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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Project M ContinuesBismillah.

Ok, so I talked about three weeks ago of a project of mine that I'm kicking off. As it stands, its going pretty well...actually, a lot better than I thought actually.

I'm grateful that it has come this far, and I'm super excited about it. Now, I think I need to look forward to the next steps.

I'm currently in the need for a Graphic artist to design me a kickass logo. this is just phase 1 of my project. I'm starting off slow to try and build up momentum.

So, if any artists out there would like to be hired for this task, I would be glad to pay. Note that this will continue to go on and improve, eventually i'm going to need a 3-D rendering-video-effect-maker-thingy guy too (what Monty did!), but that's a little further down the line.

If you would like to be hired, please leave me either a sample on this journal or contact me directly by message.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Sony Playstation 4 Commentary pt. 2Games by Devolver Digital:
Ronin looks like a cyborg ninja in a Samurai Jack graphics environment killing and chopping in a 2-D world.

EITR is a pixel world of hack and slash.

Mother Russia Bleeds: think of pixelated Double Dragon

Crossing Lives: I don't even know what to say about this one

Shenmue 3: Fans of Shenmue stories would want to keep an eye out on this as it is a kickstarter project. Should you like to help, go to bit.ly/saveshenmue .

Batman Arkham Knight: Available June 23rd, 2015. Closeups of mechanical stuff and eventually to a dead smiling face of the Joker being railed into a crematory furnace. They tease then by saying "This is how Batman died"

You're now in a first-person view as an officer in a diner trying to stop someone from smoking inside. He gets grabbed by...yup, the scarecrow and he seeing zombies now. the zombie tackles the cop and beats him up.

Project Morpheus: Show off the game Valkyrie, Godling, The Deep, and other games. They show off the gameplay and add the possibility of playing multi-player with other morpheus wearers.

PS View: Basically watching and paying only for the channels you want without subscribing to cable TV bundles.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Well, its black Ops...its militaristic, there's lots of shooting, you got what looks like a badass exo-skeleton, and you're in the future. an FPS that all CoD fans know and love with new tech stuff to play with. There are walking tanks that Hideo Kojima would be interested in filing copy right suit for too.

The environment looks like is fully destructable (something we like to see more and more of lately) and the weapons are familiar, but obviously advanced.

Disney Infinity 3.0: Expected release in Fall, 2015. Contains games of upcoming Star Wars Rise Against the Empire and Twilight of the Republic that is made in a kid-friendly style to bring the youngins who haven't experienced the original stars into the current world of awesome. The kit also has some figures such as Boba Fett.

Star Wars Battlefront: Expected release November 17th, 2015. A beautiful multi-player game with cinematic graphics and amazing environment reactions. The game goes from First person shooter to vehicle and plane pilot shooting pew pew pew lasers all over the place. You can play solo or co-op and fight as either the hero or the villain.

Uncharted 4: We begin by seeing statue of a pirate and a naughty dog logo. Sully and Nate appear in front of a door and try and open it. The graphics are very life-like and they walk into an open market with lots of people. The Demo sorta hangs and someone forgot to connect the controller as Drake just stands there doing nothing. They restart the Game, hoping to get the kinks out. Nathan Drake moves through the people like Altaiir and the game immediately goes into action as they gun duel it out with some militia men.

The firefight breaks all the flimsy tables and concrete walls, showing off the dynamic environment. Nathan can even jump and punch a guy from the air like a boss. The game then leade through a jump through the rooftops and into a jeep heading down windy streets. The game looks like it can go in any direction and multiple ways as there doesn't seem to be a single path to go through. its even impressive how the dialogue adapts to the situation and where you are going through.

Nate then goes all Batman and swings a grappling hook onto a moving crane and the demo ends there.

There were so many amazing games that were awesome and exciting in this presentation. While there weren't any console features announced such as Xbox's backward compatibility feature, the game lineups were off the charts. I have to say I am still going to aim for an Xbox One purchase, but PS4 still holds tops for games for me.

How about you guys? What did you like about the presentation, if any?
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Sony Playstation 4 Commentary pt. 1The Last Guardian: Expected release sometime in 2016. Even the opening to this game brought forth crazy excitement from the crowd without needing for intro.

You play as a young cell-shaded boy in this beautifully detailed world along with his pet hyena-bird-Trex pet. The graphics really capture the eys and the environment is sorta like God of War but with free-roam camera. The game uses a yet unkown language, and the demo didn't show any subtitles, but the gameplay looks like to be filled with puzzles and fun action sequences. Some parts even remind me of sequences from Shadow of Colossus. The massive environment really feels alive and the game looks amazing as it is.

Horizon Zero Dawn: You start off in some old cave from the cave-men era. you look at some art on the wall and they remenice on the "old ones" who had massive amazing cities. A post-apocolyptic world where the greens take over the concrete jungle and the wild is alive once again.

Imagine being a native american hunting with old/new weapons and fight/hunt what appears to be mechanical animals and monsters. The graphics are AC smooth as you play a huntress in this over-the shoulder 3rd person game. There is lots of sneaking around like AC but using only spears and bows. No word or back story on the mechanical monsters/animals yet. The hunting mechanics is well made, utilizing speed, tactics, and even force. This is a GOOD GAME by Guerrilla Gaming.

Hitman: Square Enix graces us with more beautiful character models and super detailed hair (god look at them locks!). It starts off with you running and training and OMG THIS IS HITMAN! Time to go killing in clubs and shit!

Street Fighter V: SF5 is here folks, with more cell shading and weird ink-like art, the fight is back on. Players of SF4 will see very close similarities in this title. Not much is shown other than Cammy fighting Byson.

No Man Sky: A playthrough of what looks like an Indie game. its a sandbox games of "Universe proportions". You hop on a plane that looks like the x-wing and fight in a particular solar system. Game then zooms out and keeps zooming out further and further and further and further and you literally see thousands if not tens of thousands of stars which they claim you CAN PLAY in each and every one of them. The game picks one at random and goes to it where a new environment is shown and you can discover the planets with points of interest you can go to. you can even land on the planet and investigate further. You actually even exit the plane and land and walk in the planet to investigate and scan your surroundings.

Its a first-person shooter when exiting the plane. You can fight Aliens, investigate worlds, and fight in space.

Dreams: you use your controller to paint and sketch in a dream-like environment using your controller. Think of a Van Gogh brought to life in this game. It goes from art to space fighting to polar bears to zombies attacking a she-teddy with a sledge hammer. It defies explanation and even the announcer can't really explain it other than say, "just watch and see".

Fire Watch: You play in a witty game of a guy in the wilderness where your only lifeline is a lady on the other end of a hand-held radio. The game is a first-person adventure game with graphics similar to that of Sunset Overdrive.

Destiny The Taken King: Release September 19, 2015. For players of Destiny, the game looks the same, exxcept there are bigger, badder monsters to fight, and oh boy are they pissed for killing their son--i guess? Gameplay looks just like the first, but expanded and with new story plots and HOLY CRAP ITS A GARGOYLE!.

Assassins Creed Syndicate: You play an Assassin who gathers up the gangs to fight the rich in the Industrial Revolution London. The game shows off Evie, one of the playable characters and the first Female main character in the AC franchise. The cinematics are brutal and beautiful.

World of Final Fantasy: Release date sometimes in 2016. Cute bobble headed FF characters in a super cutsie world of FF.


You are in an industrial city looking at some huge factory in the middle of the city. you pan down to the slumps and they tease Barrett and Cloud and cut you off.


to quote my friend @Raf
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Ubisoft Commentary pt. 2Just Dance 2016: Available October 2015. I immediately want to die. Someone gouge my eyes out, please! This is like attack of the 80s! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA guy singing tried to bring out Aisha and she flat out refused him! #BURN ! awwwww poor guy wanted Aisha to dance.

Anyways, they announce that you do NOT need a camera for this game. I am not sure what they mean, but looks like you could probably use your phone instead as a camera.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Siege: So photo realistic itll make you doubt your own existence. An apparent task to take down an evil organization bent on human destruction and suffering (aww Maroon 5 weren't THAT BAD!).

A SWAT-ish kind of game where everything is destructible and in close-quarters, so expect to die...A LOT! Oh, and Angela Bassett is in this (I don't know, I thought someone out there would like that for some reason).

Fans of the game might be excited to hear that Terror Hunt is back in the game and is playable either Solo or Online. A really tactics-based kind of game where strategy is fundamental and the AI is very aware of your movements. However, based on the game demo, they send out a scouting robot and none of the AIs see or pay attention to which i call complete BS for.

The destruction leaves nothing alone: walls, floors, roofs, everything is subject for destruction which leaves you to attack the game any way you want. The AI is also pretty smart in attacking from unconventional ways and looks like its a lot of action and fast paced excitement.

TrackMania Turbo: Starts off in a F1 car from a CRAZY drop and SUPER SUPER highspeed action of orgasmic proportion and oh my god my eyes are bleeding from joy! I'm a racer by heart and I love racing games, and WHAT THE HELL DID THE COMPUTER LADY JUST SAY SOMETHING IN ARABIC!? Anyways, racing has always been fun for me and i'm pretty darn good at it. its been a long time since i found myself excited about a racing game and I think i finally found it.

Imagine lego meeting hot-wheels with completely nuts tracks of over 200 tracks. you can even build your own tracks in seconds with the auto-track building feature.

Honestly I am super excited for this game.

Assassins Creed Syndicate: You are pretty much a pimp in London, England during the Industrial Revolution. You have a swaggy hat, a wicked cane, and beard that would make Wolverine jealous, and of course your trusty hidden blade. The accent of the player finally fits the environment...because...you know...they speak British accent.

The graphics are near photorealistic and an eye candy if there ever was one. You build up your gang in the streets of London. You can play as either Jacob or Eve, which (for all you ladies out there) will be the first time an Assassin will be a female in a full AC game.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Wildlands A top secret game first time shown in E3. An intro showing money, statue of death, guns, and blood trickling. It then changes scene to a man parachuting down with a backwards hat and a Shamisen Japanese guitar song that strangely gets your heart pumping.

You then grab a ledge and eye what looks like a Latino Drug Lord loading bricks of cacine into a trick. You take aim...you fire...you kill him, and now you give chace to the truck in a buggy in a GTA style chace.

The game then shows an alternate method where you stealthily invade the drug lords area and kidnap him while destroying the drugs.

The game then shows an "Ambush" mode to capturing the drugs and letting the big boss live.

Final cinematic scene shows a Vin Desel looking mutha with tats all over his face and body beating up on the big boss with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The game poromises an massive open world, spanning...well...the WORLD!

If you are to imagine a marriage of Tom Clancy with Grand Theft Auto, this game would be it.

To be honest, the Ubisoft show far outperformed the EA show. There were lots of OOOHS and AAHHHSSS which EA just didn't really get there. I have to say that there were lots of games in this announcement which I am super excited about, and I can't wait to get my hands on.

So which games are you excited about from Ubisoft?
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Ubisoft Commentary pt. 1South Park The Fractured but Whole: Fans of the series will find endless fun with this game as they will have a lot of "oh man, i totally remember that" moments of the game. If you liked the Stick of Truth game, this one looks to be a very good follow through to the original game. I still hate the creators, such dicks.

For Honor: Middeavil meets Vikings in this epic looking game. The video trailer shows it as sort of a tower-defense game where--holy shit was that a SAMURAI!? I can't say at this point what the game is like, its a bunch of choreography of soldiers going to a battle field and fighting. Though the music and the game looks epic.

Now there is a pimp on stage...wtf?

The idea is to know what its like to experience the battlefield first hand. Now the gameplay shows you rushing into a castle and into a battle arena in the middle of a battlefield. Think of Onimusha if you ever played it, but with even more minions to fight on the field.

Mix it up a bit with a 4v4 co-op/multi-player action, and you get this game. I have to say I'm not very much impressed with the gameplay, maybe because I don't know where the story is heading towards, but the fact you can play as a Samurai, a Viking, or a Knight, makes it a game to keep an eye out.

The Crew Wild Run: And now we have monster trucks...and rally cars....and funny cars.. and motorcycles. that is all. nothing else to show.

Trials Fusion Awesome Level MAX Action Pack: There's a pink haired, fire breathing unicorn running with a cat wielding a gun on top of it with a backdrop of three rainbows. Your mind...is now blown.

Tom Clancy's The Division: Expected release date March 8th, 2016. An online, open world, action RPG according to guy in glasses. You're in a quarantine zone where a virus killed a bunch of people. this is an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter with military-style tactics for flanking and overtaking enemies.

The scenery looks smooth and clean with pretty nice voide acting. Looks like there's a bunch of duck and cover tactics to be used. This isn't your typical army/police raid kind of game. looks more like a post-apocalyptic scenario where you loot and kill and back stab and do a bunch of bad things just to survive. This is probably the first Tom Clancy game that I'm interested in and would like to play.

Anno: Expected release date, November, 2015. A city building game in outer space. Yes, i said outer space.As the camera pans out, it looks like you're on the Moon. Lots of graphics showing nice lights and cities. This looks like a fun Civilization simulator for the simulator lovers out there where you can even develope your own space program to expand onto space. Fans of Real Time Strategy might understand this game as it deals with resource management, and I assume there will be some monsters to defend and fight along with even possible online gaming against other civilators out there (yes, i just made up my own word and now it is true).
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
EA Commentary pt. 2Mirror's Edge Catalyst: coming Feb, 2016. A first-person Parkour game that's fast-paced and so much fun to play and jum and grab and hold and slide and bump and karate-chop in. While the colors and graphics look like the original on the 360 and ps3, this time they claim there will be no loading screens of pauses in the game.

The story will be about Faith (the main character's) origin story. The game-play didn't show off anything new, but that's not unexpected since the art-style of the game doesn't exactly look for advancement in graphics; however, it does look like its going to be more story-focused which is perfect for the first-person action game such as this.

Madden 16: You have fantasy football stuff again (im telling you, WoW should sue). They bring out some guy from...ESPN? what the hell is that? Anyways, this numb-skull of a suit-and-tie radio announcer toned guy shows off how to nerd out by collecting cards and players...sports style.

you can now throw low or high to your receiver to throw-off (pun intended) the defense. you can also play against the receiver and focus on trying to intercept or knock-off the ball from the catcher.

Again, they show close-ups of the game and pretending like you can actually see all these minute details in real life gaming. makes me wanna hurl.

Star Wars Battlefront coming November 17th, 2015. Yet ANOTHER Star Wars game (seriously guys?). Look, I nerd out like any other nerd out there, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Anyways, the intro to the game looks like a focus on the old-school movie and playing with the Tai-fighters and x-wing games or play as THE Luke Skywalker.

There will be split-screen co-op and solo gaming as well. It starts off as a first-person shooter game where you can be either with the Rebels or the Empire. It plays like an action movie game, even though the demo was a multi-player demo. So the level is much more dynamic than any typical online multi-player game.

It then shifts off to a shooter game from within the Walker and other fighters turning it into an arial combatant game, which is pretty damn SWEET, with taking down a walker the only way any true star wars fan knows...by wrapping its legs with a cable.

Then comes Vader and Skywalker that rush each other and get ready to duke it out. I have to say, this game has impressed me. The dynamic of the environment is awesome and while watching it YouTube live stream, the smoothness is beyond great and fluid. so I can only imagine what it'll be like on my 60-inch Plasma Ultra HDTV that cost 3000 bucks and totally rests on my home-theater system in my teeny-tiny apartment ::sniff sniff::

And that is the end of the EA presentation. I had to split this to TWO journals because apparently I type too much and RT doesn't like that. Hope to see you soon on the Ubisoft and PlayStation showings.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
EA Commentary pt. 1Kickoff with Mass Effect: Initiate orgasm drive. This will be even more exciting since the story arc now forks away from the Shepard story.

Need for Speed: Its hard to get excited about NFS since they haven't really made exciting ones lately, but this one looks interesting. its not just one style of racing, but it combines all the exciting stuff into one (customization, speed, pursuit, etc.). I'm not a fan of the live actors and their cheezy acting, but the life-to-game transformation is down right sweeeeeeeeet.
The real wow factor came during gameplay. i LOVE the close-up camera shift when you drift. The music, however, didn't feel right, and I hope the music in this gets up to the quality of NFS Underground 2.

Star Wars The Old Republic: Coming Oct 27, 2015, ME style story-telling/gaming where its up to you to be a Paragon or Renegade. The epic intro fires you up, especially if you're a Star Wars fan. I've seen other footage of the game, and I have to say, I don't think much of it. I want to see more story demos of this game before I can make a decision.

Unravel: first of all, oh God Man take some zantax to reduce the shivering! poor guy he's nervous as hell.
The game is a 2-D "platformer" game, but looks cute. if you ever liked the colors and design of games like The Cave, then you will like this kind of game. It seems like its a non-conversational game

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: If you don't know anything about PvZ, then welcome to humanity. My name is Mahmoud, and I'd love to give you a quick tour of things like a toaster and a light switch. PvZ is a Ratchet & Clank look-a-like game with beautiful cartoony colors and waky sound effects. its not your typical PvZ tower-defense game, but a third-person shooter game with co-op and obviously online.

From the Demo, it looks like you can play as the Zombies in this game and defend against the attacking plants. for those who played PVZ GW1, now you can play solo, offline, or even split screen. also, if you spent your heart and sou--i mean money on the game, the characters you unlocked are now transferrable to GW2. That and EA promises free content updates for the game. Sounds like a good deal. While I personally wouldn't play this game, I can definitely see it as a must have should I have Mahmoud Jr. in the house with me.

EA Sports: What's an EA title if it wasn't some kind of sport title? While I'm a huge huge HUGE HATER OF SPORT GAMES, here's the DL (that's "Down Low" for all you non street thugs such as moi).

Theres more training and feedback about improving gameplay (meh). There's something about building your fantasy teams (sounds like some WoW ripoff feature to me). You can also now scan your face through an app and make your own customize-able player who looks like your beautiful face (like no one will ever find a way to screw up this feature...ever).

They talk about details of player motion that's not "scripted" animation, as though you can really pay attention to 20 players at a time from a distance of about 25 yards and their minutia of details.

Mobile Gaming: Talking about games like NFS, managing Fifa stuff from apple watch, and another Star Wars game on mobile called Galaxy Heroes.

special mention of something called Minions Paradise. This is where you have a Sims-like environment where you make an Island Paradise for these guys and build pools and lounges and slides and stuff. If you like managing virtual theme parks, building powerful mafia gangs, or managing super hotels on your teeny tiny mobile screen, you'll love this cute and fun-looking game.

Fifa 16: talk to a futbol legend, Pele, and track a modern legend, Messi, making the game more complex, better defense, and even funner touches. They're also including Women's teams for the first time ever. They always say there are more improvements in this game, my only one request for improvements is to somehow get rid of the crappy way every...single..damn..player scores a goal from that damn corner of the box after someone passes the ball ahead for them. I swear its like 95% of the goals are like that.

You know what would make this game so much better? FIRST PERSON FIFA! (you're welcome, EA)
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