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Sporkinator3 Spartan4Life
Sporkinator3 Spartan4Life
And they all fall downWent to my RT profile for the first time in about 2 weeks and saw "RT Comics has a new comic". I got so excited,but then came the realization that it was an old alert.
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Sporkinator3 Spartan4Life
If it were all trueI wonder what the world would be like if 4" in 4 weeks promise actually worked. Talk about a sausage fest, and not to mentions women would probably have the sex drive of a 13 year old who just discovered porn. Then as the fad passed people would have plastic surgery to reduce the size of their asset. I'm pretty sure someone would pop those pills like steroids and wind up with a Johnson the size of a 50% extra tube of caulk and have the same result at the end. Not to mention the man eating vagina that evolution would create. I need a new think to talk about.
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Sporkinator3 Spartan4Life
When It All StartedI remeber my first time watching Red vs Blue. I was 9 years old. I was on a Boy Scout camping trip and one of the adult's sons had the season 1 dvd. 4 kids piled into this durango and watched all of season 1. I watched all 9 seasons since then and now I'm a sponsor and an avid listener of the Drunk Tank. Quick shout out to the drunk tank. I was doing landscaping work in my yard today. During the 9 hours of landscaping I listened to 11 podcasts and I think that is what kept me going.

Just givin my quick praise
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Sporkinator3 Spartan4Life
First Time User Long Time ListenerI never noticed the increasing amount of down time I have right now. I also figured out that I have nothing better to do than to browse the RT site looking for sponsor videos
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