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IsTheBear redpandabear
IsTheBear redpandabear
hey c'monif there's anything more important than my ego on this ship i want it caught and shot right now
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IsTheBear redpandabear
bandson my way to my ortho appt. at least i don't have to worry about them saying "i don't know about that baby tooth" or it causing me pain because its out this time.. woop woop. I'm thinking red and blue for my band colors this time..
either that or red and white, i think i'll do red and white
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IsTheBear redpandabear
panda feverit's a pandamic

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IsTheBear redpandabear
pendingis it the same as being ignored? I'm just asking..
Anyway, I've decided to let things stop getting to me. I realize it's easier said then done. I've also decided I can't have milk anymore because every time I do a small part of myself dies and it dies a horrible death indeed.
Things are okay, now I guess.. No one is dead, so that's good. Time for research..

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IsTheBear redpandabear
life was simpleSo I think I have a pretty simple mindset. I am who I am, nothing more nothing less. I'm still figuring everything out day to day. What I've gone through has made me who I am, but that doesn't mean I want to talk about it. I'm overly protected, but glad that I am. I can't not take sides, I love ALL animals, and i want to pet them all. I think all animals love me, and for the most part (unless you look like a deuche or are a complete bitch) I'll be nice to you and help you if you need it. I wish life were simple instead of so freaking complex. I wish people just got along and didn't have to do the things that they do. I wish people were trustworthy and then problems would just go away. I'm tired of drama and I just want to be fucking happy. I try so hard to put on this facade that I'm so happy, and you know what? Sometimes I actually am. Like yesterday when I woke up to being a sponsor, that made my fucking day. I was so happy, I was gleaming, and as soon as I get that happy the walls crumble in on themselves. I'm so sick of it. Just give me a week. A week to be happy.. That's all I'm asking for.. Really
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IsTheBear redpandabear
feels betteri have nasty breathe because my body didn't want to digest anything, i have a tummy ache and am a little dehydrated, but I'm okay now. I went back to sleep at 730 and slept for another hour'ish, and that's what I needed. Still not going to school though.. It's too late to go.
Time to write a paper and do a speech..
I'm still considering three different topics; help me narrow it down to one (this is a persuasive speech):
1.) The dangers of jaywalking
2.) Pandas needing pistols (pleeease google the PFP if you need to understand this one) or look at this
(he's message number 3)
3.) why people should go onto RT (granted I know a few of you will be biased towards this one) my arguement will be people need to talk more and laugh more and just overall be more awesome. (I'd have to do an interview on this one, though).
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IsTheBear redpandabear
holy crapI feel incredibly nauseous right now, I shouldn't even be up except my dumbass took my energy stuff before bed instead of putting it on my bookshelf like I meant to.. Now I woke up, feel like poop, want to throw up, and probably wont be able to go back to sleep, even though i went to bed after midnight and have to get up at 5:15 for another work day that I wont get home until after 9:30 p.m... Damnit. This is why I don't work well when my brain is fried.. I do stupid shit like that. aaaah!
Maybe if I go lay back down I'll fall asleep.,. On the offchance that will possibly maybe happen, I think I'm going to try.
I would really like these days to get better.. Srsly. It would be totally
*On a side note, at least I'm a sponsor and figured out how to put RedPandaBear on there (which I didn't think about no spaces is teh rhino.. so Thank you for that) and I'm totally digging all of the faces and buttons I can use.
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IsTheBear redpandabear
I'm movin' up in the worldI went from going to sleep thinking about how much I need to become a sponsor to WAKING UP AND BEING A SPONSOR. They say being more awesome couldn't happen overnight...
Here's to proving "them" wrong.

Thanks again GGM!!!!
You will always have a special place in my
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