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My links keep failing.my links keep failing so For the machinima My name is "Rogue" and i have Rogue helmet with MARK VI shoulders and EVA body my armour is grey and My character is good with Long range weapons like the sniper rifle and the battle rifle and my teammates are played by "TX28MADGUY124" is his gamertag and his character is called Rex and is the Commander and the other teammate is called Stryker and his gamertag is LiamS61093

If you want to help message my gamertag: Dutt473
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Machinima linkSorry but that link didn't work. [link=http://]httphttp://www.bungie.net/Online/Halo3UserContentDetails.aspx?h3fileid=112271380
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MachinimaI'm starting to make a halo machinima. (I don't have a name yet)

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I like my......Simmons: I like my digital life so much more then my stupid real life
*A grif teleports*
Fake Grif: I like boners
Simmons: Shut up fake grif
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Its not pink ITS LIGHTISH REDDonut : Sweet,command was so happy that i captured the blue flag they gave me my own colour armour
Grif: Hey Donut
donut: what
Simmons : about your amour
Donut: What about it
Simmons: your amour is ,its kind of, Grif you wanna help me out here
Grif:Your amour is pink your armour is bloody pink
Donut: My armour is not pig
Grif: Pink
Simmons : yeah defenently pink
Donut: you guys are colour blind, why would they give me pink armour.
grif: hey don't ask don't tell hahahahh
Simmons: thats not funny
Grif: Its a little funny
Donut: its like a lightish red
Grif: Hey donut they already have a colour for lightish red guess what its called PINK!
Donut: I hate you guys
Sarge:Hello dirtbags, and a fine hello to you madam
Donut: Seriously dude not pink
Sarge:Don't get your panties on the wall there barbie, do you have a package for me?
Donut: they said this speech unit will work with lopez
Grif:Speech unit?
Sarge:when i get this baby installed i'll finally have someone intelligent to talk to, no offense simmons
Simmons: Oh i know who you meant sir.
Grif: Wait lopez is a robot
Simmons: what you didn't realize he never talks?
Grif : I just thought he was a really quiet guy
Sarge: and the fact that he sleeps standing up and drinks motoroil didn't get your attention.
Grif: i did think the motor oil was a bit odd, i just thought he was trying to impress me
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Caboosehuh everyone is looking at me, i love it when they do that, HI EVERYBODY
Is Caboose awesome
A) Yes
B) No

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Recreation EndingEpsilon Church : I am not a thing and you will fear my laser face
Tucker : You just got fucked up dude
Caboose : That was awesome THE LASER CAME OUT OF YOUR FACE!!
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