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Courtney Illustrator
RTXUp until today everything was going great.
Then later as the day went on vital means of transport fell apart.

I'm not going into any more than that, but you guys please don't bug Ray during the convention about me, this is all on my end and my plans were the ones that messed up.
You have no clue how much the Artists of the Community panel meant to me. I still hope you go to it, and support the artists there.
I've already emailed Scheree and deeply apologized.

I'm sorry if I let you guys down.
I won't be watching the streams or checking Twitter for the weekend, for the most part. This really hit me hard, and I'm very upset.
Again, please, please don't bug Ray as to why I'm not there - family problems on my end, that's all you guys need to know. And please respect my wishes I just gave.
Last year right before RTX I had to attend an out of state funeral - of which I remember all too well. Then this year, as excited as I was to finally make one of my biggest dreams come true and attend, almost everything falls apart, along with nearly every hope I had.

This community is my heart and soul, and it's taken the last bit of my energy today to type this all up. If you're reading this, I love you, and I have no words for just how disappointed and sorry I am, for all of it.
Aside from Ray, you guys both here and on tumblr are the entire reason I wake up every day. All of you should know that by now.
I've had an entire new reason for living because of this site, and the people who I've met here, the relations I've built. I feel so close to you guys, that something like this - whether you consider it big or small - knowing that in some way I've let you all down breaks me in nearly every way I can be broken.
I'm sorry if I'm not active here or tumblr for the next few days.
Right now as of this second I'm making no definite plans, but my eyes are set on September 15th for an Austin vacation. That's all I'll say until I know for sure.

You guys know how much the beginning of May meant to me and how much I looked forward to getting to see someone I care about so much again. Long distance is so hard but even just those few days together renewed me in ways you can't even imagine.

This was probably too long of an explanation, but I hope all of it was read, and I hope you all know what you mean to me. Ray isn't the only reason I'm active in the Rooster Teeth community, I am because of the purpose I found here. And right now I'm hanging on to that purpose best I can.
Do NOT bug Ray as to why I'm not there. He deserves to have a nice weekend with the fans he loves.

To all of you be safe and have fun, I love you.
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UPDATE for Custom Portraits!I'm now only offering my custom portraits on Etsy! No longer through email! this means no band cover art, no tattoos, etc.
This is a lot easier for you, simple ordering by either Card, Paypal, or Etsy gift card.
Just a few portraits available for now. Once these sell out I will not be taking orders until I'm free for the next batch

Find the order page here!
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Help out another artistThe talented Mr. @lukemckay just opened commissions to get to RTX this summer, and it's fairly close. If you're interested, drop him a comment.
Here's his journal:

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An update on my newest Etsy adds

Hi guys!
Just posting to let you all know of a few of the new pieces I've made
All are available on Etsy and Redbubble.

Etsy $14

Ignite the World:
Etsy $14
Redbubble & Link 2

Ignite the World limited Platinim Edition:
Etsy $27

Give me some feedback and help me out with my next project.
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Portrait giveaway on Tumblr and Facebook!
Enter if you want
Giving away two!

Facebook Link
Tumblr Link
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You crazy, internet!
I just passed 1,000 watchers on the site.
Making me the 12th 'Most Watched'.

you shouldn't have
Keep going
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Update: Happi new yearHi guys!
I haven't posted a journal in a really long time, so I thought I'd do so.
First off, I have a youtube channel I've been updating regularly

I've been on a weight loss journey, and in one month I lost 6 pounds! More to go!

As you guys all know RTX2013 is right around the corner! July 5th-7th. That's THREE DAYS!
Tickets went on sale the 5th, make sure you grab yours!

On the RTX note, we can't forget about SideQuest. I highly recommend you check it out. After the convention doors have shut, hit the town with one of the many activities that have been set up for everyone to enjoy!
tickets for RTX SideQuest are going to be available for purchase this Friday!
I don't know about you, but I'm crazy excited!

I hope everyone's year has gotten off to a great start! And that you fulfill any resolutions you may have!

My own links: (Question Box)
etsy shop

Stuff I think you should check out:
RTX For Everyone

All In All, RTX2013...
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