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notorious DC IS DIFF
notorious DC IS DIFF
i am your artistif you give me ideas, and they don't stink, i will draw them in MS Paint, because, well, i like to draw. today, max asked me, "draw stenoob not getting any chicks"

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notorious DC IS DIFF
good times with DEevery couple years i head up to the twin cities to visit my dad's side of the family. this time i decided to take advantage of the fact that longtime forum member and good buddy DE (now known as RyanL for you noobs) lives in the area. he was nice enough to come pick me up from the house where i was staying and we went out for a couple drinks with his lovely and friendly wife at TGIFridays. i had a wonderful time and thanks again to DE for being such a nice host. he told me he is planning to be in austin coming up so i am looking forward to that. hopefully soon myself, DE, and Neato will all be doing lines off of a stripper's ass. happy holidays everybody!
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notorious DC IS DIFF
today's thoughtsi know i made fun of karl malone before, but this story is so funny that i might actually be forced to like him for insanity factor alone. who else in my mind qualifies for this distinction? alan keyes, for claiming that people should for for alan keyes because jesus would never vote for barrack obama. senate majority leader bill frist, because he wouldn't hand out campaign promotional pencils in the ghetto for fear of getting stabbed with one. nick nolte, for this picture

also today i walked by the church of scientology and there was a little kid wearing a santa hat, screaming and crying while her mother looked obliviously into space. i thought that was strangely appropriate.
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notorious DC IS DIFF
today's thought at worki looked down the hallway and there is a tiny little asian man who works in my office taking imaginary golf swings outside his office door. he looks about 5 feet 3 inches but his hair is huge, up in an elvis-like pompadour. he is always wearing nice suits and probably drives a nice car but i bet he is bummed that he needs an extension to reach the brake. i am sure he is a nice dude, but thank you jesus for not making me a tiny little asian man.
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notorious DC IS DIFF
wowDE, you can lock the threads, but you can not stop an artist like this from expressing herself.
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notorious DC IS DIFF
internet i love youyou give me wonderful threads like this. also nba 2k5 is tha ownage this year.

link is now broken, thread has been locked. i dunno why.
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notorious DC IS DIFF
wowi noticed that in the old picture that caitlin saved and posted in my comments makes me look like the devil. might i actually, have been satan? i am immersed in deep theological inquiry. bring me beer.
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notorious DC IS DIFF
work...being unemployed sounds good to me right now.
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