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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Farewell MontyMonty...I only saw you for like...3 seconds. Your talents are beyond amazing. Your contribution made an awesome show already that more awesome. Your fans will miss you very much sir. Farewell.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
7 facts about me you don't need to know but really do need to not unknow fototally stolen from @Kaoru27Umi

1 - I have this OCD where whenever I walk anywhere, I don't walk on top of the lines, groves, edges, or spaces between walkspaces like on the sidewalk or wooden floors.

2 - I'm deathly afraid of needles...like...GOKU Afraid of needles

3 - Whenever i listen to a podcast and someone makes a sound effect with their mouths, i try to imitate the same exact effect.

4 - I've studied japanese for probably...5 years? I still can't make a complete sentense.

5 - I got hold of a government intelligence spy report about me. They got everything about me right except about me working for Microsoft.

6 - I originally wanted to be a pilot. The reason being is because when I was a kid i asked if I could meet the pilot of a plane i was on, and when i got there, the pilot pressed one button and his light board turned into a christmas tree.

7 - My life goal is to travel anywhere and everywhere. Travelling makes me happy.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Make Deadpool happen!Rhett Reese needs your help to convince the fat tards with folded and wrinkly skins up at Fox to give Deadpool the green light for an R-rating movie.

I say its the only way deadpool can ever work. retween the below link to rack up the votes.


Deadpool loves you
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Shameless brag6 hours doing this, will shamelessly look for any praise wherever I can.

Aside from my shame (or lack there of), for such a simple program, what else you think I can do to make it a bit more interesting than what the professor would otherwise want from such a bland program?

press what looks like the play button at the top-left corner.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Games can save us from EbolaOk, not the way you might think, but check out this video:

Who knew video games can save the government millions in disease R&D?

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Lucky meSpending a couple of days in Scotland for work, and I just realized that they just came back from an election for independence. I guess I'm lucky that didn't go through, otherwise things might have been tougher to figure out with government migration.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Called ItOk, I know its not RWBY.
Yes, its not in Japanese.

But it IS Warner Brothers, and it IS overseas.

And since this was taken over 4 years ago, I count it as a call and everyone should TOTALLY give me moneyz for like...guessing future stuff.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Should this really bother me?So I noted the AC:Unity accent thing, and made a comment about the accents before watching The Know's coverage of it.

Should I really be so upset about the characters not having a proper French accent? This was my comment on it:
Anyone that says that the French accent is "Hard to understand" is either lazy or a liar. I don't know a lick of French, but I've spoken to and had business conference given by French people with proper French accents and I understood them 100%.

English isn't even my first language. Arabic is my first language. So if anyone should complain about accents and language and etc it should be any non-Latin-based or Anglo-based languages (Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, etc...), and yet I personally know people from all of these mentioned places who took the trainings and seminars with me in France and had no problem.

Also, there were Americans there too and none of them complained. So I call bonkers for anyone who says I don't understand accents.

BTW: Every AC game, including III and Black Flag, had accents applicable to the country of origin for the character in it. Not to mention the main "real" character is AMERICAN (not British)! So this whole "animus knows how to talk to you" is also nonsense. I call Hacks!

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