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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Should this really bother me?So I noted the AC:Unity accent thing, and made a comment about the accents before watching The Know's coverage of it.

Should I really be so upset about the characters not having a proper French accent? This was my comment on it:
Anyone that says that the French accent is "Hard to understand" is either lazy or a liar. I don't know a lick of French, but I've spoken to and had business conference given by French people with proper French accents and I understood them 100%.

English isn't even my first language. Arabic is my first language. So if anyone should complain about accents and language and etc it should be any non-Latin-based or Anglo-based languages (Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, etc...), and yet I personally know people from all of these mentioned places who took the trainings and seminars with me in France and had no problem.

Also, there were Americans there too and none of them complained. So I call bonkers for anyone who says I don't understand accents.

BTW: Every AC game, including III and Black Flag, had accents applicable to the country of origin for the character in it. Not to mention the main "real" character is AMERICAN (not British)! So this whole "animus knows how to talk to you" is also nonsense. I call Hacks!

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
You can do it!This is...by far...the most I've ever laughed in my entire life. I laughed so hard, tea came out of my nose.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Oh how times have changedRemember when we used to see this:

And now we have this:

Ol' Stevie must be turning in his grave right about now.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
What apple needs is more Fire.This is why I god damn despise Apple and all it stands for. what BS is this? you can ONLY watch using Safari browser and ONLY on a Mac or iOS!? Kiss my ass Apple! go to hell and burn.

I apologize to all the apple fan-boys who might have had their feelings hurt from this. Actually, not really. Viva La revolucion!
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Since when did Japan make EA commercials?I'm just sayin, this is the most over-the-top, random, sugoii commercial i've seen for a video game...and I hate football.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
CharityWas looking at @Kaoru27Umi journal and made a joke on her vid that opened up some more vids that were both funny and awkward.

long story short, bad video led to this awesome video that i figured I'd share. Do you feel the feeeeeeels!?

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