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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
The Last Of Us LIVEOh man, I just found out about this. Twitch is hosting live reading and performance for the Last of Us.

Yall should check it out. Its on right now as of 9pm Central.

So the stream is over. I have to say that The Last of Us is by far my top favorite game of all time. And yes, that goes beyond uncharted, batman, final fantasy, and all other games out there.

Im psyched that its coming out on the PS4 today. Even though I dont currently have a PS4, but be damn sure that I will own the sucker soon enough.

With that said, the live cast today was...so-so. I have to be honest I was hoping more for showing off the game. They did a bit of the behind the scenes which was good, but the live acting showed that they didn't exactly plan things out. I think its more improv than anything really.

I also think they should have emphasized that there are major spoilers in the game. I already knew the story, but someone else might have been apoiled from the show.

Anyways, final word. This is an awesome game, it deserves a reboot in PS4, its probably gonna be a classic of classics. definitely worth a second playthrough and i hope to god they dont make a part 2 of the game. the way it ended is just perfect and doesn't need to be ruined or milked.

what do you guys think of the game or the live show?
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid to all my friends and brothers and sisters out there!
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Learned something new todayLooks like aside from building kickass robots, invented Sushi, and make awesome anime, they also invented Guitar Shredding!

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
What's wrong with this picture?If you're a futbol fan, you'd know


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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Random Awareness JournalFirst of all, Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there. May this blessed month be full of joy and forgiveness from Allah.

Second: Happy late fourth of July. Had a good BBQ night with my buddy, though I had to wait four hours until i was able to have at the food. That was painful, but OH how sweet was it when it came time to break the fast.

Now, with all the formalities out of the way, I wanted to just give a shout out to everyone out there who is related to or knows someone with mental disabilities. Give them a call. Buy them something nice. Take them out for ice cream. Or just sit by and talk to them.

This is my little sister. She has Down Syndrome and I love her dearly. I haven't been a very good brother lately since my being busy made me neglect calling and talking to her more often. Though it always brings me joy whenever I do hear her yell my name in excitement or runs to give me a hug.

I used to remember fighting with her when we were younger and playing around. But I never really appreciated how much I loved her than when punks first tried to pick on her and call her names when we were young. That just brought out the Mr. Hyde within me. Its one thing to call names against someone who has a chance, but its totally sick to disrespect those who are incapable.

I miss her whenever I see someone else who has Down Syndrome out and about. Down Syndrome people tend to look very similar, but they all have the most purest and kindest of hearts.

So if you see someone who is mentally incapable or disabled, show them a small act of kindness and you will be rewarded with a smile that just oodles and oodles of feels.

For all those who have wronged the less fortunate, DisRapsForYou
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Super KayokeNerdOk, the song sucks, but I just couldn't stop myself from posting this.


which also leads me to links this


Honestly I'm just nuts for DBZ, I still watch it even today. Best anime IMO. So its kinda hard to submit that Goku just can't match Superman
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
One Month of GoldOk guys, I have only one month left on my Xbox Live gold for the 360. I've been out of the online gaming for a long...LONG time and I need to kill some achievements here. Here are the games I have and would like to play online for some pointz. Order top to bottom by preference:

Portal 2: Need to do Co-Op
Batman Arkham Origins: I think there's a multi player on this
Halo 4: Because of reasons
Grand Theft Auto V: so we can take virtual selfies together
Tomb Raider: because laura is hawt
Gears of war and Mass Effect 3: because I just CANT let go of these games.

I usually like to play around 11pm Central Time (Texas). If anyone is game, hit me up.

me thinks me tag is still LibyanMadMan...I gotta check...wait, yup, its still that.
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