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Updates.I'm here with new updates, about myself I guess, but really about my art work.

So I have started working on a comic, woot!!!

Other pages can be founder here.

Pony related are I have done that's recent.

More can be found here.

And an even newer picture.

More can be found here.
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More newness kinda.And add on picture that's on this journal.

My friend's D&D character called Gryr.
Plus new character I came up with yesterday Glissade.

Please leave comments and thoughts you have on them and check out my DA account for more, because I can't post everything on here.
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Happy Halloween!!!

I know I'm a little early on saying this to everybody, but I know if I wait until the 31st I'll forget, so I'm saying it now. Happy Halloween everyone, have a super awesome one. ^-^
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All new!!!
I new picture I drew up with my tablet. =3 Tell me your thoughts with the poll or with a comment.
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For shame..I'm very disappointed in the kids these days, they are miss out on so much... well not really so much but just the good stuff, and when I mean good stuff I mean shows. =P

Because if you go to a kid and you say Gomez the first thing they'll think of is Selena Gomez, but what was really meant was Gomez Addams, now I miss the Addams family and want to show back. :(
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I got it, I got it.I finally got a tablet, and now I must find out how to use it... <.< >.>
But I did make a picture... but umm, forget about my spelling error I did in it, I was playing a game while doing it, sooo I made a mistake, so it's suppose to be 'first attempt' not 'fist attempt' xD

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In a dream.I'm hoping the one of these days I'll get a tablet, just so I can make awesome pictures with it, put first I'll have to talk to some one about tablets ans which one I should get and then I'll have to get money to but one. x3
But I hope that I do get one and I wouldn't be just a dream.. ^ - ^
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Drawing. ^^
A fun little picture that I did of my self and Tucker.... I do not have an obsession lol. xD
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