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Sick Day #3Worst night of sleep ever. I woke up 3 times. 3. Coupled by really strange dreams, one of them involving Super Mario and throwing fruit and melons at a giant dirigible/plane to stop creepy stuff from happening. BRAIN WATER YOU DOING.
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Hmm...I wonder if anyone misses me...
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Update on Life and SuchSo. Down to the meat and potatoes of it all.

I have a deviated septum in my nose with a piece of bone sticking out of it, and two nasal passages that are too small. These problems need to be remidied, so after school is over and done with I will be having outpatient surgery.

I have also been tested for allergies, of which I am allergic to cats (which we have 3 of), horses, mesquite trees, pine trees (which are kind of hard to avoid in the coastal pine forest of Texas), mold, and dust mites. Those are all I can recall at the current time. I am getting treatment, however, every Wednesday for the next, like, three years or so.

I am currently having blood work done to check a whole slew of things, such as hormones, thyroid gland, diabeetus (which I don't have, thank God), and things like that. They took a whole 4 vials of blood. @_@

My calculus grade has gone up, thankfully to a 60 something, so hopefully I will graduate this year.

And thats about all I can think of... Just a heads up to keep you all in the loop.
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Random DayToday is an unimportant day. Everyone can go about their lives.
Hurrpy Burrthdurr to me.
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FuckBack... You know, this fucking hiatus would be a lot more relaxing if I actually had shit to do. Instead, I'm bored out of my mind doing nothing and thinking about depressing and upsetting stuff. Fucking great.
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HiatusGoing on a short, maybe day or two hiatus.. I'll try to keep an eye on happenings here, but I really need a break from some things.
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Spritz cookies...I must have eaten at least 3 dozen in the past 8 days.
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