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Welcome to Earf!Happy July 4th! Punch an alien to celebrate.
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FISH!!Just saw on xbox that Sega Bass Fishing is on sale for 400ms points. Between the awesome episode of VS with @geoff and @jack and the beautiful new shirt in the RT Store I feel compelled to purchase this game.

I know the game will probably suck balls, but if anyone wants to do some high stacks competitive fishing let me know.
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New Arrival!A huge thanks to @Myshu for the awesome-sauce Wolverine chupababy she delivered to my comments tonight. If you are like, "What is a chupababy?" Well, for one you need to get out more...and by out I mean look around the RT site. B) a chupababy is a infant form of a chupathingy or chupadores (I know this just raises many more questions). Go check out this or this to get more info.
So here he is in all his sentinel destroying glory. He is the best there is at what he does. Chupababy Wolverine

He joins my other adopted chupababy Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed 2

Basically, I would watch my back around these two. If you don't play nice you will probably end up in pain....or dead.
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I'm an Octopus on Roller Skates...Do you ever feel like that? Sometimes I do. Sometimes I'm trying to do some many things that there is a lot of movement in my life, but none of it forward. I am starting to realize I need to focus more in my life and remove some of the crap that is a huge distraction. I turn 30 this month and as I look over the last ten years of my life I wonder how much forward progress I have made.

Okay that's enough deep thinking...well, maybe one more Deep Thought. This one comes from the brilliant mind of Jack Handey.
"If you're ever stuck in some thick undergrowth, in your underwear, don't stop and start thinking of what other words have 'under' in them, because that's probably the first sign of jungle madness."
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So...the internetDrama, it seems there is a lot more of it on the RT site than usual, but then again today might be the first time in a while I have taken a moment to read other journals. To be honest I kinda miss drama. I know that sounds weird and I probably would be saying the exact opposite if I was in the midst of some of the drama, but where I am at this point in my life, I do miss it.
It has been many years now that I haven't had drama with friends. This is mostly due to the fact that I moved to the middle of nowhere and slowly all my friends and I have lost touch. There will be an occasional facebook message or text every now and again, but for the most part we've lost contact. I blame myself for a lot of this. I truly suck at keeping in touch. I do. It is one of my faults that I try my best to work on, but sadly I still fail.
I think I better stop this journal because I think it is sounding depressing. I don't mean to, really. I actually am very happy in the situation I am in right now, but one thing that would be nice would be to have friends that could piss me off or vice-versa.
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I Always Hated You The MostSo yeah today is just any other day...well I guess that isn't true. It's a friend's birthday. And it is a Thursday too. Um what else...oh it is the day the "White" trailer for RWBY came out. So that is something. I'll get to my thoughts about it in a second.

So in the four months or so that I was MIA from the RT site I found and fell in love with Doctor Who...I know I am late to the party, but my geeky side comes in phases and the space/time travel/sciencey phase goes in and out. I can usually only handle one thing at a time. When I was a kid I loved Star Wars & Star Trek: TNG, but didn't really get into too much else. As an adult I have had a few space related geeky phases, but Doctor Who is by far the one I am enjoying the most. I mention all that to share two things Doctor Who related. One is a photo I posted earlier today that made me smile. Click Here

The other is that I found the novel "The Angel's Kiss: a Melody Malone Mystery" today.

I know it has been out since October but I had no idea it existed so I was excited to find it today. The link to where you can find it on Amazon is Here.

Okay on to the "White" trailer. All I can say is that I liked it a lot. There is so much good about both trailers. I liked the music, but the I enjoyed the music in the "Red" trailer a bit more. The action is cool and I like that the character seems a lot different than red. I like the mix of magic with the sword and that the two are connected. So congrats to @monty for all the hard work, along with everyone else involved. All these trailers are doing though is getting me excited for the series premier at RTX. I know that a good story is being written and I just want a taste of it sooner than July.
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Incoherent dribble...So...I haven't been around for a while. Needed a break. Been busy with stuff. Didn't even realize my sponsorship had ended. I'm back now. So, what's new?
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Recent Featured UsersOther people smarter than myself might have already realized this, but I believe that the recent featured users have all been people who donated items to the Child's Play auction SideQuest event. My memory is terrible but the most recent FU'd people are: @Courtney, @Oddree13, @SailorTweek, @HellsAngel, @Myshu, @ladydonut, @Kempob, & @BaghdadBean. I might have missed one or two that have been FU'd in the last week or so, but everyone on that list donated an item.

I sometimes don't understand the reasoning behind who gets picked as FU, like the people who haven't been on the site in years, but this reason is by far the best one in the world. Each of these people put forth time and money towards preparing an item to donate. Their generosity helped raise a lot of money for a good charity. Well done RT community, well done. Check out the RTX photo page to see all the items that were donated at the auction.
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