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What I'm thankful for: Nature Town
Fighting @Lynxxon
Ride to Hell: Retribution's Sex Scenes
Nature Town

Happy Chanukah, everyone.
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DaCuban Nicolas Cage
The amount of sensationalist bullshit I've read regarding RT being bought by Fullscreen is pretty fucking crazy and way too fucking high.

Unrelated gif:
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Re: The tagging thingAll you need to know is that my favorite RT show is Nature Town, my favorite AH show is Nature Town, my favorite Staff member is Nature Town, my favorite community member is Nature Town, my RT username is Nature Town, my age is 16 YBNT (Years before Nature Town, aka 18), and I fight @Lynxxon for a living.
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DaCuban Nicolas Cage
JourduckenI don't think I've ever taken a 4 month hiatus between writing journals.

Hi everybody! How are you doing? I haven't written one of these in a very long time, so I'm going to sum up the last 4 months quickly in one omnijournal (hence the Jourducken).

So, month 1: APRIL

In early April, I went to Europe! I visitied Dublin, London, and Amsterdam! I don't have too many pictures of Amsterdam, and I didn't get enough free time in London to visit any UK RTers but I did get to see @Eoin and @Lorcan0c in Ireland!

Europe was amazing, except for the high concentration of Europeans.
In addition, here's a photo of me at the English White House or some bullshit.

They've got a lady President, and she's very old.

Also in April, I turned 18 so now I have to vote or some bullshit. Bunch'a jackasses.

Month 2: MAY
I wrapped up my last year of high school and graduated on the 30th, which was great! I'll be attending Northeastern University in Boston in September and my major is Political Science, which is the 3rd least scientific of the sciences (right behind eugenics and biology). Other than that, May was kind of boring.

Month 3: JUNE
June was also boring. Not much happened in June. I guess the pre-RTX hype was just too overpowering or some bullshit. I went to the lake, stepped on a huge piece of glass, etc.

Month 4: JULY
RTX happened. 'Nuff said, don't want to inundate people with more RTX journals than are absolutely necessary. I really enjoyed being a Guardian, and will definitely apply to do it again next year.

So, that's basically it! A few other miscellaneous items that occurred over several months that I didn't specify:
I started dating a guy back in March and we recently broke up because he went full douchebag on me so I wasn't having that shit.
I started running again, and I recently competed my goal of running the entire length of an island in New Jersey called 7 Mile Island! I'll let you guess how many miles I ran.
I'm still an admin for Rooster Speak, so anyone interested in some fun community nights ought to check it out. If you're on Rooster Speak right now and are reading this journal and I'm in the same channel as you, say "bluebird". I'll know what it means.

I'm bad at ending journals. Here's a .gif.
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DaCuban Nicolas Cage
Who thought it was a good idea to make me a featured user?

But fo srs, hi! I'm Ty aka DaCuban, I like long walks on the beach, a nice pair of slacks, ice cream, puppies, wax recordings of Thomas Edison reading the alphabet, and Nena's 99 Luftballons.
Uh. I do admin things on Rooster Speak when no one else is around to do admin things, so come and say hi!

Also I'm not like 20, I'm 17. I could've sworn that I hid that age thing forever ago, no clue.
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Guardian!I am become Excite, destroyer of productivity.

Can't wait to see you all in July!
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Ask not what your community can do for youAsk what you can do for your country community. Hi guys. I don't think I've actually ever called on you all for really much of anything, but I'm calling in a few favors. My buddy @popfizz is shaving her head for charity, and all of the money is going to St. Jude Children's Hospital. You can read more about it in her journal, or at her tumblr post about it.

I'm also going to include the details from her journal here, in this journal, in case you don't feel like clicking links (which you totally should anyway, because you should donate and you're going to have to click links to do that. Quite the catch 22).

Remember to go to her page here and learn how to donate to this great cause (FOR THE KIDS!)
I’ve been planning to donate my hair in the next few months (I’m about two inches short!), and decided that I can do even more than just donate my hair. I can raise some money for kids at the same time.

If you would like me to shave my head (for the kids!) please donate to St. Jude Children’s hospital! I’ve included a guide here as well as a list of all the incentives for donating. Even just one dollar helps, and will get me to shave my head. Seriously - I’ll do it for even just one donation. I’m in this to help, so the more incentives I can give, the better.

I will post pictures as well as a video when I shave my head.


After you donate (you can do so through paypal, with credit card, or by check), I’d like you to screenshot the thank you message they show you and send it to me to show me you’ve donated.

Here is the link to a tumblr post with all the information needed. Know that if you don't have a tumblr, I'll post all the thank yous in my journal here on the site.

If you cannot donate, please tweet or signal boost the post or this journal!

It is a really really great cause, so please contribute! Any amount helps!
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