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May the Code be with youWatching Star Wars as I'm writing writing code for a website. As if I didn't feel enough like a nerd before.
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I'm (We're) Back!Hey everybody,

I'm still alive (Shocker!), and more dedicated than ever. I have been following on the site silently, but now intend to make as much noise as I can now!

That being said, I hope to speak with a lot of you soon and even more so, hope to see a lot of you over at the RvBFL group too.

We're re-starting the community group back up for all Floridians to join again and have posted the reintroductory post here.

Many more updates to come.

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Adulthood... BlaaaahTo make a long story short, finding a roommate is a lot harder than it seems. Why can't I find someone who doesn't want to party every weekend and wouldn't mind just playing video games?

So yeah, that's how my life's been lately.
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CatzSo yesterday my mother said that there were these kittens that lived in this empty lot down my street. I love cats, they're awesome. So anyway, I ask if I can catch one, can I keep it. To which her response was, sure, I was going to get you a kitten for christmas anyway.

Turns out I was going to get a cat for christmas to take with me when I move back up to Orlando. She eneded up sick for a few weeks, but now I get to choose one from the wild.


So that's what I did yesterday; I was chasing a cat.

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FISH!We had fish fry yesterday with a whole bunch of people after putting lights on this isolated tree on the seven mile bridge. Well, as they brought out the giant ass tray of fish, I of course shouted, "FISH!" but no one seemed to get my reference.

On a related note, I put lights on this 30 ft tree in the middle of the old abandoned 7 mile bridge down here in the Florida Keys. This thing is massive at this point and we scaled the side of the bridge to construct lights around it.
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I Can See!So I finally went to the optometrist and guess what? They gave me the correct glasses I needed!

Turns out the old ones I wore when working on the computer didn't do anything but make things bigger. But now, I can see things in High Definition.

Let me show you how I was seeing things differently. This is the view I was seeing from my dock before the glasses:

And this is the view I was seeing after the glasses:

BIG DIFFERENCE! It's like I'm seeing everything new. Is this what things always looked like for everyone else?
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I Can Never Google MyselfAll i get are Victoria's Secret and Victoria Justice related results. I am neither of these people.


and this...

Are not me. This is me...

I think it's safe to say that I don't like like any of the first two.
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All Grown UpSo I am now convinced that I am a full fledged grown up.

I am paying my own phone bill :(
I now pay auto insurance :(
I have a car in my own name :)
I am working a full time job
I am working a second part time job
And with all this I'm still living with my parent

If I didn't know any better, the next step will be me getting my own place. You know life, I did want to go back to college at some point.

Oh well, At least I'm still finding time for my online communities and friends. You all help me keep my inner child!
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