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Fight Fight Fight Dig Dig DigSo i thought i would start posting about this, just so i can keep track of this.

So after hearing Burnie talking about the HC Permaban Minecraft server, i thought i would jump in and have a run at it. After digging around and got myself settled i found myself thinking what i would like to do.

The last time i played Minecraft i made a house of cake in which the building was just a scaled up version of the cake and the floor lined with cake and bacon filled to the brim in the chest. So i was thinking of doing watermelon house this time.

Yet the my problems was not having enough space to build my would be home and not have it ruined the second i logged off. So i thought of a new plan, and that was to dig the fuck out of the world.

This plan is to start at the border of the map and dig as much as i can in my 1 life before i inevitably die or be killed. If the plan went well, i would have all but the few layers of blocks dug out and to anyone who started digging or by happen chance be blown up by a creeper fall into a void of the world i dug out.

..... and so it begins.
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Back to Sponsor MODE!Woo finally got first pay from work, so that finally means i can get my sponsorship back on RVB! Funny enough once again i get sponsorship when Rvb season is over lol, oh well it be worth it.
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Wooo I have a Job nowWoo finally have a disposable income. Once the first paycheck comes in BACK TO SPONSOR MODE! Along with the RVB messenger bag =D
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To MontySince i can't post on your page i'll just say it here in hope you read it at some time in the future. Rvb is going to be changed so much for the better with your work! Thank you for joining them and Rooster Teeth, Thank you for hiring him! So Monty YOU LITTLE BEAUTY Great work on the new season!
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Oh man i did have a 2nd accountWell i was bored today so i went search to see if i had an account already created on this site as nobody really uses lemel and when i decided to make one again i found i was already taken and i couldn't remember the password for it. So anyways i find it by searching it and i see what i've written on it and boy did i sound like a ass then, and that only had one line of text on it. If Gus ever sees this would you mind deleting that account/send me the password, providing if he is happy and that i can give him some details.
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Green SkiesHey all to the readers

Just a small plug for my mates band called the Green Skies. You can read about them on their website, and listen to their songs
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I went to Taco bell in MelbourneSo i went to Taco bell for lunch today in Melbourne. And from what i've heard Gus say on the podcast, all i can say it wasn't so bad for someone who hasn't really had Mexican before. But at the same time i doubt that was real Mexican food (Lack of mass cheese from what i heard someone say on the podcast). So to anyone in Melbourne is there a restaurant with better Mexican food?
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Was naked Gus just a revenge on GeoffWell as we all know we had Naked Gus(NSFW) burn into all our eyes, and when first seeing it and then crying a little from it i thought it was Gus being Gus.

However i just happen to go through the comic archive as i have yet to read them all and found this.


Too which Geoff looked after Gus's cat while he was away, which was the exact reason for Gus house sitting for Geoff and too which beings the beginning that lead to naked Gus, as seen in the next comic strip after that.


And here we can see Geoff in action too which we can see Geoff antics have set off Gus's rage. So when it was Gus's time to care for Geoff's cats Gus decided to, how shall we say "1-Up" Geoff.

In conclusion,
I have not thought this out very well but it fits and dinner calling me, so i'm going to go eat it and leave with a very poor conclusion.

For more click the Blog post about it.
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