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ShadowMajik Assbutts
ShadowMajik Assbutts
Hello Washington!Just so everyone knows, I made it just fine.

btw how I feel about Seattle is..

~Majik out!
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ShadowMajik Assbutts
Goodbye Waffle HouseSo here's the story, last week I had a sinus infection with really bad nose bleeds. I asked for one day off of work, my boss told me not to come in all that week till I got seen by a DR. So yeah I got seen, got some meds but my DR said not to go into work (for the fact that my nose bleeds where still gonna be happen for a few more days) so I told my bosses this when they called me on Tuesday ,they said it was alright and that I should come in on Sunday to pick up last weeks pay check and to get my schedule. So I go in (today) Sunday to do all that jazz, found out that not only was I not on the schedule for the next 3 weeks but no longer in the system to get paid. The only way they knew I still need to be paid was a print out they did last week. I asked when this happen and my manger told me Tuesday. (The day I told my bosses what the DR said, also when they said that everything was fine).

So pretty much they let me go on Tuesday without telling me or giving me a reason.

Whatever, it was a shit job with even worse pay and people. I was thinking about truing in my 2 weeks peace out freaks anyway, you know why? Cause....

But you know what?

I'm going to Washington week after next for a week to spend time with my boyfriend and others, so this aint getting me down.

This has been my rant!

~Majik out!
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ShadowMajik Assbutts

~Majik out!
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ShadowMajik Assbutts
PensaconA con in Pensacola that is also my hometown was held this weekend. If you must ask, yes I went. I went with with my beloved CBMFM as a vendor.

Photos are soon to come.

~Majik out!
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ShadowMajik Assbutts
My first week at waffle houseMonday




Friday (my day off)

Saturday ( I work 2 shifts one in the morning one at night)

Sunday ( tomorrow when I get paid)

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ShadowMajik Assbutts
Two things!First off, everyone go give my best friend some love. She is new and I want to her have a great time here like I have!


Now its a job at waffle house, but I've been working at getting it for the past 3 weeks. And its finally a job! So I am happy as shit!

Ok, that's all. Have a great day, and I love y'all!

~Majik out!
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ShadowMajik Assbutts
New Years Journal! So with tomorrow being New Years Eve, I thought I would do my yearly recap. This may or may not be long, and slightly cheeses and filled with feels. So if you do not care to read, this is your warning.

Alright? We ready? Sweet! Lets go!

2013 was an odd mix of a year for me. Every year has its ups and downs, and I get that. For some reason unknown to me this year had really high ups but as well as some really down lows. There wasn't much in between.

I spent most of the year as I have been the past 4+ years, dealing with my depression and weight. But, unlike the past few years, I feel like I have both under control. I've been bouncing between 140 and 200 pounds and as of my last visit to the doctor my weight balancing out at a healthy 160. Now, that doesn't mean to much, but since I had a health scare of sorts back in October I've been working out more and eating healthier, so hearing my weight has finally balanced out is great news. It means all my hard work is paying off. And on top of that, I've been feeling much better, my ulcers have almost all but healed. Another plus. But the icing on the cake is that my waistline has gone from the 60's to the mid 30's. Now my depression on the hand is kinda 'nother ball game. That shit hasn't been coming and going. It's been driving the car of my life while I've been tied up in the trunk. Because of it I've missed out on a lot in my life, which sucks, yet these past few months I've been able to take the driver seat and push my depression to the passenger seat. Sure it's still gonna pop its ugly head in my life every now and then, but I feel I have more control now. Not much of achievements in the bigger scheme of things, but it's something.

2013 was the year I finally got to RTX. Which in itself is amazing, but what came out of that event is even more great. For starters, I got met Ray. Which was one of my main goals of the weekend. Not did I get to met him, but when I told him how my goal of the convention was to met him and tell him how much him and Achievement Hunter have gotten me through some tough times, but everytime I saw him out and about, he was either running to get somewhere, or over run by fanboys and I didn't want to be that dick. So I waited for the met and great on Sunday. When I told him this he picked me up in a bear hug, and thanked me for not being that guy and how much he appreciated my love for AH. And I swear I didn't almost cry at that.....Anyway that was just one amazing thing that happened to me at RTX. I met and hang out some amazing people who have become like my family. Who since then, have been nothing but an encouragement and support.

2013 was also the year that, to my absolute surprise, I starting dating @Hobbit. Now its not a surprise that I'm seeing him, but the fact I've been in a relationship is shocking. To be honest I started off this year thinking dating would be the last thing on my mind and something I wouldn't do this year. Yet here I am, 6 months later still with him. But hey, I'm not knocking it!

2013 is the year that hit my 4 year anniversary on Rooster Teeth. God I don't even wanna think how many hours I've spent of this site. But I wouldn't change a second of it.

2013, I told my family in a nice way to go fuck them self and dyed my hair bright red. Which in this house hold you don't do anything without the family permission. But hey, I wanted my hair red and guess what? It's still red and I love it!

2013, was also the year I worked my first convention with CBMFM (and @Erokdragun my crazy awesome uncle.)

All and all, I had a lot happen in 2013. I'm not telling you everything, I mean come on, this journal is already long as hell. But you're getting the idea of my year. And if you made it to this part of my journal, it means you've had nothing else better to do, or you love me. Either or, thanks for reading. It means a lot that someone is taking the time to read this. Means I'm not sitting here talking to myself. But anyway, thanks to everyone who have been here for me, I love all of you. Even you. Yes you! The one reading this right now. I love you! ;P

Here's to 2014 being filled with ups and downs and sorts of turn around's. Here's to next year be as interesting as 2013 has been.

Stay safe out there if you plan on partying on the 31st. Hope you have a great time, and a great year!

~Majik out!
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