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Reach Map DLCThis is my first journal entry.....

On November 30, 2010, Microsoft and Bungie put out the new Map Pack DLC for Halo: Reach. The Noble Map Pack contains, Anchor 9, Tempest, and last but not least, Breakpoint. For those who do not have it, I would suggest getting it. Achievement whores will love this because, the achievements are not so difficult to do (at least in my case) and each map is pretty awesome. Anchor 9 takes place in space, and when you go outside of the space station, you start floating around, it's pretty damn awesome. The next map, Tempest, almost reminds me of Valhalla in Halo 3, but somewhat smaller. Each side has man cannons to launch them to the middle where two rock points look at each other and both have heavy machine guns pointing at each other. There are also warthogs and ghosts on both sides, not bad. And the last map, Breakpoint, is the biggest map on the DLC. The land is covered in snow, banshees are perched in front of both bases, and on a bridge lies a Wraith. I might have left some stuff out, but you get the idea. 800 MS Points, go get 'em, they are great.
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