have a limited edition Street Fighter comic signed by the artists and has a cetificate to say there are only 1000 of them printed and it only cost me $12.99 to buy four years ago, its worth alot more now.

5. I only showed up for less than 5% of my classes in Senior Year of Highschool, done my finals and still graduated and even got offered a college place, which I turned down.

6. I hate people who judge others, who gave them the right to dish out judgement on people they consider 'losers' or 'freaks'!

7. Even one has a weakness or two and my main one seems to be Jagermister and lots of it. And everytime I wake up with a bad hang over, I say "No more Jager" but I still drink it.

8. I have met the Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium, thats the only joys of working as a security guard at concerts.

9. I wear braces and have done so for four years now, but theres light at the end of the tunnel. Next month an operation and then I'm free from tracksville........finally!

10. I have a small wardrobe but I have a mountain of tshirts too many to count. After all we do come from the tshirt capital of the Universe.

Okay I know not great reading but I struggled to think of ten things about me that you didnt know but ten things about me that wouldnt freak you out either.

I tag Minx, Boxcar Bob, and NaGaeilLass
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
Meteos"Curse You Nintendo!" is what I said after looking at the clock and realising it was 3am, I was playing Meteos for the entire day without noticing. There hasnt been a puzzle game this addictive since Tetris, Luminess came close but Meteos wins it, it is the best puzzle game ever, and a must have for the Nintendo DS.
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
Wow!I just noticed that I have been on this site a year, how time flies when your having so much fun.
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
One Year Older, but not Wiser!Happy Birthday to me!
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
Crap on a Stick!My ISP has cut me off, the bastards cut my connection without any warning. So I sit here in a net cafe writing this infoming all those who care that I may not be around for a while and may even miss the start of Season 4!!

I am currently looking for a new ISP but I dont know how long that will take, but I'll be back, I just dont know when!
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Senbotsu TwistedIdiot
ISP Getting Mad!I just got a email from my broadband provider informing me that I am there biggest drain on bandwidth out of all of there 2million+ subscribers, they informed me that I will start to foot the bill for drain my mothly bandwidth limit in less that a week.

I dont know about you but this is great news, I'm the biggest bandwidth whore in Dublin!
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